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Version: 9 - 23.038r

Verfügbar seit: 23.07.2018 | Aktuelle Demos & Downloads

Update procedure:

  • Disable any anti-virus application if running.
  • Close Imp and Imp Flow.
  • Download the Imp update from the Trial link, right click it, see properties and click on Unblock as shown in below image and then Apply, OK.
  • Extract the contents of the zip, copy and replace in Imp9 install folder, C drive > InSoft Automation > Imp9 folder
  • Launch Imp, help menu > about > the build should be 23.03!r

New Features

  • Option to add a multi-page PDF in an opened product
    PDF wizard option is primarily used to create unbound components from a multipage PDF file. This is very common a user may get many multi-page PDFs with different front and back page assignments for creating unbound components. Till now it was not possible to use different multi-page PDFs in Imp software UI. User must break the PDF files into single page or 2-page PDFs to be imported an unbound component.
    Now we have PDF wizard option available inside an open product. This button is available in the vertical tool bar as shown below.

  • Option to define stroke thickness of “Page trim box” in “Export PDF”
    If a user wants to add trim box or die-shape in the exported PDF, the stroke thickness was hard coded. Some customers wanted more control on defining the stroke thickness. Now we have given the control in export PDF dialogue box to define the stroke thickness.

  • Option to export die-layout in PDF format with filled geometry marks
    Imp’s die-layout export used to support only the strokes for geometry marks like circle or rectangle added to the die-layout.
    Some digital die cutting machines required the camera registration marks to be filled circles on the die-layout. Now, if a user defines a geometry mark or camera registration with fill, Imp by default export the die layout with filled geometry marks in PDF format. In other formats available for die-layout export, the geometry marks will come in strokes only.

  • Layout ID (Unique ID) from Plan XML to be part of Imp marks
    Imp generates a dynamic “Layout ID” for each layout in “Plan XML” export as shown below:

    This “Layout ID” can be used in downstream operations like sorting, packing and dispatch. Till now “Layout ID” was not available as a marks variable that can be used for QR Code, barcode or text marks. Now “Layout ID” variable is available in Imp marks and can be used to print this ID in different marks.
    The “Layout ID” variable is available as “Unique ID” in Imp marks, please see image below:

    The “Unique ID” is 256 binary characters long that cannot be read by some barcode/QR code readers. If you want a shorter version, use “Unique ID – Short”, this is only 12 characters long.

Bug Fixes

  • Imp Flow – Nup excess defined in binding method is not honored
    In Imp Flow, when a bound job is planned with “N-up” value and in selected binding method “N-up excess” value is also defined to add extra margin in the foot gutter to separate different ups, Imp flow was not adding this value to the gutter margins. This is fixed now.
  • Imp crashes when back side layout diagram is printed in reports
    In case simplex and duplex jobs are ganged together and in reports, back side of layout printing is selected, Imp was crashing on printing reports. This is fixed now.
  • Color bar placement issue in marks template
    If a color bar is placed in a Marks Template using “repeat to sheet width” option and reference to left top corner of the sheet, an error message “The mark file could not be loaded successfully” was displayed and the color bar PDF was dropped. This has been fixed now.
  • Imp Flow – Purge command to delete folders inside “Done” and “Fail” not working
    Purge command was only working to delete the files moved to “Done” and “Fail” folders. It was not deleting the folders inside. It is now fixed. You can refer how to setup Purge function in Windows from this link.
  • Auto-Mark settings – Priority of Dynamic Marks (Crop and Fold) not retained
    If the priorities of “Dynamic marks – Crop and Fold” are set as “High” or “Overprint page content” in Auto-mark settings, Imp was not retaining the set priorities and reverting it to “Normal”. This is fixed now.

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