Impressed - Versionshistorie: callas pdfChip



Version: 2.3.070

Verfügbar seit: 02.02.2021 | Aktuelle Demos & Downloads


  • MacOS: Moved from application ( to command line tool (Installer are available als .pkg and tar.gz now) [CA1029453]


  • Problem solved, where "cchip.getPDFPageBox" did return page boxes without taking an existing page scaling factor (UserUnit) into account [CA1029306]
  • Issue fixed, where conversion of a SVG with a Base64 embedded PNG resulted in a missing image [FP61022]
  • Problem solved, where a PDF could not be placed when the MediaBox definition was an indirect object [CA1029935]
  • Issue fixed, where multiple placements of a PDF using individual printPages calls was not merged into a single object (causing unnecessary increase in file size and processing time) [FP60812]
  • Problem solved to match requirements of Apple AppStore policies (MacOS only) [CA1029453]


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