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Version: 2.2.064

Verfügbar seit: 22.01.2020 | Aktuelle Demos & Downloads


  • MediaBox and CropBox are now set to 0/0 by default, even if the defined pagesize is bigger (can be deactivated by the CSS property "-cchip-media-and-crop-box-at-origin: off")


  • Problem solved, where positioning of objects resulted in an unexpected offset in certain cases (caused by rounding issues) [FP55337]
  • Problem solved, where high zoom-factor values results in invisible or shifted text in some cases [CA1028764; CA1028840]
  • Issue fixed, where a certain type of structure in a referenced PNG resulted in a missing image [CA1028799]
  • Issue fixed, where remote content could not be loaded caused by a wrong OpenSSL version (Linux only) [FP54536]
  • Problem solved, where an identical image resource became embedded multiple times when page boxes were defined [FP566448]


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