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Version: 1.2.039

Verfügbar seit: 10.11.2016 | Aktuelle Demos & Downloads


  • Debug Plug-In for Chrome: Emulates pdfChip specific objects and functions to allow for using Chromes debugging features for pdfChip templates
  • Extended support for barcodes: Support for numerous parameters (approx. 150 different ones [CA1025431]
  • More coloring options for barcodes: Support for arbitrary content like images as “background” color for barcodes or matrix codes
  • InDesign template generator: Export filter for Adobe InDesign for converting an InDesign document into a pdfChip template incl. positioning, colors and styles
  • New method to wait for resources (images, barcodes): "cchip.onPrintReady()"
  • Links between merged HTML templates are transferred into the PDF result
  • Direct conversion of SVG files into PDF
  • New command line option for Debugging: --dump-static-html


  • Problem solved, where an umlaut in the file name was not properly handled (Linux only)
  • Fixed issue, where improper defined color values in Lab resulted in unstable behavior [CA1024885]
  • Fixed issue, where a SVG file in conjunction with SMasks was not properly converted
  • Problem solved, where a certain SVG could not be positioned [CA1023256]
  • Problem solved, where a pattern contained in a SVG was not properly converted
  • Fixed issue, where an embedded font did not contain a CIDSet (as requested by PDF/A-1b)
  • Problem solved, where font names were not PostScript compliant
  • Fixed issue, where fonts were embedded with a name prefix, although not necessary
  • Fixed issue, where a SVG mask resulted in an unnecessary transparent mask [FP28897]
  • Problem solved, where creation of a PDF was not successful, if a PDF was used as an image within a link tag
  • Problem solved, where no link was created for Form XObjects created by pdfChip
  • Fixed issue, where certain HTML structures could not be processed successfully [CA1024862]
  • Problem solved, where processing with a "homeless" user account was not possible (Linux only)
  • Fixed issue, where "visible" attribute in SVG was not respected properly, so that text was clipped [CA1025051]


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