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Version: 3.5.5

Verfügbar seit: 16.04.2014 | Aktuelle Demos & Downloads


  • Fixed extra quotation marks when importing spot colors
  • Fixed image sharpening bug in images with less then 8 bits per sample and uneven width
  • Fixed "Error=62 (EI not found after inline data)" that happened in a case with inline FlateDecode data
  • Fixed "Error= 10 (Unsupported Output Colorspace)" when data was converted into the document color space using a device link and then to the target using Device profiles or SmartLink
  • Up to 1024 bytes of extra data are now tolerated in a PDF behind the %%EOF marker
  • Fixed preserving of spot colors when the output is not CMYK
  • Fixed the bug that sometimes gradation curves were not applied on spot color "All"
  • Fixed conversion of shadings which are defined as direct objects and used multiple times
  • Illegal embedded profiles in image files, eg. device link profiles, are now ignored and the job is not moved into the error folder.
  • Corrupted embedded profiles are now ignored and do not lead to an error message any more.
  • Gradations curves can be applied to spot color ALL by adding it manually in the gradation tab of the configuration.
  • Profile assignments from the SmartLink Setup are now applied to conversions from Document to Target color space, too.
  • Conversion of multicolor data works again if a corresponding color conversion is set up in the Document color space tab and no conversion is defined in the Image and Vector tabs.
  • Fixed handling of TIFF files with unnamed extra channels


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