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Version: 12.0.335

Verfügbar seit: 27.10.2022 | Aktuelle Demos & Downloads



  • Switchboard: New functionality "Replace text" in group "Text"
  • Protected Profiles: Allows making content of a Profile or Process plan inaccessible and to limit the use to certain serial numbers
  • New "Fast fix" for single Fixups and Quick Fixes in Desktop, which will limit the extent of post-processing analysis of the resulting PDF
  • Fixup settings: New "Duplicate" button for settings
  • Test mode: Preview for extracted text for Quick Fix "Search and replace text" and "Search and replace text for VDP" in Process plan context
  • Test mode: New "Short overview (faster)" mode, which will limit the extent of post-processing analysis of the resulting PDF
  • Test mode: Optional "Preflight only pages" to limit processing to the defined page range
  • JavaScript Variables editor: Support for using VS Code as external editor
  • JavaScript Variables editor: Extended functionality to evaluate the results in context with e.g. a previous step in a Process plan
  • JavaScript Variables editor: Auto complete for JavaScript objects, Variables, Quick Check parameters and other usability improvements
  • Profile window: "Search Libraries" has been replaced with "Import from Library", which offers more functionalities

Process plans

  • Process plan steps Checks, Fixups, Profiles: Introduced a page selector input field per step
  • "Fast VDP mode" checkbox for Process Plans: Form XObject will be analyzed and processed only once, even if used multiple times within the PDF (designed especially for variable and transactional PDF files)
  • Checks: The severity of a hit can now be set
  • Compare PDF: reports will only be created if differences were found
  • Processing: Optimized application of running a generic post check (e.g. will not happen in Process plans with just an Action)
  • Preliminary process plans can be saved
  • Extended settings for JSON reports

New or enhanced predefined Profiles

  • PDF/UA-1 validation: Improved reporting for untagged PDFs
  • PDF/A-4... validation: Added "CMYK source profile identical with blend color space profile"
  • PDF/A-4... conversion: Added "Remove all alternate images" and "Discard image interpolation flag" Fixups

Extended and enhanced Fixups

  • Add white background: New Option "Existing transparent page content overlaps opaquely" which puts the existing page content into an isolated group XObject
  • Set transparency blend color space: New options to limit to certain color spaces
  • Insert page: New page content filter to limit the type of objects to be duplicated
  • Remove page objects outside: Changed object recognition to Sifter technology for better analysis

New Properties

  • CMYK object redefined to ICCbased CMYK via its transparency group
  • Create a hit (or not): Allows to set to create a hit including a trigger value based on a previously determined result (e.g. from a Quick Check or JavaScript-Variable)
  • Determine JPEG quality factor

Quick Fix

  • Search and replace text
  • Search and replace text for VDP (mail merge)


  • HTML-template based Reports: Completely redesigned and restructured default template, various additional views can be ordered via the manifest.xml
  • New report format JSON
  • XML report: Extended sequence step information for process plans


  • Log Profile execution: Lists type of step and logging path into process.log
  • XML & JSON reports with an appropriate message will now also be generated for encrypted or invalid PDFs
  • Generic syntax checks now have a custom ID (e.g. in reports or app.doc.results)
  • Performance optimizated initialization for PDF files with huge numbers of pages

Most recent version of Adobe PDF Library integrated (v18.0.4PlusP1e)

Internal bar code detection library updated to latest version

Internal HTML converter updated to callas pdfChip (v2.5.076)



  • Downsample/recompress images: Problem solved, where invalid images were falsely flagged as successfully processed
  • Convert page content into image: Problem solved, where hidden text was taken into account
  • Convert page content into image: Problem solved, where a certain type of smooth shade was not properly converted
  • Flatten transparency: Issue fixed, where processing took unnecessary long on specific PDFs
  • Flatten transparency: Problems solved, where defined timeout was not properly respected
  • Flatten annotations or form fields: Problem solved, where certain annotation appearances could result into an improper result
  • Set transparency blend color space: Changed "All" to "All excluding soft masks"


  • Find bar codes: Optimized recognition of bar codes


  • AddXMP: Problem solved, where certain XMP structures could not be properly handled
  • To PDF: Problem solved, where content of certain TIFFs files was not properly converted
  • To PDF: Problem solved, where certain PSD files resulted in an improper behavior
  • Email-to-PDF: Problem solved, where bookmarks for additional pages were not properly set [CA1031569]
  • Email-to-PDF: Issue fixed, where email attachments with file names starting with a "." were omitted [CA1031784]
  • Quick Fix: Resolved issue when multiple instructions were present in one Quick Fix


  • Embedded file conversion: Problem solved where conversion to PDF/A-2 failed on certain PDFs
  • Add XMP: Problem solved, where certain XML structure using a "xap"-prefix could not be processed [FP69427]


  • Quick Check: Problem solved, where creation failed when the input filename contained an umlaut in some cases (Linux only)


  • Problem solved, where job names with certain whitespace glyphs (e.g. a "tab") resulted in a hanging job in some cases
  • JSON report is now available as report type

License Server

  • Issue fixed, where no fallback to local licenses took place if IP addresses were not properly configured in the UI


  • HTML-based template reports: Issue fixed, where some reports with additional views resulted in mixed pages for overview report


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