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Version: 9.0.320

Verfügbar seit: 05.12.2019 | Aktuelle Demos & Downloads



  • Support for ZUGFeRD 2.0 and FACTUR-X [CA1028219]


  • New in Switchboard
    • Arrange - Split at mark: Splits the PDF into parts based on pages identified by a Check
    • Explore - Read barcode: Detect value and other technical details of a barcode in a specified area of a page

  • Process Plans: Completely new user interface for creating and editing Process Plans
  • Variables: New, HTML-template-based Ask-at-runtime dialog, which can also be adjusted to individual requirements
  • New toolbar offers direct access to various functionalities
  • DPart viewer allows in-depth analysis of the DPart metadata structure of respective PDF files
  • Shortcut for direct Profile export (Mac: CMD+E / Windows: CTRL+E)
  • Saved Actions are now listed in the list of Fixups

Profile, Checks and Fixups

  • New option to set a Profile to invisible in list of existing Profiles (incl. respective filter to show such "invisible" Profiles)
  • New option to set a Check to invisible in list of existing Checks (incl. respective filter to show such "invisible" Checks); they will only be listed in the Custom Checks section of Profiles, within the "Apply to" filter of single Fixups and in Process plan steps of type "Check"
  • New option to set a Fixup to invisible in list of existing Fixups (incl. respective filter to show such "invisible" Fixups); they will only be listed in the Custom Fixups section of Profiles and within Process plan steps of type "Fixup"


  • Process plans
    • Add new step type "Rename PDF" to define the output filename
    • Create PDF copy: All input fields can now be used with Variables
    • New option to skip a Process plan step (can also be set via a Variable)
    • Profile sequence step: "Do not apply Fixups" can now also be controlled using a Variable

  • Variables
    • New function "app.setTimeout(seconds)" to define the timeout for JavaScript evaluation
    • Geometry information are now available in to app.doc.result.checks[i].hits

  • Server
    • JobTickets: Allow to define an individual processing configuration for each file
      Sidecar files: New functionality to define Variables per incoming file and to retrieve information from previous processing steps

New Profiles and Process Plans

  • Find barcode value in a specified area and print the value on the page
  • Convert pages with very complex page descriptions into CMYK images

Enhanced Profiles

  • All Profiles with "Convert colors"-Fixups have been updated to use "Advanced settings" instead of Policy files

New Fixups

  • Place circle/ellipse
  • Place line
  • Place rectangle

Enhanced Fixups

  • Convert colors:
    • New area "Advanced settings", which replaces the deprecated Policy files
    • All settings from the "Advanced settings" dialog can be controlled using Variables

  • Set Overprint and Knockout: New option to leave OPM unchanged
  • Set Overprint Mode to 1:Is deprecated, use "Set overprint and knockout" Fixup instead

New and enhanced predefined Fixups

  • Convert colored Type 3 fonts to outlines
  • Place black circle at specified position
  • Place red rectangle at specified position
  • Place blue line at specified position

New Properties

  • Text on page: Finds text on pages or within page areas; can be combined with Action "Split at mark"
  • Several new barcode/matrix code related Properties:
    • Barcode is in area
    • Barcode value
    • Barwidth reduction (%|mm|pt)
    • Height of barcode / matrix code (mm|pt)
    • Width of barcode / matrix code (mm|pt)
    • Module width of barcode / matrix code (mm|pt)
    • Symbology (type of barcode / matrix code)

  • "Log Profile execution" will save the created rendered areas as images into the temporary log folder for review
  • Stream object is uncompressed
  • Font is not valid (specific problems)

Enhanced Properties

  • All Sifter-based properties: Extended possible combinations with other types of Properties and further enhanced analysis

New and enhanced predefined Checks

  • Is colored Type 3 font
  • Type 3 font has all required resources
  • Find specified text: Searches for the specified text on all pages
  • Find barcode in specified area
  • Size is not equal for all pages


  • SplitAtMark: Splits the PDF into parts based on pages identified by a Check
  • ToPDF: Support for conversion of TIFF files with CuttingPaths
  • ToPDF: Support for conversion of TIFF files with Transparency
  • ToPDF: Support for PSB files ("Photoshop Big")
  • ToPDF: Support for .vtx und .vxd files (MS Visio) with MS Office and Open/LibreOffice
  • QuickCheck: Extended sample configuration file with more comments and examples


  • XML reports: Added references for Annotations to reported hits


  • ToPDF: Several new --topdf_parameter for handling of Office in MS Office:
    • NoMemoryOptimization: Disables the internal memory optimization
    • DoNotHideOffice: The respective MS Office will show up and not work hidden in the background
    • UpdateChangedFields: Requests a content update from MS Office to update fields (e.g. page numbers in the table of content)

Most recent version of Adobe PDF Library integrated (v15.0.4PlusP6d)

Most recent version of Adobe PDF Converter integrated (PostScript to PDF conversion; v1.1PlusP2h)

Internal HTML converter updated to callas pdfChip (v2.1.062)



  • Object inspector and Visualizer: Issue fixed, where displayed content was not updated after the execution of Fixups
  • New dialog with additional information if PostScript or Office conversion to PDF fails
  • Switchboard: Move objects: Issue fixes, where Text and Vector were not moved properly

PDF Standards

  • PDF/A and PDF/X conversions: Added Fixups "Remove page level output intents" and "Remove Black Point Compensation entries" to ensure conversion of PDF 2.0 files to the respective standard
  • PDF/A validation: Adjusted detection of compressed object level metadata
  • PDF/A validation: Adjusted detection for signature fields where their ByteRange does not span the entire document
  • PDF/A-2 conversion: Problem solved, where pattern name object was invalidated during processing [FP52034]


  • Flatten transparency:
    • Problem solved where recursion of Form XObjects in the content stream resulted into infinite processing
    • Problem solved where flattening resulted in displaced Asian glyphs in certain cases
    • Issue fixed where bullet glyphs were removed in some cases
    • Issue fixed where bullet glyphs were converted to "F" glyphs in specific font situation
    • Issue fixed where square bullets became .notdef glyphs after flattening
    • Issue fixed where some kind of ligatures were converted to .notdef glyphs
    • Issue fixed where quotation marks became .notdef glyphs after flattening
    • Issue fixed where glyph (defined as .notdef) was no more embedded after flattening and resulted in a warning in some PDF viewers
    • Problem solved where background images using Indexed color spaces with Separation Black were not properly handled
    • Problem solved where flattening resulted in a completely rasterized page although only small areas were affected by transparency
    • Problem solved where processing caused a distortion of text
    • Issue fixed where flattened PDF triggered a font error warning in certain PDF viewers (MacOS only)
    • Issue fixed where flattening with high resolution resulted in damaged fonts in certain cases (MacOS only)
    • Problem solved where processing wasn't successful with specific PDF
    • Problem solved where resulting PDF had different glyph widths in PDF and embedded font

  • Add unique ID to Note elements in tagging structure: Issue solved, where Endnotes mapped to Notes via RoleMap were not properly handled
  • Convert to PDF/A-2: Issue fixed where invalid XMP was created during PDF/A conversion in some cases
  • Convert to PDF/A-2: Issue fixed where the conversion failed due to a missing Subtype entry
  • Remove pages: Issue solved where remaining page label were not properly corrected after removal of a page
  • Make font names unique: Problem solved where glyphs were not properly handled in certain cases
  • Adjust annotations and form fields: Issue fixed, where a missing subtype on an Annotation was not properly set in special cases [FP52794]
  • Fix glyph width info: Problem solved, where space glyph was converted to a .notdef glyph after processing in some cases [CA1028398]*SDK
  • Subset fonts: Issue fixed, where subsetting resulted in an empty space for some foreign characters in special cases [CA1027731]*SDK
  • Put objects on layer: Issue fixed, where Sifter-based Checks could not be used as an "Apply to" filter [FP56397]*TB
  • Convert fonts to outlines: Problem solved, where outlining resulted in a gray area in some rare cases [CA1027161; FP53392; FP54904]
  • General font handling: Problem solved, where invalid operands in fonts could not be repaired [CA1028835]


  • Verify compliance with PDF/A-2b: Issue fixed where validation failed caused by a unnecessary hit for "Signature has no ByteRange entry"

  • ToPDF: Issue fixed where office files using special characters (like % or #) in their filename resulted in errors with LibreOffice (Windows only)
  • ToPDF: Adjusted the predefined Default.joboptions file (used for PostScript conversion) to create PDF 1.6 instead of older versions
  • ToPDF: Fixed issue, where certain kind of transparent PNG were not properly converted
  • ToPDF: Optimized handling for timeout setting and improved error reporting [CA1028782]
  • OptimizePDF: Issue fixed where multiple identically named fonts were resulting in rectangles for some glyphs after merging the fonts
  • Email-to-PDF:
    • Issue fixed, where an image moved to the right [CA1028532]
    • Problem solved, where an unnecessary extra page was added, when 'add attachments as additional pages' was set [CA1028698]
    • Problem solved, where the size of text became very small under certain circumstances [CA1028197]
    • Problem solved, where conversion failed with specific EML [CA1028323]
    • Fixed issue, where a lot of unnecessary empty space were created in some cases [CA1028646]


  • Problem solved where using a License Server based activation could not be used in the Acrobat Plugin
  • Object inspector: Alternate values for spot colors added
  • Object inspector: Issued fixed where a filter for objects was not properly respected on multi-page documents
  • Improved window handling, especially for tiled views
  • Library manager: "Custom template reports" and "Ask at runtime dialog templates" added as resources
  • Activation via License Server: New optional method to define automatic search for License Server by placing a specific JSON file e.g. into the user preferences

  • XML: Issue fixed, where certain spot color names where not properly listed in the "hits" area of the report [CA1028876]

  • Improved information when Server, Dispatcher or Satellite is started without a valid license

  • Timeout: Issue fixed where some additional seconds were added to the given time limit in certain cases
  • PDF/A mode: --incremental: New option to save the resulting file incremental [CA1028781]

  • Office conversion: A 64-bit installation of pdfToolbox requires a 64-bit version of OpenOffice/LibreOffice (similar for 32-bit)
  • MacOS installer for CLI: Format changed to .pkg


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