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Version: 8.2.312

Verfügbar seit: 07.05.2019 | Aktuelle Demos & Downloads



  • Support for ZUGFeRD 2.0 and FACTUR-X [CA1028219]


  • Compare PDF: Origin of page positioning can be defined
  • Standalone now shows an indicator in the footer areas if PDF is encrypted
  • Switchboard: Batch processing for Process Plans if linked into Workspace


  • New option "PDF Version 2.0" in Document group to check if a PDF contains features which require this PDF version

New Fixups

  • Set PDF version in header: Sets the PDF version independent from what features are used in the PDF

Enhanced Fixups

  • Convert fonts to outlines: Extended scope to Type 3 fonts
  • Flatten transparency: New option to set a timeout, after which the whole page gets rasterized
  • Flatten transparency: Some conflicting settings will be handled in a more intelligent way (e.g. "JPEG" compression and "lossless" quality)
  • Remove actions: New option "With invalid destination"
  • Convert page into image: New option to take layer visibility into account and to preserve invisible layers
  • Create invisible text copy for all text: When deactivating the new checkbox "Merge all font resources", the existing fonts will be reduced and used with empty glyphs
  • Set PDF version if compatible: Has been renamed from "Set PDF version" and sets the PDF version in the PDF header only if all features in the PDF are defined in that version.

New Properties

  • Colored Type 3 font
  • Uncolored Type 3 font


  • QuickCheck: Content stream length can be determined e.g. to detect very complex files
  • QuickCheck: Support for DPart metadata
  • XML Report: Added color space for image masks


  • Compare: Origin of page positioning can be defined
  • OpenPassword: New parameter to define an "open" password for encrypted PDFs: "--openpassword=..."

License Server

  • Support for activation using the callas License Server for Desktop and CLI

Most recent version of Adobe PDF Library integrated (v15.0.4PlusP5c)

Most recent version of Adobe PDF Converter integrated (PostScript to PDF conversion; v1.1PlusP2d)

Internal HTML converter updated to the latest version of callas pdfChip (v2.1.059)



  • Object inspector and Visualizer: Issue fixed, where displayed content was not updated after the execution of Fixups
  • New dialog with additional information if PostScript or Office conversion to PDF fails
  • Switchboard: Move objects: Issue fixes, where Text and Vector were not moved properly

PDF Standards

  • PDF/A and PDF/X conversions: Added Fixups "Remove page level output intents" and "Remove Black Point Compensation entries" to ensure conversion of PDF 2.0 files to the respective standard
  • PDF/A validation: Adjusted detection of compressed object level metadata
  • PDF/A validation: Adjusted detection for signature fields where their ByteRange does not span the entire document
  • PDF/A-2 conversion: Problem solved, where pattern name object was invalidated during processing [FP52034]


  • Flatten transparency:
    • Issue fixed, where certain, already embedded fonts became unembedded after flattening
    • Problem solved, where flattening resulted in visible text, which was invisible before
    • Problem solved, where processing resulted in a missing image
    • Issue fixed, where bookmarks lost their not destination after processing
    • Problem solved, where certain glyphs got damaged after processing
    • Issue fixed, where visible glyph defined as .notdef was removed
    • Issue fixed, where transparent objects remained in PDF under certain circumstances

  • Substitute characters using .notdef glyph with space characters: Problem solved where certain Type 3 font became bullets after processing
  • Convert page content into image: Problem solved, where invisible layers from the PDF were visible in the resulting output image
  • Discard hidden layer content and flatten visible layers: Problem solved, where visible layers were removed in some cases
  • Convert colors: Enhanced handling for Type 3 fonts to avoid visual changes
  • General: Automatic repair for Type 3 fonts which are using very unusual resource dictionaries introduced by certain DTP software
  • General: Length of Code Ranges in ToUnicode CMap Streams is now adjusted to 255 to match specification
  • General: Problem solved, where text got displaced, caused by positioning of vectors within text objects which is not allowed


  • Problem solved, where initial analysis on specific PDFs resulted in an unstable behavior or long processing time
  • Font is embedded: Problem solved, where a certain PDF with empty FontBBox values resulted in an unstable behavior


  • Email-to-PDF: Problem solved, where Bookmarks were missing in resulting PDF when attachments were added as pages [CA1028046]
  • Email-to-PDF: Issue fixed, where resulting PDF contained a invalid Subtype entry for the embedded file in certain cases [CA1027931]
  • ToPDF:
    • Office: Support for file formats .wmf, .emf, .pcx, .bmp and .pgm to be converted using LibreOffice [CA1027903]
    • PostScript:
      • Problem solved, where conversion of PostScript (which extracted internal resources during processing) could not be properly processed
      • Problem solved, where glyph positioning changed while converting certain PostScript files
      • Issue fixed, where objects below a certain scaling factor were dropped in certain PostScript files
      • Issue fixed, where PostScript could not be converted if a specific font was installed on the system

    • TIFF:
      • Issue fixed, where rather large TIFF files (3 GB or more) could not be converted to PDF
      • Problem solved, where conversion of certain TIFF files resulted in an un-proportionally scaled result
      • Issue fixed, where TIFF with AlphaChannels (spot color) were not properly converted
      • Issue fixed, where 16bit TIFF images were not properly converted
      • Issue fixed, where existing image XMP metadata was not preserved
      • Problem solved, where RGB TIFF with alpha channels could not be converted
      • Issue fixed, where certain types of shadows resulted in striped output
      • Problem solved, where certain TIFF resulted in a very different visual result
      • Problem solved, where specific, ICC-tagged TIFF resulted in shifted colorants
      • Issue fixed, where transparency in TIFF was not properly regarded
      • Problem solved, where CMYK TIFF with additional spot channels could not be converted
      • Problem solved, where some JPEG compressed TIFF images resulted in un-proportionally scaled result

    • JPEG
      • Issue fixed, where a JPEG without a proper resolution could not be converted to PDF (will be set to 72 ppi by default now)
      • Problem solved, where certain very big JPEG images could not be converted to PDF

    • PSD
      • Issue fixed, where PSD images with an obsolete entry for spot colors could not be converted
      • Problem solved, where PSD images marked as CMYK, but also included spot color data, were converted to CMYK only
      • Issue fixed, where certain files using n-color- or alpha-channels could not be converted

    • SaveAsImage: Problem solved, where invisible layers from the PDF were visible in the resulting output image
    • Slice: Problem solved, where separation of objects into 2 files did not work properly anymore


  • HTML-based template report: Issue fixed, where default images were not properly resized
  • HTML-based template report: Problem solved, where report could not be created using Linux


  • Issue fixed, where original PDF was moved to "Success" folder instead of "Processed" when Profile error code was "0" (= no Hit, no Fixups executed)
  • Disabled report generation for non-Profile-based processing [FP52796]


  • Profile execution: Identical Checks (e.g. contained as Custom Check and via Standard validation) will not be merged anymore but reported separately
  • Server/Dispatcher on CLI: Issue fixed, where wrong layout glyphs were shown in the command shell on first startup (Windows only)
  • Improved management for temporary files to avoid remaining data in TEMP folder
  • Trace: Added process ID to UUID to avoid creation of identically named logging folders
  • Adjusted error codes in cases where report creation failed due to encrypted input PDFs


  • Problem solved, where certain PDFs could not be rendered properly anymore
  • Windows Service: Updated to .NET 4.0 framework to avoid installation issues on latest Windows Server versions
  • Installer: On Unix based systems the installer will not extract into the "basename" directory of the respective package
  • Activation: Improved handling for all non-ascii glyphs


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