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Version: 8.1.303

Verfügbar seit: 09.01.2019 | Aktuelle Demos & Downloads


  • Desktop
    • New Switchboard Action in Arrange group: "Split or reorder", to split certain pages or page ranges into several or single PDF
    • Unchanged Profiles, Fixup, Checks and Process Plans in default Libraries will be automatically updated with latest settings in the future (can be disabled in Library settings)
    • Variables: Defined JavaScript objects are now available across all Libraries
    • Libraries: Possibility to create a new empty Library, which includes the default resources (e.g. Output Intents, curve files etc)
    • Compare Libraries: Included settings of the scope of a specific check (e.g. limited to boxes or including soft masks etc.) to the comparison result for checks
    • Profile editing: "Report PDF syntax issues" option is no more active in newly generated Profiles
    • Improved visualization of non-supported custom Checks from Acrobat Preflight Profiles
  • Updated Profiles, Fixups, Checks and Process Plans
    • Fix potential font problems: Replaced Fixup "Make font name unique for all fonts" with new Fixup "Make font name unique for all fonts with same name"
  • New and enhanced predefined Fixups
    • Make font name unique for all fonts with same name
  • New and enhanced predefined Checks
    • Origin of MediaBox is not 0/0
  • Enhanced Fixups
    • Remove XMP Metadata: Extended with possibility to define namespace and properties to be kept or to removed
    • Convert fonts to outlines: Enabled page-based Checks for "Apply to" selection
    • Discard private data from other applications: Has been extended to remove private information also in the PieceInfo
    • Rotate page content: Rotates the page content by a given degree and optionally enlarge the page accordingly
    • Insert pages: Page geometry boxes are also inserted for new empty pages
    • Place text / Place barcode: Improved fallback for fonts if the default fonts (Arial/Helvetica, Times, Courier) can not be found on the respective system
  • Actions
    • ToPDF:
      • New option "--topdf_noremotecontent" to disable loading of external resources from HTML (and eMail) [CA1025127]
      • Support for conversion of the most common variants of Photoshop files (PSD) and GIF to PDF, directly as input file as well as when referenced in HTML
      • Added support for page scaling factor (UserUnit) in resulting PDF, if input image exceeds the maximum dimension of a PDF page

    • Email to PDF: Bookmarks will now work for embedded files
  • Server
    • The "Server.log" logfiles in the shared preferences folder are now created on a daily basis and are named accordingly
  • Distributed Processing
    • New option "--noshadowfiles" to suppress the creation of a place holder file (which normally reserves the intended file name in the file system)
    • New option "--setvariablepath", which will transfer the referenced file or folder to the satellite (e.g. as additional resources)
    • The log files in the shared preferences folder are now created on a daily basis and are named accordingly for Dispatcher and Satellite
    • New option "--verbosity" to activate extensive logging for debugging processing problems
  • Updated internal visualizer of tagging structure to the latest version of callas pdfGoHTML (v2.0.025)
  • Updated internal HTML converter to the latest version of callas pdfChip (v2.0.056)
  • Updated MailConverter component
  • Most recent version of Adobe PDF Library integrated (v15.0.4PlusP4e)
  • Most recent version of Adobe PDF Converter integrated (PostScript to PDF conversion; v1.1PlusP1m)


  • Desktop
    • Batch processing: Problem solved, where resulting files were not stored according to their severity in the correct output folder
    • Switchboard: Problem solved, where changed PDF wasn't marked as such, therefore no "Save as" was requested when closing the document
    • Switchboard: Issue fixed, where deleting a saved Action wasn't successful

  • Standalone
    • Recently saved files are now also included in the "Open recent files" menu
    • Compare: Issue fixed, where "Min/Max differences" and "Area" values were not properly updated
  • PDF Standards:
    • PDF/A conversion: Annotations with "NoView" flag will be removed
    • PDF/A conversion: Improved handling for PDF 2.0 files
    • PDF/A-2u conversion: Problem solved, where errors regarding Unicode values occurred after processing
    • PDF/A-2 + PDF/A-3 conversion: Improved handling to set the overprint mode (OPM) for ICCbased CMYK object also if DefaultCMYK is introduced during processing
    • PDF/A validation: Adjusted recognition to detect invalid XMP metadata with more than one occurrence of "pdf:Producer"
  • Fixups
    • Flatten transparency:
      • Issue fixed, where rendering or flattening resulted in cropped image in certain cases
      • Issue fixed, where processing resulted in shifted glyphs and other objects in certain cases
      • Problem solved, where glyphs were changed and wrong glyph widths were created in some cases

    • Font to outline: Problem solved, where processing resulted in missing glyphs if specific TrueType font was converted to CFF beforehand
    • Place content: Improved handling of existing Layer of placed PDF documents
    • Remove objects outside page area: Reviewed functionality to ensure proper handling of objects
    • Downsample/compress color/grayscale images: Issue fixed, where processing results in visual differences due to improper handling of Matte entry
    • Create bookmarks from headings: Issue fixed, where tag tree was not properly recognized
    • Discard hidden layer content and flatten visible layers: Problem solved, where text color changed during processing in certain PDF
    • Convert colors: Existing Matte entries are now calculated into the image data to prevent color shifts in the resulting PDF
    • Adjust or remove annotations:
      • Problem solved, where annotations became rotated in rare cases
      • Problem solved, where white background rectangles for "Square" annotations appeared in certain cases
      • Fixed issue, where annotations became scrambled due to page rotation

    • Embed missing fonts:
      • Issue fixed, where glyph widths for Latin glyphs in Asian fonts were not respected properly for CID fonts
      • Possibility to map defined glyph names of a font to an Adobe glyph names using the FontSubstitution config file
      • Issue fixed, where certain fonts with Unicode characters in their font name were not properly determined (Unix only)

    • Convert TrueType font to CFF: Issue fixed, where umlauts were changed to rectangles
    • Convert TrueType font to CFF: Added support for simple TrueType fonts using rendering mode 3
    • Merge adjacent headings if heading level is the same: Problem solved, where certain nesting of table fields was not properly handled
    • Font handling: Fixed issue, where certain .notdef glyph encodings in the Differences array were not removed
    • Content stream analysis: Problem solved, where invalid command resulted in loss of content after processing under certain circumstances
  • Actions
    • To PDF:
      • Issue fixed, where conversion of certain JPG (created by some mobile devices) resulted in a blank pages
      • Issue fixed, where conversion of TIFF containing a special kind of thumbnail preview of the content resulted in a 2-page PDF
      • Problem solved, where certain corrupt PDFs resulted in an unstable behavior
      • Implemented improved handling for certain TIFF variants (e.g. some JPEG compressions) to ensure proper conversion to PDF
      • Office files will be opened as read-only to allow conversion of files protected against editing (Microsoft Word on Windows only)
      • Problem solved, where the Exif information regarding the image orientation was not respected properly

    • Email to PDF:
      • Reviewed placement and formatting of email content, e.g. to avoid unnecessary scaling [CA1027583; CA1027166; CA1027577; CA1024898]
      • Added conversion of attached GIF files to PDF [CA1022965; FP27244]
      • Problem solved, where an embedded RTF file referencing a non-existing inline image attachment resulted in an unstable behavior [CA1026798]
      • Issue fixed, where attachments ending with a dot or space character could not be processed [CA1027432]
  • Reports
    • QuickCheck: Problem solved, where some font infos were not correctly listed in the resulting JSON report
    • XML reports: Problem solved, where reports were not created with certain PDFs (MacOS only)
  • Server/CLI
    • Problem solved, where a defined cachefolder was not properly respected
    • Problem solved, where files could not be stored on a SMB shared volume after processing (Windows only)
    • Problem solved, where long file paths were not properly handled as destination for output file (Windows only)

  • Distributed Processing
    • Increased default value for waiting time for free satellites by the Dispatcher to 10 seconds
    • Reviewed and improved STD OUT information for running Satellite and Dispatcher
    • Optimized job handling, logging and communication between Dispatcher, Satellite and Client to improve stability and performance
    • Problem solved, where naming of output files was not respected in certain cases

  • General
    • Improved setting of the transparency blend color spaces when converting to PDF/X and PDF/A when an CMYK Output Intent already exists
    • Problem solved, where rendering of certain PDFs with transparency took abnormally long
    • Process Plans: Reviewed internal logic for file analysis to improve processing speed for Fixup-only steps where no Checks are used within the Fixup of the respective Process Plan step

    System requirements

    • Mac:
      • MacOS X (Intel), version 10.9 or newer, 64-bit-compliant (PlugIn requires also Acrobat DC 64-bit)

    • Windows:
      • Windows Server 2008 R2 / 7 / Server 2012 / 8 / 10

    • Linux:
      • Debian 7 (and derivates like Ubuntu 12.x )
      • RedHat RHEL6 (and derivates like CentOS6)
      • SuSE SLES11 (and derivates like OpenSuSE11)
      • Other Linux distributions are also supported as well if the version of the glibc is at least v2.12

    • Solaris (Sparc and Intel):
      • Solaris 11 (v5.11) or newer

    • AIX (PPC):
      • AIX 6.1 (oslevel 6100-09) or newer

    • Recommended are at least 2 GB of free storage


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