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Version: 8.0.290

Verfügbar seit: 06.06.2018 | Aktuelle Demos & Downloads



  • New Switchboard Action in Document group: "Remove invisible objects", which removes objects with are completely covered, clipped or outside of the page area
  • Reviewed and improved zoom functionality


  • Checks can now be a part of other Checks using the Property "Include other check"
  • New option in Checks: "Invert check result"
  • Process Plans:
    • New Sequence step type "Process Plan" to include other Process Plans as sub-parts
    • New Sequence step type "Save PDF copy" allows to save intermediate results, optionally with suffix, prefix or in a sub-folder of the output path
    • New Sequence step type "Quick Check" allows for high-speed determination of a custom set of PDF details as a JSON expression
    • New Sequence step type "File pick up" allows for getting back to a previous state of the processed file and for using this version for further processing [CA1026498]

  • Profiles: Severity for generic syntax checks can be defined
  • Variables:
    • Licensing details are now listed in JavaScript object app.env
    • Created files from Sequence steps are logged in the app.doc.result.resultfiles JavaScript object
    • Results for all Sequence steps are stored in the app.doc.result.fixups JavaScript object
    • Page scaling factor (UserUnits) is available in the app.doc.pages JavaScript object
    • Create a checkbox in the ask at runtime dialogue (via the app.requires object)

  • Reports
    • Template based PDF reports can be used as an overview page in all PDF reports
    • Bookmarks have been added to all PDF report types

  • License Server
    • Manages activation of pdfToolbox in cloud environments

New Profiles and Process Plans

  • Convert to PDF/A-2b (any fallback conversions use the original file)
  • Verify compliance with Processing Steps (ISO 19593-1) for packaging and label
  • Uses PDF 2.0 Features
  • Quick Check example
  • Bring 100% black text to front

Enhanced Profiles and Process Plans

  • List page objects, grouped by type of object: annotations are now also listed
  • List Processing Steps metadata information
  • Convert spot to CMYK (for transparency flattened PDFs)
  • Prepare PDF for specified page size

New Fixups

  • Bring to front
  • Send to back
  • Set line width now adds a stroke if not present beforehand
  • Convert Type 1 and CFF fonts to CID
  • Repair invalid or empty FontBBox values

Enhanced Fixups

  • Adjust or remove annotations can now create appearance streams for annotations
  • Place content: Optional content (layers) in placed PDF files will be maintained
  • Place content: Page scaling factor (UserUnits) is available in cals_doc_info.js
  • Fix glyph width information: Extended scope to fix also font widths of Type 3 fonts

New and enhanced predefined Fixups

  • Duplicate all pages
  • Insert empty pages as 2nd and last but one page
  • Re-encode images with Indexed color space to base color space
  • Convert DeviceN CMYK to DeviceCMYK
  • All "Place content"-based Fixups: New templates and utility functions (available in new Libraries)

New Properties

  • Various new Properties in the new Group "Context aware object detection" (Sifter), e.g.
    • Context aware object detection (Sifter)
    • Object below other object
    • Object covered by other object
    • ...

  • Various new Properties to determine different details of path objects
  • Number of hits in this check in document
  • Various new properties to determine values of text and character spacing:
    • Character spacing of text
    • Word spacing of text
    • Text leading
    • Text rise

  • Unicode of ligature (via ToUnicode CMap) does not match PDF encoding
  • Various new properties for Processing Steps
  • Embedded font file uses invalid or empty BBox values

New and enhanced predefined Checks

  • Aspect ratio of TrimBox does not correspond to European standard sizes (A4, A3, ...)
  • Uses ICCbased RGB

  • HTML-based template reports:
  • Optional creation of more than one page preview image
  • Variables from executed Profile are now available in cals_params.js
  • Pages with hits from executed Checks are now listed in cals_params.js

  • Server jobs from pdfaPilot 7 can now be imported at first startup of the Server component for pdfaPilot 8

  • New high-speed functionality to determine a custom set of information of the PDF file (--quickcheck)
  • Creating and using custom dictionaries for Profiles to use custom translations for Profiles, Fixups, Checks etc. in reports (--createcustomdict, --customdict)
  • Multiple reports can be created using different languages in a single CLI call
  • New option to create JSON log files for Profile execution during runtime (--trace)

Most recent version of Adobe PDF Library integrated (v15.0.4PlusP3e)
Most recent version of Adobe PDF Converter integrated (PostScript to PDF conversion; v1.1PlusP1c)


  • Fixed issue, where generic check "Font is not embedded" was not properly executed
  • PDF/A validation: Problem solved, where analysis took very long, caused by very high number of form fields [CA1027150]
  • PDF/A conversion: Optimized handling of TrueType fonts, which are now preferably converted to CID instead of CFF if necessary

  • Flatten transparency:
    • Fixed issue, where softmask objects were removed in certain cases
    • Problem solved, where vector objects vanished in some cases
    • Problem solved, where image objects vanished in certain cases
    • Problem solved, where resulting PDF was visually changed
    • Fixed issue, where objects were slightly shifted after processing
    • Problem solved, where processing resulted in an unstable behavior
    • Problem solved, where link destinations were not properly maintained
    • Fixed issue, where glyphs from a Helvetica font were not properly handled in a specific case (MacOS only)
  • Font to outline:
    • Fixed issue, where diacritical marks were shifted after processing
    • Problem solved, where text was not properly handled in some cases
    • Fixed issue, where some text operators ("BT") remained in content stream after font to outline
    • Problem solved, where glyphs were displaced if executed together with "Fix glyph width" and "Embed fonts"
    • Issue fixed, where a certain combination of invisible and clipping text objects was not properly handled
  • Fix glyph width: Issue fixed, where fonts were displaced when Fixup was executed together with "Embed missing fonts"
  • Embed missing fonts: Issue fixed, where font style was not properly regarded in certain cases
  • Make font names unique: Problem solved, where already unique fonts were processed as well
  • Make font names unique: Issue fixed, where fonts used in SoftMask were not properly handled in certain cases
  • Problem solved, where .notdef glyphs were not properly handled
  • Fixed issue, where PDF/A-2b conversion using a Profile resulted in width information problems
  • Fixed issue, where glyphs were replaced with .notdef glyphs in certain cases

  • Image is not valid: Fixed issue, where a corrupt image was not properly detected
  • Number of hits in this check: Fixed issue, where "0" as value was not properly handled

  • To PDF:
    • Problem solved, where text from PostScript files was not properly rendered after conversion
    • Problem solved, where PostScript could not be processed in certain cases
    • Added handling for "Unsupported formula" warning in Microsoft Excel files
  • Create PostScript:
    • Fixed issue, where created PostScript was not valid
    • Problem solved, where objects were missing in resulting PostScript file
    • Problem solved, where created PostScript resulted in shifted glyphs on certain output devices
    • Fixed issue, where visual appearance of some objects was changed after processing
  • ReDistill
    • Fixed issue, where images were not properly handled in certain cases
    • Problem solved, where spot color images were not properly converted
  • Optimize PDF
    • Problem solved, where data after the end-of-file marker in the file structure were not properly handled in certain cases
    • Fixed issue, where some invalid references in the file structure were not repaired and resulted in an error
  • SaveAsImage: Problem solved, where some shadings were not properly rendered in high resolutions

  • XML Report: Added trigger values for generic syntax Checks
  • XML reports and Result dialog: Graphic state details for Smooth shades added

  • Variables: Order of Variables in ask-at-runtime is now derived from the KEY value (in alpha-numerical order)
  • Deactivation of a Server license will now also remove the Desktop activation (if Desktop was activated via the Server license)
  • Default values for number of displayed hits result dialog increased
  • PDF/A in one click: Option "Re-convert via PostScript" deactivated
  • PDF/A in one click: Default resolution for fallback conversion to images increased to 150 ppi
  • Problem solved, where the profile summary report did not contain Custom Fixups [FP47869]

  • Improved reporting, when the limit of parallel processes allowed by license is exceeded so that processes have to wait

  • Process Plans: Fixed issue, where processing could not be executed successfully in certain cases
  • Fixed issue, where processing a password-protected file resulted in a wrong error code
  • Problem solved, where in certain cases changes from Fixups were not taken into account by the "Flatten transparency" Fixup when part of the same Profile
  • Optimized generation and analysis of ToUnicodes CMaps to improve performance
  • Problem solved, where certain rare function operators in the content stream resulted in unstable behavior
  • Issue fixed, where some rare font structures resulted in an unstable behavior
  • Problem solved, where some new PDF structures (introduced with PDF 2.0) were not properly handled
  • Problem solved, where a rare usage of PostScript code in a font resulted in an unstable behavior


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