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Version: 6.1.250

Verfügbar seit: 04.01.2016 | Aktuelle Demos & Downloads

New Profiles
  • Added 14 new Profiles for validation and conversion accordingly to the "Ghent PDF Workgroup Specification: GWG2015"

Enhanced Fixups
  • Downsample/Recompress images: New setting to retain current compression during processing [CA1024311]
  • Remove objects: Support for multiple settings [CA1024031]

New Checks and Properties
  • Page is rotated
  • Several new checks to match the new requirements of the GWG 2015 specification
    • XML reports: Bookmarks now also include the "Name" entries to PageObjects (for GoTo actions) [FP30725]

    • Office to PDF: New option for high resolution images and markups in resulting PDF (MS Word only) [FP27584

    Most recent version of Adobe PDF Library integrated (v10.1.0PlusP4n)


    • PDF/X-1 and X-3 validation: Removed check for PDF 1.3 entry as it is not explicitly requested by the respective PDF/X standards

    • Subset fonts: Fixed issue, where glyphs were scrambled in some special cases [CA1024377, CA1024463]
    • Flatten transparency: Problem solved, where glyphs became replaced [FP24853]
    • Flatten transparency: Fixed issue, where processing was not successful [FP27069, FP24704, CA1023891]
    • Downsample/Recompress bitmaps: Fixed issue, where bitmaps were not properly handled in certain cases [CA1024452]
    • Remove objects: Problem solved, where objects disappeared when applied together with "Convert colors"-Fixup [CA1022887]
    • Fix problems in PDF tagging structure: Fixed issue, where processing took an unusual long time [CA1023822]
    • Embed missing fonts: Problem solved, where a not properly encoded glyph caused a failure for font embedding [CA1024269]
    • Fixed issue, where an embedding flag for TrueType fonts was not properly respected [CA1024427]
    • Problem solved, where incorrect forms in a PDF resulted in an error [CA1024402]
    • Fixed issue, where a missing entry for seconds in creation data were not properly reconciled between XMP metadata and DocInfo [CA1024371]
    • Embed missing fonts: Problem solved, where missing Unicode information resulted in a changed visual appearance for CID fonts in some cases [FP30086]
    • Fixed issue, where an inproper length entry in embedded fonts resulted in a warning [CA1024231]

    • ToPDF: Problem solved, where invalid ICC-profiles in images resulted in improper displayed PDF [FP28526, FP29935]

  • Problem solved, where PDF could not properly become rendered caused by some invalid function resources [FP23530]
  • Library export: Fixed issue, were ICC-Profiles were not properly exported in some cases [FP30777]
  • Fixed issue, where checks, used in ProcessPlans, became duplicated were not properly referenced within the ProcessPlan afterwards [CA1024441]
  • Visualizer: Problem solved, where color conversion on a file displayed in visualizer mode resulted in a improper behavior [FP30724]
    • Problem solved, where an export of content from a ProcessPlan was not moved into respective output folder [FP30284]

    • MacOS: Added support for LibreOffice [FP23008]
    • PostScript handling: Fixed binary compatibility issues with RHEL5/CentOS5 (Linux only) [FP30180]


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