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pdfaPilot Server


Version: 6.0.245

Verfügbar seit: 20.10.2015 | Aktuelle Demos & Downloads



  • Conversion to PDF/A-2: Problem solved, where errors for "CIDset in subset font is incomplete" remained after conversion in certain cases [CA1024245]
  • Conversion to PDF/A: Fixed issue, where invalid /FirstChar + /LastChar entries were not properly handled [CA1024185]
  • Substitute characters using .notdef glyph with space characters: Problem solved where glyphs were not properly handled if Simple-CFF-Font is embedded as CID-Font [FP30031]


  • Problem solved, where processing resulted in an error


  • PDF/A ForceConversion: Fixed issue, where re-conversion using PostScript resulted in an unexpected behavior [FP26716]
  • eMail-to-PDF: Fixed issue, where VCF attachments were not properly extracted if embedded as some kind of nested MSG [CA1023089]
  • eMail-to-PDF: Problem solved, where referenced HTML content was displayed too small [CA1024244]
  • eMail-to-PDF: Problem solved, where images from HTML content were handled as separate attachments [CA1024150]


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