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pdfaPilot Server


Version: 4.1.176

Verfügbar seit: 11.01.2013 | Aktuelle Demos & Downloads

Neue Funktionen:

    Acrobat Plug In

  • Support for Acrobat 11
  • General server settings added to preferences
  • Profiles can be edited directly from job settings dialogue
  • MacOS: Installers are delievered in DMG format
  • Windows: callas software is a verified publisher


    PDF/A analysis

  • Problem solved, where a missing nbspace in CharSet was falsely flagged as a PDF/A-1 problem
    PDF/A conversion
  • Force conversion: Problem solved, where Re-Convert resulted in failure when performed in profile
  • Problem solved, where a wrong PDF/A-OutputIntent was embedded if a PDF/X-OutputIntent was already present
  • Fixed issue, where signature appearance was flipped after flattening
  • Problem solved, where preflight certificate prevented a PDF from being converted to PDF/A
  • MergePDF: Tagging structure of source PDF will now be kept
  • Problem solved, where invalid keycodes where not properly reported on Unix platforms
  • Office conversion: Improved handling for several warnings for MS Office 2010


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