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Version: 1.3

Verfügbar seit: 16.01.2009 | Aktuelle Demos & Downloads

Alle Neuerungen finden Sie hier in Deutsch auch als PDF CoPrA_13_Neuerungen.pdf

  • existing Presets enhanced und new Presets added
  • drag&drop of DL profiles on Source/Destination/EditProfile sets the profiles, if available
  • ServiceMode: Easier optimize DL tool
  • DeviceLinking with RGB destination profiles: uses ICC gamut mapping for standard RIs and BlackCompensation
  • improved compression methods
  • improved gamut mapping
  • improved exceptions
  • 100% pure black checkbox can be used independent from other exceptions
  • DeviceLink Blackpoint: new option "Destination profile" uses the profile blackpoint
  • changed relative and absolute compression
  • smoother separations for BlackStart > 0
  • smoother MaxKSeparation for BlackStart > 0
  • fixed enabling/disabling of black generation items
  • improved blackpoint calculation, for deeper and more neutral blackpoint
  • improved gamut mapping for saturated red colors (was to orange)
  • smoother gray balance for the colorimetric intent below the blackpoint
  • Printer profiling: BlackStart supported for Separation "MaxK"
  • fixed bad blackpoint in printer profiles (did not use custom blackpoint)
  • fixed black control range
  • new DLOption Preserve Black, this option linearizes the black channel and optimizes CMY only
  • fixed gray profiling, used bad outofgamut mapping
  • BlackGeneration from DestinationProfile also uses OutOfGamutMapping of the profile.
  • File conversion uses large grid size
  • improved CMYK devicelinking
  • drag&drop of profiles on Mode Text or PopUpMenü imports settings
  • fixed RGB exceptions for DLCreate (optimize exception) and DLEditLink


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