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Version: 9.0.321

Verfügbar seit: 21.02.2020 | Aktuelle Demos & Downloads



  • Process Plans: New objects can now be inserted into transitions between existing steps
  • Process Plans: Newly added steps have all transition types activated by default
  • New, built-in editor for improved visualization and usability

Enhanced Fixups

  • Put objects on layer: Checks from the Group "Context aware object detection" are now available in the "Apply to:" filter

New Properties

  • Font is not valid (specific problems): New Property to find certain errors in fonts; can be used with the trigger values of "Font is not valid (strict)" for find a single problem



  • Remove page objects completely outside page area: Problem solved, where some kind of pattern was removed within page area in certain cases
  • Scale pages: Problem solved, where the page scaling was done based on the MediaBox instead of the TrimBox
  • Convert fonts to outlines: Problem solved, where text (used as a clipping path) appeared as a gray box after processing in special cases
  • Convert fonts to outlines: Problem solved, where certain text parts with missing UniCode representation were shifted
  • General font handling: Issue fixed, where certain encoding issues resulted in missing glyphs or .notdef glyphs after processing
  • General font handling: Enhanced repair for certain syntax problems in embedded CFF fonts
  • Discard hidden layer content and flatten visible layers: Problem solved, where some text objects were vanishing caused by old, invalid layer information in the PDF


  • Sifter-based Properties: Optimized analyzing for defined custom areas on pages with a rotate entry
  • Number of hits in this check: Issue fixed, where an "Number equal to = 0" was not properly handled


  • Process Plan UI: Problem solved, where editing of details resulted in an empty window on non-English systems in some cases
  • Process Plan UI: Problem solved, where an error message occurred when saving in some cases
  • Issue fixed, where certain special glyphs caused an incomplete activation request and therefore a failing activation


  • Collection: Problem solved, where layout of overview page was mingled [CA1029000]


  • ZUGFeRD: Issue fixed, where XML schema was not found if references using UNC paths


  • PDF: Problem solved, where file size of generated reports increased due to fully embedded Asian fonts
  • XML: Issue fixed, where reports generated by Process Plan steps did not contain the "" and "" parts


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