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Version: 7.0.267

Verfügbar seit: 03.04.2017 | Aktuelle Demos & Downloads



  • Extended Variable features: Variables on Profile level and as step in Process Plans, access to metadata and other information via JavaScript, calculating and propagating values using JavaScript, using Variables for Pop up controls (like ICC profiles)
  • New, PDF-based activation process


  • Wireframe mode in Object inspector
  • Zoom functionality
  • All Profiles have been arranged into Libraries
  • User interface: Improved recognition and notification when changing Fixups and Checks which are referenced in Profiles or ProcessPlans
  • Debugging functionality to store intermediate results and processing details for Profiles and ProcessPlans
  • Various "Decorate" functions in new Switchboard group to add objects or pages:
    • Place folding marks
    • Text
    • Page number
    • Date
    • Logo/Image
    • Watermark
    • Mail stamp
    • Letter background
    • Add summary page
    • Add divider page
    • Move objects
  • Cross-Library-Search
  • Explore Fonts with more information
  • Use external Text-Editor for JavaScript-Variables
  • Standalone application on Windows is now also available as 64-Bit
  • Improved Handling Keyboard Shortcuts in Ask-as-runtime and Variables Editor
  • Switchboard: Dynamic button to corresponding help article

PDF Standards

  • PDF/A validation: Compatibility with veraPDF Test Corpus
  • PDF/A-1 validation: Adjusted validation and correction for form fields u.a.
  • PDF/A-1 conversion: Improved creation of appearance streams for PDF/A-1
  • PDF/A-1 conversion: Improved "Prepare forms" to cover hidden form fields as well [CA1025903]
  • PDF/A-1 conversion: Improved "Prepare annotations" to avoid removal of file attachment annotations [CA1025638]
  • PDF/A-2 and PDF/A-2 conversion: New Fixup: Set Supplement entry in CIDSystemInfo of CIDFont to corresponding entry in CMap [CA1022919; CA1024170]
  • All PDF/A conversions: Improved "Remove actions" to cover more types of actions (e.g. hidden ones) [CA1025903]
  • All PDF/A conversions: StemV entry for fonts will be added automatically if missing (and if insertion is possible) [CA1025436]


  • Insert empty page
  • Move objects
  • Place content on page: Support for SVG as input format
  • Flatten transparency: Several compression methods added for images, which are created during transparency flattening
  • Place Barcode: A quiet zone for barcodes will now apply add space if required for the barcode type
  • Convert page content into image: "Maximum" and "High" now use Chroma Subsampling to enhance quality
  • Create shapes
  • Set page geometry boxes based on rendered page
  • Place text/page number: optional white background
  • Outline page geometry boxes: selective outline of edges
  • Rotate pages: multiple configurable
  • Enlarge page: new settings for top/bottom, left/right, all; multiple configurable
  • Embed OutputIntent with specified parameters
  • Set Supplement entry in CIDSystemInfo of CIDFont to corresponding entry in CMap
  • Place date (YYYY-MM-DD)
  • Set page zoom for bookmarks [CA1024986]

New Checks and Properties

  • Several new properties related to CxF validation
  • Number of hits in this check: Allows for defining a minimum number of occurrences per page before a hit is generated
  • Number of components in ICC profile dictionaries N entry does not match ICC profile
  • Rotation of text
  • Is in custom area
  • Font is not valid (strict): To determine problems that are usually not critical in embedded fonts
  • Blend mode (cumulative): To determine effective blend modes  objects nested in Form XObjects
  • Blend space in Luminosity soft mask


  • eMail-to-PDF: Support for ics/iCal files added [CA1024119]
  • eMail-to-PDF: Support for content in (signed) winmail.dat attachments in MSG files [CA1025062]
  • ToPDF: Support for LibreOffice v5.x (Linux + MacOS)


  • New parameter "--novariables" to suppress output of Variables on CLI (stdout)
  • Variables for Profiles or Process Plans are only listed when actually used


  • XML: Details of OutputIntent are listed
  • XML: Variables in rules are listed
  • Updated translation repository of additional languages for Profiles, Checks and Fixups


  • Updated engine for conversion of content for all "Place ..."-Fixups
  • Most recent version of Adobe PDF Library integrated (v15.0.4PlusP2a)



  • Unsupported Checks from Adobe Acrobat Profiles are no more shown in imported Profiles
  • Manage Libraries: Several smaller improvements
  • Profile edit dialog: New Filter: "Uses same Fixup type"
  • Profile edit dialog: Default filter in Custom Checks/Fixups is now "Not referenced from current profile"
  • Profile window:
    • Fixed issue, so that "Most recently/frequently used" can be used across multiple sessions
    • Fixed issue, where ProcessPlan could not be exported [FP38062]
    • Fixed issue, where locked Profiles could not be imported into another system in certain cases [FP37458]
  • Explore PDF: Problem solved, where searching for non-existing content resulted in an error
    • Object inspector: Improved visualization of ClippingBoxes and BoundingBoxes
    • Problem solved, where analysis of certain PDF files resulted in an unstable behavior
    • Explore Metadata: Enhanced flexibility for handling multiple entries of same property
    • Explore Layers: Enhanced display of optional content groups

    PDF Standards
    • PDF/A-1 conversion: Problem solved, where processing was not successful due to invalid font [CA1024235]
    • PDF/A-1 conversion: Fixed issue, where annotations became visually changed during conversion  [CA1025538]
    • PDF/A-2 conversion: Fixed problem, where the Subtype of embedded files were changed, although not necessary [CA1025050]
    • PDF/A-2 conversion: Solved issue, where the ModDate of EF entry was set 2 hours early than actual time [CA1025050]
    • PDF/A-1, PDF/A-2 and PDF/A-3 conversion: Automatic repair of bitmap filter shortcuts like "CFF" to "CCITTFaxDecode" [CA1024237]
    • PDF/A-1, PDF/A-2 and PDF/A-3 conversion: Updated font substitution to cover more naming varieties of "Arial" fonts
    • PDF/A validation: Optimized recognition for invalid ICC profiles to avoid additional hits for wrong a ICC profile version [CA1024639]General

    • Problem solved, where unusual formatted Type 1 fonts resulted in an unnecessary error
    • Table evenly structured: Optimized recognition for tables using certain combinations of rowspan and colspan
    • Adjusted recognition of certain font issues to avoid unnecessary warnings [CA1025701]

    • Flatten transparency:

      • Fixed issue, where text was not properly handled in certain cases
      • Fixed issue, where images were not properly handled
      • Fixed issue, where objects became distorted
      • Fixed issue, where smooth shades were repositioned
      • Fixed issue, where text vanished in certain cases
      • Problem solved, where quality setting for image compression was not properly respected
      • Fixed issue, where the ICC source profile of objects was not taken into account

    • Repair invalid bookmark hierarchies: Fixed issue, where bookmarks became removed due to improper formatting
    • Uncompress XMP metadata objects: Fixed issue, where uncompressed XMP metadata remained
    • Embed missing fonts: Support for PostScript Type 0 CID-keyed fonts

    • Fix glyph width information:

      • Fixed issue, where glyph width problems were not solved [CA1025678]
      • Problem solved, where resulting PDF triggered a warning in various PDF viewers
      • Problem solved, when used in conjunction with “Font to Outline”

    • Font to outline: Problem solved, where additional dots appeared after processing in certain cases
    • Flatten annotations into page contents: Problem solved, where some PDF viewers showed an error after opening the processed PDF
    • Create invisible copy for all text: Problem solved, where result file showed an error when opened in Acrobat in certain cases
    • Fix glyph width information: Fixed issue, where glyphs were not properly placed after conversion
    • Substitute characters using .notdef glyph with space characters: Fixed issue, where glyphs became repositioned
    • Repair invalid bookmark hierarchies: Problem solved, where working bookmarks became removed [CA1023352; CA1023146]
    • Repair invalid bookmark hierarchies: Fixed issue, where structure was not properly handled in certain cases [CA1025543]
    • Discard/Flatten hidden layer content: Problem solved, where processing resulted in an unexpected behavior [CA1025057]
    • Flatten visible layers: Problem solved, where flattening resulted in an unexpected behavior in certain cases [FP35445]
    • Fix glyph width information: Fixed issue, where glyph width problems were not solved during first attempt [CA1025678]
    • Optimized font embedding to avoid problems with .notdef glyphs after creating an invisible text copy [FP26551]
    • Embed missing fonts: Fixed issue, where the order in the FontSubstitution config file was not properly respected [CA1025621]
    • Set page label: Fixed issue, where the Fixup UI only allowed numbers for input
    • Place text: Problem solved, where small text was not properly handled [FP35471]
    • All predefined, template-based "Place content"-Fixups: Solved problem, where positioning was not correct, if MediaBox didn't start at 0/0 [FP]
    • "Place content"-based templates have now an entry for meta charset in UTF-8 [FP33009]

    • ReDistill: Problem solved, where a redistill resulted in an error in certain cases
    • eMail-to-PDF: Problem solved, where eMails with attachments could not be processed successful in certain cases [CA1025875]
    • eMail-to-PDF: Problem solved, where not well-formed eMail content was not properly converted [CA1024343; CA1024829]
    • Export to HTML: Fixed issue, where PDF could not be properly exported [FP22142]

    • ToPDF:

      • Fixed issue, where conversion of HTML to PDF failed, if certain fonts were installed
      • Problem solved, where conversion of Office files failed with Office 2016 on MacOS
      • Fixed issue, where converting office files using Libre/OpenOffice was not successful in certain cases (Problem on MacOS only)
      • Fixed issue, where a time limited activation prevented the conversion of Office files
      • Dialog handling for "Deactivate Macros" in Word 2016 (Windows only)
      • Problem solved, where special characters in office file names prevented conversion (MacOS only)
      • Added support for CJK for PostScript to PDF conversion
      • Problem solved, where an indexed PNG or certain JPEG resulted in white page

    • Reporting of Variables: Improved error message when Variables in Fixups are pointing to non-existing external resources
    • ExtractText: Fixed issue, where not all characters were extracted
    • Improved handling for PDF with corrupt document structure (will result on CLI in Error 1013 with exit code 107)

    • Wrong "N" entries (number of colorants) in ICC profiles will be corrected automatically
    • Problem solved, where analysis could not be successfully executed due to fatal errors in the content stream
    • Process plans: Improved reporting of additionally created files in result tree and logs
    • Process plans: Error code for Fixup failures is now "8"
    • Problem solved, where a very unusual font structure resulted in an unstable behavior
    • Improved recognition and handling of modified resources (like HTML templates) in Fixups
    • Problem solved, where processing resulted in an error due to an invalid color space
    • Improved recognition of illegal content streams and parameters [CA1025010]
    • Problem solved, where wrong header in font was not properly handed [CA1025599]
    • Fixed issue, where linearization of a PDF was not terminated properly
    • Problem solved, where content was displayed clipped in certain cases
    • Fixed issue, where ICC-Profiles in JPG2000 images were not handled properly in certain cases
    • Variables in Process Plans: Variables from previous steps are now available for use in Action steps as well
    • Optimized trigger reporting for objects which are causing an "Missing extended graphic state" error for easier analysis

    Distributed Processing
    • Problem solved, where Satellite or Dispatcher could not be started
    • Improved logging of the Satellite
    • Problem solved, where the specified cachefolder of a Satellite was not used for saving Profiles

    • XML: Fixed issue, where DictKeys were listed
    • XML: Problem solved, where IDs of Fixups got merged when used multiple times in a Process Plan 


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