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pdfaPilot Desktop


Version: 6.3.260

Verfügbar seit: 06.12.2016 | Aktuelle Demos & Downloads


Enhanced Profiles

  •  Conversion to PDF/A-1 and PDF/X-4
  • "Uncompress XMP Metadata objects" correction added

New Fixups

  • Uncompress XMP Metadata objects


  • ToPDF: Support for Prologue and Epilogue files for conversion of PostScript files



  • Convert colors: Fixed issue, where bitmaps using JBIG2 compression were not properly converted in certain cases

  • Remove all object level XMP Metadata: Problem solved, where certain files had missing resources after processing

Distributed Processing

  • Problem solved, where a defined output file name was not properly respected
  • Problem solved, where distributed files could not be opened on a Satellite (Windows only)
  • Fixed issue, where additional files created by a ProcessPlan were not transferred back to the Client
  • Reports: HTML-Template from Client will now be used on Satellite, even when identically named Template exists on Satellite


  • Conversions based on HTML-Templates: Problem solved, where  processing was not successful due to missing runtime (Windows only)


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