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Version: 4.3.184

Verfügbar seit: 16.04.2013 | Aktuelle Demos & Downloads

Neue Funktionen


  • New profile for optimized conversion of Office documents to CMYK (based on recommendations of FOGRA/PSD)


  • Fixup to create embedded thumbnails of pages

  • New Fixup: Disambiguate APPROX values in JPEG2000 images
  • Folder used in fixups for config files can now directly opened


PDF/A analysis

  • Problem solved, where invalid widths entries for a font were not properly detected [CA1021220]

PDF/A conversion

  • Problem solved, where text encoding malformed after PDF/A conversion

  • Problem solved, where a false coded inline image caused an improper result [CA1021751]
  • Problem solved, where conversion of certain tagged and scanned PDF failed [FP21699]


  • "List potential font problems": Check "Text cannot be mapped to Unicode" added


  • Remove empty group and block level elements from tagging structure: Problem solved where table cells were not properly handled


  • Office conversion: Problem solved, where table of content was not properly converted (OpenOffice only) [FP21213]


  • Distributed processing: Ports for server communication changed


  • Problem solved, where UTF16 encoding was not properly respected (SunOS only) [FP21451]

  • Changed reporting of standard-fixups (Convert to PDF/A, PDF/X, PDF/E): If conversion is not successful, it will show up as FixFailure
  • Sanity: Improved performance and stability for office files [FP17838]


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