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Version: 4.0.172

Verfügbar seit: 30.10.2012 | Aktuelle Demos & Downloads

callas pdfaPilot Desktop Versionshistorie

Upgrade of pdfaPilot 4 Desktop free of charge for owners of an SMA contract.


  • ProcessPlans
  • Allows you to combine Profiles, Checks, Fixups and Actions into a defined sequence with variable execution of steps depending on previous results

  • Variables
  • Consolidation of used variables within a Profile or ProcessPlan

  • Server
  • Completely new Server User Interface
  • Processing can be distributed to other servers
  • Setting up hotfolder jobs from any pdfToolbox standalone on a remote server
  • Load balancing using pdfaPilot Server as a “Dispatcher” within an arbitrary number of “Satellites” in a network

    pdfaPilot Desktop
  • Folder-based creation of collections for PDF/A-2 and PDF/A-3 by dropping folders on the canvas
  • Embedd files: Ability to embedd source file into resulting PDF (for PDF/A-3)
  • Replace fonts: Added support for fonts using build-in encoding and differences array
  • Search field in all lists of Profiles, Fixups and Checks
  • Ability to create, duplicate or edit profiles, checks and fixups via direct links in processplans, profiles or fixups

  • Export to HTML from tagged PDF
  • Export to EPUB from tagged PDF

  • New and enhanced Profiles
  • General:
  • Regular Expressions - all Fixups and Checks allowing RegEx have a new help feature
  • Added new “Convert references to notdef into valid references” as custom fixup:
  • All “Convert to PDF/A-…”-Profiles
  • All “Convert to PDF/X-…”-Profiles
  • Convert to PDF/A1-b (without fallback conversion)
  • Convert to PDF/A2-b (without fallback conversion)
  • Convert to PDF/A3-b (without fallback conversion)
  • Fix problems in PDF tagging structure
  • Check for PDF/A-1b compliance and convert if not compliant (process plan)

  • New and enhanced Fixups
  • Several fixups to solve problems in PDF tagging structure
  • Convert references to .notdef glyphs into valid references
  • Remove Layer
  • Spot colors using non-valid UTF-8 names will be converted to RGB [CA1021519]
  • New and enhanced Checks
  • Find negative font size
  • Find multiple Unicode mappings
  • Several checks to find problems in PDF tagging structure

  • Reports
  • Added timezone into XML-Reports
  • Added UserUnits (Scalingfactor) into XML-Reports if used

  • Improved handling of multiple usage of fonts
  • Improved handling of existing bookmarks

  • Ability to use wildcards for font substitution [CA1014912]
  • New version of Adobe PDF Library 9.1 integrated (v9.1.0PlusP4s)
  • Support for AIX 6.1


  • PDF/A analysis
  • Improved handling of memory when analyzing files
  • Improved handling for content streams to avoid unneccessary changes in document in certain cases
  • Problem solved where font error was not properly detected

    PDF/A conversion
  • Improved handling of encrpyted or invalid PDF during processing [CA1021373]
  • Problem solved where PDF file could not be analyzed [CA1021217]
  • Problem solved where missing OutputIntent resulted gray output [CA1021459]
  • Problem solved where PDF with attachment was converted into an image [CA1021506]
  • Problem solved where links did not properly work after conversion [CA1021449]
  • Problem solved where Launch action was not properly converted [CA1021268]
  • Font corrections
  • Improved font-encoding for embedding Type1 fonts as a Base14 Font
  • Remove additional encoding entries in cmap of symbolic TrueType fonts: Improved usage and better handling of special combinations
  • Improved FontSubstition to avoid missing glyphs after PDF/A-2b conversion [CA1021127, CA1021269]
  • Problem solved where embedding fonts was not properly handled [CA1021220]
  • Form fields
  • Impoved state handling for form fields [CA1021275]

  • Fallback conversion settings in standard profiles for PDF/A-1a, -2a and 3a disabled

  • Problem solved where fixup was inproperly listed in XML report [CA1021584]
  • Improved handling of custom checks in HTML reports

  • New parameter to avoid conversion to PDF and to handle any kind of input file as PDF [CA1021112]


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