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Version: 11.1.544

Verfügbar seit: 01.07.2020 | Aktuelle Demos & Downloads


  • Fixups

    • Map spot and process colors using script variables: Issue fixed, where Fixup did not work properly [CA1029385, FP60291]
    • Create and apply shapes: Problem solved, where using a page-range Check via "Include other Check" resulted in an improper result [FP59766]
    • Create and apply shapes: Issue fixed, where "suppress rendering outside shape" caused an invalid result in certain cases [FP59897]
    • Subset fonts: Problem solved, where glyph became invisible in some special cases for Type 1 Simple fonts [FP26748; FP36978; FP59430]
    • Conversion to PDF/A: General font handling: Fonts will be converted to CFF in most cases for non-symbolic TrueType fonts to avoid several issues in post processing [CA1029282]
    • Conversion to PDF/A: Improved error handling for certain annotation issues on CLI and SDK to match reporting in Desktop [CA1029390]
    • Conversion to PDF/A: Issue fixed, where annotations were not properly handled in certain cases [CA1029390]

  • Checks

    • Problem solved, where combined "Include other Check" Properties with "Fire if any condition is met" didn't work properly, e.g. when used in a Fixup [FP59870; FP60064, FP57904; FP59766]
    • Problem solved, where a combination of 2 "Include other Check" Properties did not find the intersection of both Checks [FP57904; FP59870]

  • Actions

    • ToPDF: Issue fixed, where a random unstable behavior during conversion of PostScript occurred (Windows only) [CA1028342]
    • ToPDF: Problem solved, where a defined bounding box was not honored properly [CA1028811]
    • ToPDF: Problem solved, where TIFF images with certain layer configurations from Photoshop were not properly converted [CA1029386]
    • ToPDF: Improved handling for multiple, parallel executed LibreOffice conversions [CA1029433 CA1029224]
    • ToPDF: Improve handling of SVG files without explicitly defined page size (viewBox is used if existing) [FP53757; FP60300]
    • Extract dieline: Moved "transformation matrix" into a SVG group element to ensure compatibility with older devices [FP60217]

  • Desktop

    • Process plan: Issue fixed, where "Rename PDF" if used as last step lost its transition to the "End" [FP59983]
    • Profile import: Issue fixed, where a hash error was displayed, although not necessary [FP60018]

  • CLI

    • ToPDF: Issue fixed, where a --topdf_parameter had to be written in upper case [CA1029391]

  • Reports

    • XML: Problem solved, where XML version 1 and text reports were not created [CA1029383]

  • Most recent version of Adobe PDF Converter integrated (PostScript to PDF conversion; v1.1PlusP3c)


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