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Version: 11.0.523

Verfügbar seit: 06.11.2019 | Aktuelle Demos & Downloads



  • Process Plans: Completely new user interface for creating and editing Process Plans
  • Variables: New, HTML-template-based Ask-at-runtime dialog, which can also be adjusted to individual requirements
  • New toolbar offers direct access to various functionalities
  • DPart viewer allows in-depth analysis of the DPart metadata structure of respective PDF files
  • Shortcut for direct Profile export (Mac: CMD+E / Windows: CTRL+E)
  • Saved Actions are now listed in the list of Fixups

Profile, Checks and Fixups

  • New option to set a Profile to invisible in list of existing Profiles (incl. respective filter to show such "invisible" Profiles)
  • New option to set a Check to invisible in list of existing Checks (incl. respective filter to show such "invisible" Checks); they will only be listed in the Custom Checks section of Profiles, within the "Apply to" filter of single Fixups and in Process plan steps of type "Check"
  • New option to set a Fixup to invisible in list of existing Fixups (incl. respective filter to show such "invisible" Fixups); they will only be listed in the Custom Fixups section of Profiles and within Process plan steps of type "Fixup"


  • Process plans
    • Add new step type "Rename PDF" to define the output filename [FP49471]
    • Create PDF copy: All input fields can now be used with Variables [FP49112]
    • New option to skip a Process plan step (can also be set via a Variable) [FP49158]
    • Profile sequence step: "Do not apply Fixups" can now also be controlled using a Variable

  • Variables
    • New function "app.setTimeout(seconds)" to define the timeout for JavaScript evaluation [CA1028659]
    • Geometry information are now available in to app.doc.result.checks[i].hits

  • Server
    • JobTickets: Allow to define an individual processing configuration for each file
    • Sidecar files: New functionality to define Variables per incoming file and to retrieve information from previous processing steps

New Profiles and Process Plans

  • Convert RGB to CMYK (PSO Coated v3) with specified R=G=B tolerance
  • Convert spot to CMYK and replace overprint with transparency where needed
  • Find barcode value in a specified area and print the value on the page
  • Check and fix bleed: Analyses bleed and safety zones to determine required bleed and add bleed if needed
  • Convert pages with very complex page descriptions into CMYK images
  • Overprint issues related to spot color if converted to CMYK

Enhanced Profiles

    All Profiles with "Convert colors"-Fixups have been updated to use "Advanced settings" instead of Policy files

New Fixups

  • Create bleed for irregular shapes: Generates bleed for arbitrary contours based on e.g. a dieline vector object [CA1028144, CA1026338]
  • Spotify: Create spot color version from an input PDF using a customizable number of spot colors, optionally based on a custom spot color library
  • Place circle/ellipse
  • Place line
  • Place rectangle
  • Map colors using script variables: New variant of the existing "Map colors"-Fixup, where the settings can be defined using JSON expressions
  • Map spot and process colors using script variables: New variant of the existing "Map spot and process colors"-Fixup, where the settings can be defined using JSON expressions

Enhanced Fixups

  • Create bleed at page edges:
    • Several new parameters, e.g. a Filter for objects to be taken into account for bleed creation and to except certain spot colors [CA1026524, FP54063]
    • Extended possibilities to create bleed with different widths for each edge [CA1026463, CA1027547, CA1027514, FP44596]
    • New parameters to define overprint and whether the generated bleed should be placed behind existing page content
    • Page box used as basis for bleed generation can be selected [FP32942]
    • Offset (to page geometry box) for basis of bleed generation can be defined [CA1028143, FP50268]

  • Convert colors:
    • New area "Advanced settings", which replaces the deprecated Policy files
    • All settings from the "Advanced settings" dialog can be controlled using Variables

  • Convert colors using DeviceLink:
    • New Parameters for compression method and quality for processed images [FP27577, FP39515, FP41009, FP52929]
    • Global policy files for DeviceLink are deprecated (if present, overwrite the Fixup settings for backwards compatibility)

  • Set Overprint and Knockout: New option to leave OPM unchanged
  • Set Overprint Mode to 1:Is deprecated, use "Set overprint and knockout" Fixup instead

New and enhanced predefined Fixups

  • Convert colored Type 3 fonts to outlines
  • Generate 5mm bleed at dieline (Processing Steps)
  • Generate 3mm bleed at TrimBox, excluding specified spot color
  • Spotify: Creates a spot-color only version of the PDF's page content
  • Place black circle at specified position
  • Place red rectangle at specified position
  • Place blue line at specified position

New Properties
  • Text on page: Finds text on pages or within page areas; can be combined with Action "Split at mark"
  • Several new barcode/matrix code related Properties:
    • Barcode is in area
    • Barcode value
    • Barwidth reduction (%|mm|pt)
    • Height of barcode / matrix code (mm|pt)
    • Width of barcode / matrix code (mm|pt)
    • Module width of barcode / matrix code (mm|pt)
    • Symbology (type of barcode / matrix code)
    • "Log Profile execution" will save the created rendered areas as images into the temporary log folder for review
  • Stream object is uncompressed

Enhanced Properties
  • All Sifter-based properties: Extended possible combinations with other types of Properties and further enhanced analysis [FP49241]

New and enhanced predefined Checks
  • Is colored Type 3 font
  • Type 3 font has all required resources
  • Is dieline (Processing Steps)
  • Find specified text: Searches for the specified text on all pages
  • Object uses RGB color definitions
  • Find barcode in specified area
  • Barwidth reduction is above 10%
  • R=G=B with a specified tolerance
  • Size is not equal for all pages

New in Switchboard
  • Prepress - Spotify: Create spot color version from an input PDF using a customizable number of spot colors, optionally based on a custom spot color library
  • Spotify inspector: Interactive tool to determine the best settings for processing a file into a spot color version
  • Arrange - Split at mark: Splits the PDF into parts based on pages identified by a Check
  • Document - Extract dieline: Extracts a dieline as SVG, DXF or CF2 file from a PDF based on a Check
  • Reports - Read barcode: Detect value and other technical details of a barcode in a specified area of a page

  • Spotify: Create spot color version from an input PDF using a customizable number of spot colors, optionally based on a custom spot color library
  • SplitAtMark: Splits the PDF into parts based on pages identified by a Check
  • ExtractDieline: Extracts a dieline as SVG, DXF or CF2 file from a PDF based on a Check
  • ToPDF: Support for conversion of TIFF files with CuttingPaths [FP54684]
  • ToPDF: Support for conversion of TIFF files with Transparency [FP54348, FP55777]
  • ToPDF: Support for PSB files ("Photoshop Big") [CA1028643]
  • ToPDF: Support for .vtx und .vxd files (MS Visio) with MS Office and Open/Libreoffice [CA1028797]
  • QuickCheck: Extended sample configuration file with more comments and examples

  • Custom HTML-based reports: All kinds of visualizer images can be requested via the manifest.xml [FP44896, FP51472]
  • XML reports: Added references for Annotations to reported hits [CA1028541]

  • New parameter for Profile execution: --visiblelayers which will run Checks for visible layers only
  • ToPDF: Several new --topdf_parameter for handling of Office in MS Office:
    • NoMemoryOptimization: Disables the internal memory optimization [CA1028735]
    • DoNotHideOffice: The respective MS Office will show up and not work hidden in the background [CA1028588]
    • UpdateChangedFields: Requests a content update from MS Office to update fields (e.g. page numbers in the table of content) [CA1028703]
    • Most recent version of Adobe PDF Library integrated (v15.0.4PlusP6d)
    • Most recent version of Adobe PDF Converter integrated (PostScript to PDF conversion; v1.1PlusP2h)
    • Internal HTML converter updated to callas pdfChip (v2.1.062)



  • Flatten transparency
    • Problem solved where recursion of Form XObjects in the content stream resulted into infinite processing [CA1028081]
    • Problem solved where flattening resulted in displaced Asian glyphs in certain cases [FP55230]
    • Issue fixed where bullet glyphs were removed in some cases [FP55510]
    • Issue fixed where bullet glyphs were converted to "F" glyphs in specific font situation [FP53756]
    • Issue fixed where square bullets became .notdef glyphs after flattening [FP54933]
    • Issue fixed where some kind of ligatures were converted to .notdef glyphs [CA1028410]
    • Issue fixed where quotation marks became .notdef glyphs after flattening [FP54005]
    • Issue fixed where glyph (defined as .notdef) was no more embedded after flattening and resulted in a warning in some PDF viewers [FP51831, FP52450]
    • Problem solved where background images using Indexed color spaces with Separation Black were not properly handled [FP43490]
    • Problem solved where flattening resulted in a completely rasterized page although only small areas were affected by transparency [FP54839]
    • Problem solved where processing caused a distortion of text [CA1028677, CA1028679]
    • Issue fixed where flattened PDF triggered a font error warning in certain PDF viewers (MacOS only) [FP54967]
    • Issue fixed where flattening with high resolution resulted in damaged fonts in certain cases (MacOS only) [CA1027815]
    • Problem solved where processing wasn't successful with specific PDF [FP54550]
    • Problem solved where resulting PDF had different glyph widths in PDF and embedded font [FP39612, FP41268, FP46431]
  • Remove printer marks: Problem solved where page content was removed under certain circumstances [FP54608, FP55162]
  • Add unique ID to Note elements in tagging structure: Issue solved, where Endnotes mapped to Notes via RoleMap were not properly handled [CA1028667]
  • Convert to PDF/A-2: Issue fixed where invalid XMP was created during PDF/A conversion in some cases [CA1028397]
  • Convert to PDF/A-2: Issue fixed where the conversion failed due to a missing Subtype entry [FP52794]
  • Create and apply shapes: Problem solved where overprinting for spot colors was not properly respected [CA1028459]
  • Create and apply shapes: Clarified the naming for some settings [FP53395]
  • Remove pages: Issue solved where remaining page label were not properly corrected after removal of a page [CA1028252, FP47709]
  • Generate bleed at page edges: Problem solved where invisible layers were also used for bleed generation [CA10286258]
  • Make font names unique: Problem solved where glyphs were not properly handled in certain cases [FP53519]
  • Set MediaBox to origin: Problem solved where MediaBox was not properly set when Fixup was executed together with e.g. "Add marks" or "Create bleed at page edges" [FP33738, FP33737, FP33737; FP45010]
  • Convert colors using DeviceLink: Issue fixed where changing the image compression to ZIP resulted in improper PDFs in certain cases [CA1024644; FP39515]
  • Convert font to outlines: Problem solved where certain variants of text used as clipping paths were not properly handled [CA1028621]
  • Remove invisible image data: Problem solved where images were slightly displaced after processing in certain cases [FP24845, FP29858, FP34569]
  • Scale pages: Enhanced handling for dimensions which exceed the 200 inch limit (Page scaling factor will be adjusted accordingly) [FP27707, CA1028762]
  • Scale pages: Issue fixed where objects were missing in resulting file (Linux only) [FP55792]
  • Set transparency properties for fill: Issue fixed where certain layer constructions used with Form XObjects were not properly respected [FP55706]

  • Image compression ratio (percent): Corrected compression ratio in trigger value
  • Sifter: Problem solved where page rotation was not taken into account in certain cases [CA1028468]
  • Verify compliance with PDF/A-2b: Issue fixed where validation failed caused by a unnecessary hit for "Signature has no ByteRange entry" [CA1028726]
  • Shape definition: Issue fixed where selected unit was not properly handled in certain cases [FP55403]
  • General analysis: Issue fixed where an incomplete InfoDict of a PDF resulted in an unknown error [CA1028306]
  • All Annotation and FormField properties: Problem solved where the usage of "Fire if any condition is met" with only one configured Property resulted in an error [FP54027]

  • ToPDF: Issue fixed where office files using special characters (like % or #) in their filename resulted in errors with LibreOffice (Windows only) [CA1028556]
  • ToPDF: Adjusted the predefined Default.joboptions file (used for PostScript conversion) to create PDF 1.6 instead of older versions [FP1028463]
  • ToPDF: Fixed issue, where certain kind of transparent PNG were not properly converted [CA1028394]
  • CreatePS: Problem solved where PostScript export of specific PDF resulted in an unstable behavior [CA1028500]
  • OptimizePDF: Issue fixed where multiple identically named fonts were resulting in rectangles for some glyphs after merging the fonts [CA1028302]

  • Problem solved where using a License Server based activation could not be used in the Acrobat Plug-In [FP55867]
  • Object inspector: Alternate values for spot colors added
  • Object inspector: Issued fixed where a filter for objects was not properly respected on multi-page documents [FP53499]
  • Improved window handling, especially for tiled views
  • Issue fixed where certain kind of user interaction resulted in unnecessary internal warning logs in MacOS console [FP28132]
  • Library manager: "Custom template reports" and "Ask at runtime dialog templates" added as resources
  • Switchboard: Process plans with Batch processing: Issue fixed where certain actions were not properly handled [FP55034]

  • Improved information when Server, Dispatcher or Satellite is started without a valid license

  • Timeout: Issue fixed where some additional seconds were added to the given time limit in certain cases
  • --uncompressimg: Problem solved where parameter was not taken into account for the Properties "Object uses ... with a percentage of" [CA1016082, CA1023953, FP21005, FP54373]

  • PDF reports: Issue fixed where some kind of diacritical marks in e.g. Check names avoided the successful creation of the report [FP52347]

  • Office conversion: A 64-bit installation of pdfToolbox requires a 64-bit version of OpenOffice/LibreOffice (similar for 32-bit)
  • DeviceLink Profiles: Issue fixed where export and import resulted in the loss of localization
  • MacOS installer for CLI: Format changed to .pkg


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