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Version: 10.2.508

Verfügbar seit: 27.06.2019 | Aktuelle Demos & Downloads



  • Map spot and process colors: Issue fixed, where a defined Check in "Apply to" was not respected anymore [FP53896; FP53340; FP54009]
  • Substitute characters using .notdef glyph: Problem solved, where Type0 font characters resulted in doubled text [FP52469]
  • Create Content entry for Link annotations: Problem solved, where content entries were not created for all missing entries [FP54389]
  • General: Fixed issue, where executing Convert colors and DeviceLink Conversion in a ProcessPlan resulted in Missing XObject for certain Type 3 fonts [FP53816]
  • General: Fixed issue, where font processing and Convert colors within one Profile resulted in a missing Extended Graphic State for certain uncolored Type 3 objects [FP54129]


  • Dash array of a stroked path object: Issue fixed, where analysis resulted in an unstable behavior [FP54316]
  • Difference between colorant channels: Problem solved, where processing resulted in unexpected result for a specific PDF [FP54005]
  • General: Problem solved, where analyzing a certain TrueType structure in a PDF resulted in an unstable behavior [FP53817]


  • SplitLayers: Problem solved, where resulting PDF with text also contained inline images in certain cases [FP53160]
  • ToPDF: Issue fixed, there import from Tiff resulted in a wrong size for the created PDF [FP33813]


  • Installer: Added "Microsoft Visual C++ 2017 Redistributable (x86)" to installation package (Windows only) [CA1028423]

Distributed Processing

  • Compare: Problem solved, where processing was not successful [FP41110]
  • SplitPDF/MergePDF: Problem solved, where wrong output path was created when --outputfile was used [FP54308]


  • Apply Layer view setup: Problem solved, where Layers were no more visible in Acrobat afterwards [CA1028370]
  • Issue fixed, where the office conversion component reported an older version number than in previous versions [CA1028384]

Internal HTML converter updated to the latest version of callas pdfChip (v2.1.060) [CA1028415]


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