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Version: 10.0.469

Verfügbar seit: 04.07.2018 | Aktuelle Demos & Downloads


  • Fixed issue, where editing of Fixup was not possible on a Japanese system [CA1027296]


  • Problem solved, where files could not be stored on a SMB shared volume after processing (Windows) [CA1027303]
  • Variables: Problem solved, where values defined by --setvariable were not properly classified as number, string, ... [FP48345]


  • ToPDF: Office files will be opened as read-only to allow conversion of files protected against editing (Microsoft Word on Windows only) [CA1027263]


  • Variables: Fixed issue, where one of multiple Custom Fixups in a Profile was executed even though it was switched off using a Variable in certain cases [FP49000]


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Kunden mit einem zum Release-Tag gültigen Wartungsvertrag und Anwender der Version 10 können auf diese Version kostenlos updaten.

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v9 und v8

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