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Version: 9.2.423

Verfügbar seit: 10.04.2017 | Aktuelle Demos & Downloads



  • Cross-Library-Search
  • Explore Fonts with more information
  • Use external Text-Editor for JavaScript-Variables
  • Improved Handling Keyboard Shortcuts in Ask-as-runtime and Variables Editor
  • Switchboard: Dynamic button to corresponding help article
  • Standalone application on Windows is now also available as 64-Bit [FP34993]

PDF Standards

  • PDF/A validation: Compatibility with veraPDF Test Corpus
  • PDF/A-1 validation: Adjusted validation and correction for form fields u.a.
  • PDF/A-1 conversion: Improved creation of appearance streams for PDF/A-1
  • PDF/A-1 conversion: Improved "Prepare forms" to cover hidden form fields as well
  • PDF/A-1 conversion: Improved "Prepare annotations" to avoid removal of file attachment annotations
  • PDF/A-2 and PDF/A-3 conversion: New Fixup: Set Supplement entry in CIDSystemInfo of CIDFont to corresponding entry in CMap
  • All PDF/A conversions: Improved "Remove actions" to cover more types of actions (e.g. hidden ones) [CA1025903]
  • All PDF/A conversions: StemV entry for fonts will be added automatically if missing (and if insertion is possible)
  • All PDF/X conversions: Added Fixup "Remove all view and print area settings in ViewerPreferences dictionary"
  • All GWG 2015 validation Profiles: Adjusted recognition of used transparency blend color spaces


  • Place text/page number: optional white background
  • Outline page geometry boxes: selective outline of edges
  • Rotate pages: multiple configurable [FP33043]
  • Insert empty page: multiple configurable
  • Enlarge page: new settings for top/bottom, left/right, all; multiple configurable
  • Embed OutputIntent with specified parameters
  • Set Supplement entry in CIDSystemInfo of CIDFont to corresponding entry in CMap
  • Set page zoom for bookmarks
  • Remove all view and print area settings in ViewerPreferences dictionary [FP36867]
  • Convert colors: New set of policy parameters (e.g. "RGBImage-R_eq_G_eq_B_is_Black_ExcludeBlendModes") to suppress special rules for white/gray/black objects using specified bland modes, but apply regular CMYK conversion instead [CA1025230; CA1025554; CA1025637]
  • Place date (YYYY-MM-DD)

New Checks and Properties

  • Font is not valid (strict): To determine problems that are usually not critical in embedded fonts
  • Blend mode (cumulative): To determine effective blend modes  objects nested in Form XObjects
  • Blend space in Luminosity soft mask [CA1024860]
  • Color values for fill/stroke: Operators "is contained in list" and "is not contained in list” are now available [CA1025514]


  • Impose: Overprinting for placed text in runlists can be defined
  • ToPDF: Support for LibreOffice v5.x (Linux + MacOS) [CA1025782]


  • XML: Details of OutputIntent are listed


  • Updated engine for conversion of content for all "Place ..."-Fixups

  • Most recent version of Adobe PDF Library integrated (v15.0.4Plus2a)


    • Switchboard: Colors: Optimized processing duration for spot color conversion (Problem on MacOS only) [FP28629; FP34237; FP38054]
    • Switchboard: LFP: Add grommets by distance/by number: Option to open respective folder added [FP34486]
    • Unsupported Checks from Adobe Acrobat Profiles are no more shown in imported Profiles
    • Manage Libraries: Several smaller improvements
    • Profile edit dialog: New Filter: "Uses same Fixup type"
    • Profile edit dialog: Default filter in Custom Checks/Fixups is now "Not referenced from current profile"
      • Profile window:
      • Fixed issue, so that "Most recently/frequently used" can be used across multiple sessions
      • Fixed issue, where ProcessPlan could not be exported [FP38062]
      • Fixed issue, where locked Profiles could not be imported into another system in certain cases [FP37531]
    • ServerUI: Fixed issue, where editing Process Plans did not worked as expected [FP34298]
    • ServerUI: Problem solved, where an external Profile could not be used [FP37903]
    • Improved text color for locked Process Plans and Profiles for better readability [FP34272]
    • Checkpoint: Fixed issue, where "List Checkpoint Files" needed an activated version [FP36675]

    • Object inspector: Improved visualization of ClippingBoxes and BoundingBoxes
    • Problem solved, where analysis of certain PDF files resulted in an unstable behavior [FP38081]

    PDF Standards
    • PDF/A-1 conversion: Problem solved, where processing was not successful due to invalid font
    • PDF/A-1 conversion: Fixed issue, where annotations became visually changed during conversion
    • PDF/A-2 conversion: Fixed problem, where the Subtype of embedded files was changed, although not necessary
    • PDF/A-2 conversion: Solved issue, where the ModDate of EF entry was set 2 hours earlier than actual time
    • PDF/A-1, PDF/A-2 and PDF/A-3 conversion: Automatic correction of bitmap filter shortcuts like "CFF" to "CCITTFaxDecode"
    • PDF/A validation: Optimized recognition for invalid ICC profiles to avoid additional hits for wrong ICC profile version

    • Table evenly structured: Optimized recognition for tables using certain combinations of rowspan and colspan
    • Adjusted recognition of certain font issues to avoid unnecessary warnings
    • Result file different from original (visual comparison): Problem solved, where non-painting spot colors resulted in false hits [FP37365]
    • Color values for fill/stroke: Fixed issue, where certain usage of thresholds didn't result in the expected hit [FR35448]

    • Repair invalid bookmark hierarchies: Problem solved, where valid bookmarks became removed [CA1023352; CA1023146]
    • Repair invalid bookmark hierarchies: Fixed issue, where bookmark structure was not properly handled in certain cases
    • Discard/Flatten hidden layer content: Problem solved, where processing resulted in an unexpected behavior [CA1025057]
    • Flatten visible layers: Problem solved, where flattening resulted in an unexpected behavior in certain cases [FP35445]
    • Fix glyph width information:
      • Fixed issue, where glyph width problems were not solved
      • Problem solved, where resulting PDF triggered a warning in various PDF viewers [FP36895]
      • Problem solved, when used in conjunction with “Font to Outline” [FP28635]
    • Optimized font embedding to avoid problems with .notdef glyphs after creating an invisible text copy [FP26551]
    • Embed missing fonts: Fixed issue, where the order in the FontSubstitution config file was not properly respected
    • Font to outline:
      • Problem solved, where glyphs were removed, if some tables in the font were improperly formatted [CA1025632]
      • Fixed issue, where text was not properly handled in certain cases [FP28898]
      • Fixed issue, where text positioning was changed in specific PDF files [CA1025463]
    • Convert TrueType fonts to CFF: Problem solved, where visual appearance was changed after processing [CA1025464]
    • Flatten transparency: Problem solved, where quality setting for image compression was not properly respected [FP35459]
    • Flatten transparency: Fixed issue, where the ICC source profile of objects was not taken into account [CA1025535]
    • Crop to BoundingBox: Problem solved, where content was in certain cases not properly cropped when the background was a SmoothShade [CA1025793]
    • Convert colors:
      • Fixed issue, where decalibration was not performed when a Custom Check was used [CA1025173]
      • Problem solved, where a "Matte" entry in a SoftMask was not properly handled [FP35619]
      • Problem solved, where a SoftMask of type Luminosity was not properly converted [FP28131; FP32521]
      • Fixed issue, where a Radial SmoothShade (used as filling pattern) became a gray rectangle after conversion [CA1025611]
      • Fixed issue, where processing was not successful, if downsampling was performed in the same Profile on specific PDF [CA1025459]>/ul>
      • Map colors: Fixed issue, where images became inverted when opened in Adobe PhotoShop [FP28663]
      • Map spot and process colors:
        • Improved consideration if an OutputIntent exists, changed alternatively used Profile to PSO Coated V3 [FP35048]
        • Improved color management: If an OutputIntent exists, this ICC profile will be used for simulation; alternatively PSO Coated V3 will be used [FP35048]
        • Problem solved, where images became invalidated when CMY were mapped to Black [CA1025755]
        • Fixed issue, where processing together with "Make spot color appearance consistent" resulted in unexpected output [FP34658; FP37686]

      • Make Pantone spot color names consistent: Fixed issue, where processing was not successfully executed [CA1025718; CA1025189]
      • Make spot color consistent: Problem solved, where a parallel adjustment of colors resulted in improper results
      • Normalize spot color names: Fixed issue, where Fixup was not successful after Convert colors on specific PDF [FP33025]
      • Convert registration color to black: Problem solved, where conversion of vector objects resulted in an error [FP32866; FP37434]
      • Set page label: Fixed issue, where the Fixup UI only allowed numbers for input [FP27217]
      • Create and apply shapes:
        • Fixed issue, where region inside was not clipped [CA1025656]
        • Fixed issue, where very large formats were not handled properly [CA1025458]
        • Problem solved, where objects defined by "apply to" were not excluded from generated shape

      • Remove objects outside page: Fixed issue, where images inside page area became removed in certain cases [FP35565; FP37704]
      • Remove objects outside page: Problem solved, where text inside page area became removed [FP35565; FP35812]
      • Flip pages: Problem solved, where result was not flipped if processed together with "Rotate pages"-Fixup [CA1025231]
      • Put objects on layer: Fixed issue, where the Property "Belongs to a layer" could not be used as a Custom Check [CA1025626]
      • Place text: Problem solved, where small text was not properly handled [FP35471]
      • All predefined, template-based "Place content"-Fixups: Problem solved, where positioning was not correct if MediaBox didn't start at 0/0 [FP]
      • "Place content"-based templates have now an entry for meta charset in UTF-8 [FP33009]


      • Export to HTML: Fixed issue, where PDF could not be exported properly
      • Impose: Problem solved, where custom sheet sizes were not respected [CA1025944]
      • Impose: Fixed issue, where runlist Variable "ShinglingValue" did not worked as expected
      • ToPDF:
        • Fixed issue, where converting office files using Libre/OpenOffice was not successful in certain cases (Problem on MacOS only) [FP32686]
        • Fixed issue, where a time limited activation prevented the conversion of Office files [FP34517]
        • Dialog handling for "Deactivate Macros" in Word 2016 (Windows only) [CA1025868]
        • Problem solved, where special characters in office file names prevented conversion (MacOS only) [FP22084]
        • Added support for CJK for PostScript to PDF conversion [CA1025018]
        • Problem solved, where an indexed PNG or certain JPEG resulted in white page [FP37476]

      • SaveAsImage:
        • Fixed issue, where the simulation profile was not respected in certain cases [CA1025582; CA1025824]
        • Problem solved, where output could become scaled, if origin destination was not 0/0 [CA1024771]
        • Fixed issue, where smoothing was not performed [FP35415; FP37540]


      • Reporting of Variables: Improved error message when Variables in Fixups are pointing to non-existing external resources [CA1025163; CA1025633]
      • Tiling: Problem solved, where --overwrite could not be used properly [CA1025501]
      • ExtractText: Fixed issue, where not all characters were extracted [CA1025537]
      • Improved handling for PDF with corrupt document structure (will result on CLI in Error 1013 with exit code 107) [CA1025209]

      Distributed Processing

      • Fixed issue, where a simulation profile for SaveAsImage was not transferred to the Satellite [FP38409]
      • Fixed issue, where the imposition SheetTemplate was not transferred to the Satellite [FP38376]
      • Problem solved, where the specified cachefolder of a Satellite was not used for saving Profiles


      • XSLT based reports: Calculation of ink amount enabled [FP36329]

      • Yellow color adjusted for highlighting of "Warning" in reports to be easier visible [FP33543]


      • Problem solved, where processing resulted in an error due to an invalid color space
      • Improved recognition of illegal content streams and parameters
      • Problem solved, where wrong header in font was not properly handled
      • Fixed issue, where linearization of a PDF was not terminated properly [CA1025653; FP36439; CA1025448]
      • Problem solved, where content was displayed clipped in certain cases [CA1025775; FP35374]
      • Fixed issue, where ICC-Profiles in JPG2000 images were not handled properly in certain cases [CA1024861]
      • Log profile execution: Better reporting for used Variables and errors for actions in Process Plans
      • Variables in Process Plans: Variables from previous steps are now available for use in Action steps as well
      • Optimized trigger reporting for objects which are causing an "Missing extended graphic state" error for easier analysis [CA1025324]


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