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Version: 9.1.413

Verfügbar seit: 03.01.2017 | Aktuelle Demos & Downloads



  • Map colors: Fixed issue, where Smooth shade objects became converted, although not covered by a check [FP35961]
  • Convert colors using DeviceLink: Fixed issue, where conversion of Smooth shade objects resulted in an unexpected strong visual differences [FP35996]
  • Create and apply shapes: Problem solved, where color space of created shape could not be set to "RGB (0..255)" or "Lab" [FP36003]
  • Create and apply shapes: Fixed issue, where a Variable in a popup menu for units could not become unassigned [CA1025608]
  • Create and apply shapes: Problem solved, where a created shape was not properly positioned under certain circumstances [FP35826]
  • Convert colors: Fixed issue, where a filter for spot color names in the "Conversion settings" was not properly respected [FP34982]
  • Convert colors: Problem solved, where some objects remained RGB after conversion [FP35158]
  • Convert colors: Fixed issue, where inline images were not converted in certain cases [FP34259]
  • Set page geometry boxes: Problem solved, where UserUnits were not properly regarded in some cases [FP35602]
  • Generate bleed from page content: Problem solved, where some PDF viewers reported missing resources for resulting PDF [FP34607]


  • Font is not valid: Adjusted recognition to avoid unnecessary hits [CA1025557; CA1025574; CA1025595; FP35771]


  • Improved recognition and handling of modified resources (like HTML templates) in Fixups
  • Visualizer: Problem solved, where multiple occurrences of identically named spot colors were not properly respected [CA1025548; CA1025630; CA1025596]
  • Problem solved, where processing resulted in an invalid result in certain cases [CA1025658]


  • Fixed issue, where no multiple Variables could be added to a text input field [FP35940]
  • Fixed issue, where a Profile could not be exported when a Variable was used for certain resource files [FP35364]
  • Fixed issue, where the attempt of editing a Variable in a locked Profile was not properly handled [FP35375]
  • Problem solved, where Variables window for Parameters was not in the front [FP35460]
  • Switchboard: LFP - Add ink layer: Fixed issue, where created shape was not created in correct size [FP35687]
  • Library manager: Fixed issue, where Libraries could not be saved after a specific way of several changes [CA1025492]


  • Problem solved, where processing resulted in an error if system log was completely empty (Windows only) [CA1025398, CA1025552; FP35464]
  • Improved listing of variables used in a Profile or Process plan to those which are really used
  • New parameter "--novariables" to suppress listing of Variables on CLI output (stdout) [FP35685]


  • Fixed issue, where no report could be created if a Variable was used in certain cases [FP35836]


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