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Version: 9.0.397

Verfügbar seit: 09.08.2016 | Aktuelle Demos & Downloads



    User interface: Problem solved, where the stacking of multiple modal dialogs were not properly handled [FP34257; CA1025138]
    User interface: Several improvements for displaying Variables and usability [FP34269; CA1025102; FP34258; FP34256]
    Variables: Problem solved, where some variables were not properly saved in certain cases [CA1025152]
    Export of Fixups and Checks: Problem solved, where Variables were not properly exported [CA1025123]
    Switchboard: Fixed issue, where selected unit was not remembered properly [FP34321; FP34371]
    Set page geometry boxes: Removed unit "point" as "pt" was already available [CA1025105]


    Variables: Fixed issue, where path to external resources could be used properly [CA1025163]
    Problem solved, where an empty BleedBox or TrimBox definition in a PDF resulted in an error [FP33061]
    Problem solved, where color conversion and downsampling of images resulted in an improper result in some cases [CA1023613; FP25896; FP30349]


    New Fixup: Repair missing "Properties" resources [FP32810; FP33598]
    Create and apply shapes: Problem solved, where certain objects were not clipped properly [CA1025075]
    Fix glyph width information: Fixed issue, where processing resulted in a changed appearance [FP28699; FP30712]
    Font to outline: Problem solved, where additional dots appeared after processing in certain cases [FP28103]
    Flatten annotations into page contents: Problem solved, where some PDF viewers showed an error after opening the processed PDF [FP28242]


    Width of page geometry box (mm/inch): Problem solved, where unit was not properly respected [FP34347]
    Base color space for transparency group: Adjusted recognition of current Default Device-ColorSpace
    Color space of outermost transparency group: Adjusted recognition of current Default Device-ColorSpace


    ToPDF: Fixed issue, where processing an encrypted PDF became not unencrypted, although correct password was used [CA1025046]
    ListVariables: Problem solved, where simple variables were not listed [CA1025121]
    Activation: Fixed issue, where activation in certain container environments were not successful (Linux only) [FP32362]
    SplitPDF: Problem solved, where invalid PageLabels resulted in an improper behavior [FP33843]


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