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Version: 9.0.392

Verfügbar seit: 14.07.2016 | Aktuelle Demos & Downloads

Neuerungen in pdfToolbox 9

  • Zoom im Dokumentfenster
  • Wireframe-View (mit Filter für bestimmte Objekte)
  • CxF-Daten Support (Spektrale Daten im PDF). Import- und Export
  • Switchboard: Neue Kategorie: LFP-Printing
  • Erkennung und Erzeugung von Shapes (für Lack, hinzufügen von Barcodes etc.) (Alaska)
  • Variablen überall da, wo dies Sinn macht. Die Definition von Variablen kann durch Nutzung von Javascript noch erweitert werden.

Aufgezeichnetes Webinar

Am 6. Juli stellte callas software in einem deutschsprachigen Webinar die vielen neuen Funktionen der pdfToolbox 9 vor.

Webinar von callas



    Extended Variable features: Variables on Profile level and as step in Process Plans, access to metadata and other information via JavaScript, calculating and propagating values using JavaScript, using Variables for Pop up controls (like ICC profiles)
    Various new Fixups to create shapes or to set page geometry boxes based on rendered page content
    New, PDF-based activation process also for pdfToolbox SDK
    Support for CxF (spectral data): Embedding, extracting, display of CxF

Desktop / PlugIn

    Wireframe mode in Object inspector
    Zoom functionality

    All Profiles have been reviewed and arranged into 5 new Libraries:
    PDF Standards
    Prepress, Color and Transparency
    Shapes, Variables, JavaScript, Place content
    DeviceLink (requires AddOn)

    New Switchboard area: Large format printing
    Adding grommets
    Generate bleed
    Add ink layer
    Add borders

    New in "Prepress"-area of Switchboard:
    Embed, extract and remove CxF data

New and enhanced Profiles

    Library: Shapes, Variables, JavaScript, Place content
    Viewing Distance related checks
    Downsample image resolution to specified value
    Generate 3 mm bleed (pixel repetition on pages with text objects close to TrimBox, else mirroring) (Process Plan)
    Scale to page size from first 7 characters in file name, print error messages (Process Plan)

Library: Essentials

    Convert all pages into CMYK images and preserve text information
    Convert all pages into RGB images and preserve text information
    Convert to PDF/A-1b /A-2b

Library: Prepress, Color and Transparency

    Find CxF issues
    Online publishing
    Convert to PDF/X-1a (PSO Coated v3 (ECI))
    Convert to PDF/X-4 (PSO Coated v3 (ECI))
    Convert pages into CMYK images if page content is too complex (Process Plan)
    List potential printing problems

Library: PDF Standards

    Convert to PDF/A-1b /A-2b /A-3b
    Convert to PDF/X-1a (PSO Coated v3 (ECI))
    Convert to PDF/X-3 (PSO Coated v3 (ECI))
    Convert to PDF/X-4 (PSO Coated v3 (ECI))
    Check for PDF/A-2b compliance and convert if not compliant (Process Plan)

New and enhanced Fixups

    Library: Shapes, Variables, JavaScript, Place content
    Place CMYK color bar
    Place gray color bar
    Place spot color bar
    Place registration marks
    Place dimension arrows
    Place fold marks (letter)
    Create partial varnish for images
    Create varnish for printed content (excl. white areas)
    Create varnish for printed content (incl. white areas)
    Generate bleed by specified method
    Set TrimBox based on visible content
    Create Dieline with rounded corners from TrimBox


    Create and apply shapes: Add shapes based on rendered content [CA1024841]
    Set page geometry boxes (based on page content): Sets the respective box based on rendered content [CA1024826]

    Generate bleed from page content:
    New methods: "Mirror as objects" and "Repeat last pixel"
    Selection of edges [FP23500; FP28060; FP28375; CA1024069; CA1023144]
    Option to set BleedBox to dimension of just created bleed added [CA1024317]

    Filter for limited scope using "Apply to:" and possibility for multiple settings added [FP28206; FP23197]

    Discard hidden layers [FP26617; CA1023906; FP29825]

New Checks and Properties

    Several new properties related to CxF validation
    Number of hits in this check: Allows for defining a minimum number of occurrences per pgae before a hit is generated [FP32837; FP32911]
    Number of components in ICC profile dictionaries N entry does not match ICC profile


PDF standards

    PDF/A-1 validation: Adjusted validation and correction for form fields
    PDF/X-4 validation: Adjusted analysis of insufficient defined Layers ("Optional content groups" OCG in OCCDs missing) [FP]
    Conversion to PDF/X-4: Problem solved, where XMP metadata was falsely handled as not compliant and removed [CA1024720]


    Repair invalid bookmark hierarchies: Fixed issue, where bookmarks became removed due to improper formatting [CA1023352 + CA1023146]
    Downsample images: Problem solved, where "Unsharp masking of images"-Fixup were reported although not executed [CA1024381; FP31407; FP31749; FP32664; FP32920]
    Make spot color appearance consistent: Problem solved, where processing together with a "Convert colors"-Fixup resulted in remaining inconsistencies [FP33579]
    Generate bleed from page content: Problem solved, where page scaling factor was not respected properly [FP28937; FP28943]
    Convert page content into image: Changed compression library to reduce resulting file size [FP33481]
    Uncompress XMP metadata objects: Fixed issue, where  uncompressed XMP metadata remained [FP32810]
    Font to Outline: Problem solved, where non-painting starting points of glyph contours became visible [FP29707]
    Embed missing fonts: Support for PostScript Type 0 CID-keyed fonts
    Add missing SPACE glyphs: Problem solved, where ligature glyphs were not properly handled in certain cases [FP25791; FP25829; FP28771]


    Duplicate pages: Problem solved, where page scaling factor was not properly copied for all duplicated pages [FP33498]


    Problem solved, where processing resulted in an improper behavior caused by an damaged font in the PDF [CA1024235]
    Wrong "N" entries (number of colorants) in ICC profiles will be corrected automatically
    Problem solved, where internal optimization resulted in vanishing objects in certain cases [CA1024758]
    Fixed issue, where file could no longer processed successfully, although successful in pdfToolbox 7 [CA1024880]
    Optimized handling for self-referencing Role Maps to avoid unnecessary long processing time [CA1024838]
    Problem solved, where content could not be analyzed, caused by empty "name" objects [FP33469]

PDF/A conversion

    Updated font substitution to cover more naming varieties of "Arial" fonts [CA1024937]


    Explore Metadata: Enhanced flexibility for handling multiple entries of same property
    Explore Layers: Enhanced display of optional content groups [FP]


    Problem solved, where files from network paths were not properly handled [CA1024764]

Distributed Processing

    Problem solved, where defined output naming for reports was not respected [FP33758]


    Fixed wrong French translation in summary reports [CA1024840]
    Problem solved, where reports using masks were not properly created due to large page scaling factors [CA1024534]
    Updated translation repository of additional languages for Profiles, Checks and Fixups [CA1023799]


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