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Version: 8.3.371

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Enhanced Profiles

PDF/X-4 and X-5 validation:

  • "Has non plain text XMP Metadata" added [FP]
  • "Registration or process color representations are inconsistent" added [FP]

All "GWG 2015"-based profiles for Sheetfed, Newspaper/Newsprint and Web offset:

  • Removed check for recommended destination profiles

Fix problems in PDF tagging structure

  • "Remove CIDSet if incomplete" added
  •  "Add unique ID to Note elements in tagging structure" added

New Fixups

  • Remove all objects except [FP]
  • Convert spot color names to UTF-8
  • Convert font names to UTF-8
  • Open/Close all bookmarks [CA1024348]
  • Set miter limit [CA1024500]
  • Add unique ID to Note elements in tagging structure

Enhanced Fixups

  • Generate bleed from page content: Support for spot colors and grayscale [CA1023145; CA1024363; FP30868; FP31016]
  • Make spot color appearance consistent: Added scope to separation colors "All", "None" and CMYK colorants
  • Adjust dot gain: Filter "Apply to" added to limit scope of Fixup and allowed multiple settings [FP22030; FP24591; CA1023381]

New Checks and Properties

  • Registration or process color representations are inconsistent (for page and document level)
  • 4 new properties to find colorant values of alternate color spaces [FP23194; FP27300; FP29575]Page is rotated

Enhanced Checks and Properties

  • Blending color space: Extended to find variants of ICCbased color spaces


  • PlugIn: Improved stability for parallel usage of Acrobat Preflight and pdfToolbox PlugIn [FP23201; FP28842; FP21575; FP27677; FP24334; FP27893; FP27834; FP28095; FP28842; FP31375]
  • Update notification: Possibility to deactivate notifications added (Standalone only)
  • Update notification: Manual check for updates added to "Help" menu (Standalone only)
  • Result dialog: Display of currently processed page added


  • XML-Report: Maximum number of pages to be contained as resources in report can be defined [CA1024710]
  • Option to suppress listing of severities in reports
  • Duplicate pages: Option added for multiple copies even when used with option --pageorder [FP29670]

Most recent version of Adobe PDF Library integrated (v10.1.0PlusP4q)

Updated signatures of audit trail for preflight certification



  • PDF/X-1 and X-3 validation: Removed check for PDF 1.3 entry as it is not explicitly requested by the respective PDF/X standards
  • PDF/X conversion: Problem solved, where some Fixups were not successful in certain cases [FP22180]


  • Generate bleed from page content: Problem solved, where created bleed was not properly scaled and positioned [FP20949; FP22781]
  • Merge adjacent headings if heading level is the same: Fixed issue, where headings were not merged in all cases [CA1024489]
  • Convert colors: Improved handling of resources for DeviceN objects with a "None" colorant [FP32427]
  • Map spot and process colors: Problem solved, where DeviceN objects became invalidated when colorant was set to "None" [FP32427]
  • Convert colors using DeviceLink: Fixed issue, where visual differences after processing on certain files [FP31386]
  • Convert colors using DeviceLink: Problem solved, where processing was not successful caused by certain bitmaps and --uncompressimg parameter was set [FP31671]
  • Embed missing fonts: Fixed issue, where "nbspace" and "softhyphen" were not properly handled if used in simple fonts [CA1024564]
  • Embed missing fonts: Problem solved, where wrong CMap encodings resulted in false glyph replacement of certain glyphs in Asian languages [CA1024007; CA1024543]
  • Put objects on layer: Optimize handling for vector objects [FP31129]
  • Remove objects outside ...: Problem solved where also objects inside were affected [CA1024024; FP30870; CA1024461]
  • Problem solved, where conversion of inline bitmaps resulted in an improper behavior [CA1024600]
  • Convert colors: Fixed issue, where ICC-based objects were not tagged with another ICC profile [FP31000]
  • Convert colors: Problem solved, where certain inline images were not properly handled [CA1024091]
  • Font to outline: Fixed issue, where not all glyphs were properly converted in certain cases [CA1024629; FP31750]
  • Font to outline: Problem solved, where encoding mismatch resulted in removed text in some cases [FP31648]
  • Font to outline: Problem solved, where glyphs were moved after processing [CA1024501]
  • Remove printer marks: Problem solved, where remaining objects resulted in problems during post processing [FP31845]
  • Repair invalid ToUnicode CMap information in fonts: Problem solved, where processing resulted in invisible glyphs and damaged font[CA1024595]
  • Repair invalid bookmark hierarchies: Fixed issue, were color of bookmarks was not retained [CA1024492]
  • Fix glyph width information: Enhanced processing to correct special structures as well [CA1024251]
  • Discard hidden and flatten visible layers: Problem solved, where resulting PDF had visual changes due to not respected OCMD setting [CA1024399]
  • Font related Fixups: Problem solved, where text was missing after PDF/A conversion in certain cases [CA1023859]
  • Internal optimization: Problem solved, where processing did not found an end [CA1024624]


  • Problem solved, where analysis could not be finished successfully [CA1020522]
  • Fixed issue, where values in percentage were not always properly regarded depending on the operator [FP]
  • Fixed issue, where unusual structure of structure information could not be analyzed successfully [FP31708]


  • Save as image: Problem solved, where creation of low-res images from files with protection for high-resolution export was not possible [FP29123]


  • Activation: Problem solved, where some special characters in customer name or company resulted in a failed activation (MacOS only) [FP30970; FP31009; FP31103; FP31667; FP31404; FP31370; FP31678; FP31696; FP31703]
  • Activation: Improved handling for instable or missing Internet connection
  • Save as dialog: Fixed issue, where changed destination file name was not properly displayed [FP30295; FP31644]
  • PlugIn: Problem solved, where usage of organize pages resulted in an unstable behavior (Windows only) [FP31140]
  • PlugIn: Improved behavior if Acrobat is run in a language which is not supported by pdfToolbox [FP30849]
  • PlugIn: Fixed issue, where sample files could not be opened [FP31564]
  • PlugIn: Problem solved, where wrong language keys were displayed after creation of new preferences (Windows only) [FP31103]
  • PlugIn: Problem solved, where the Quicktool icon was not visible after restart of Acrobat [FP31147]
  • Inspect objects: Fixed issue, where some vertical lines could not be selected
  • Library: Enhanced behavior for missing resources during export [FP30972]


  • Overview: Problem solved, where page numbers of hits in reports in Chinese language were not properly placed [CA1024719]
  • XML: Optimized reporting of processing duration within report
  • XML: Problem solved, where non existent bookmarks resulted in an invalid XML structure [FO30962]


  • Activation: Improved reporting and handling of insufficient folder permissions (Linux only) [FP29616]
  • Impose: Optimized handling of pages to be positioned to reduce processing time and temporary storage space [FP31145]


  • Improved handling for files with a extreme high number of recursions [CA1024508]
  • ToPDF: Extended scope to convert shape-only Excel spreadsheets as well [CA1024727]
  • ToPDF: Problem solved, where images with various color-related syntax errors were not properly handled when referenced from HTML files [CA1024124]
  • ToPDF: Fixed issue, where certain filter in TIFF files resulted in an improper output [FP31030]
  • ToPDF: Optimized handling of certain structures in TIFF files to avoid varying results [FP31061]
  • Improved handling of resources for document-only Fixups to increase processing speed [CA1024430]
  • Problem solved, where improper handling of image filter resulted in an improper behavior [FP32400]
  • Improved merging of Custom Fixups and identical Fixups from Standard conversions [CA1024476]


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