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Version: 8.1.354

Verfügbar seit: 16.10.2015 | Aktuelle Demos & Downloads


  • Library function to organize sets of Profiles, Fixups and Checks in separate Libraries
  • Rendering of PDF/X-5n files with correct preview of multichannel process colors
  • Support for PDF/UA-1 validation
  • Support for HTML-based templates for overview pages of collections [CA1024017]

New Profiles

  • Verify compliance with PDF/UA-1 (syntax checks only)

New Fixups

  • Remove PDF/UA information
  • Remove all signatures entries and flatten signature page objects into page content
  • Generate 2mm bleed from page content
  • Set suffix of all Pantone spot colors to ìCî [CA1024044; FP28495]
  • Make negative line dash phase value positive [FP29385; FP29765]
  • New Checks and Properties
  • Negative line dash phase value [FP29385; FP29765]
  • Several new properties related to PDF/UA-1 verification


  • Impose: Support for UserUnits added, to allow larger dimensions for destination file [FP28937]


  • XML report: Bookmarks and their destinations became included [CA1023865; CA1024022]


  • Special result dialog for PDF/UA to add result of semantic validation into report
  • Visual marker if file contains tagging structure
  • Results dialog: Enhanced listing of relationship entry for embedded files
  • Visualizer: Added complete overview of ink coverage for all colorants into several views
  • Improved display in Fixup edit dialog, if imported Profile did not contained configuration or resource files (especially for Profiles from Adobe Acrobat Preflight) [CA1023688]


  • QuickPDFinfo: Information for page geometry boxes added [FP29496]


  • Several standard ICC profiles added to installer to ensure stable processing even on operating systems with a limited number of pre-installed ICC profiles
  • Unix only: Installer now follow common Unix conventions and extract to a "versioned" directory
  • Unix only: Autostart script for systemd services added [FP28609; FP28841]
  • Most recent version of Adobe PDF Library integrated (v10.1.0PlusP4j)



  • Convert to PDF/X-4p: Fixed issue, where an error for "URL is not a file specification" remained [FP29814]


  • Set values to implementation limits of PDF/A if possible: Enhanced processing time for bigger documents [CA1013657]
  • Conversion to PDF/A-2: Problem solved, where certain PDF structures resulted in an unstable behavior [CA1024043]
  • Conversion to PDF/A: Enhanced handling for Unicode values of certain Chinese characters to avoid unclear mapping [CA1023886]
  • Fix font encoding (CIDSet): Fixed issue, where 2 identical, embedded fonts used the same ID for different glyphs [CA1024040]
  • Embed missing fonts: Problem solved, where processing took very long in certain cases [FP29683]
  • Embed missing fonts: Problem solved, where processing took very long in certain cases [FP29683]
  • Add missing Space Glyph: Problem solved, where glyphs vanished in some cases [FP25829; FP29369]
  • Flatten transparency: Problem solved, where spot color vectors changed from "stroked" to "filled" [CA1023462]
  • Flatten transparency: Fixed issue, where resulting file contained a small amount of color in previously white areas [FP22584; FP26049]
  • Map spot and process colors: Problem solved, where parallel mapping of all process colors to "None" resulted in an improper result [CA1023407]
  • Increase line width: Problem solved, where lines using registration color were not increased in some certain cases [FP29816]
  • Place content: Fixed issue, where special characters used in JSON expressions were not escaped properly [CA1024160]
  • Substitute characters using .notdef glyph with space characters: Problem solved where glyphs were not properly handled if Simple-CFF-Font is embedded as CID-Font [FP30031]


  • Check for used colorants: Fixed issue, where shading pattern with no colorant values present resulted in unnecessary hits [FP28857]
  • Validation for PDF/A: Improved recognition of certain syntax issues [CA1023622]


  • CreatePS: Problem solved, where PostScript files could not be created due to negative dash phase values insie the PDF [FP29385; FP29765]
  • ToPDF: Problem solved, where fonts replaced by Microsoft Word were no longer reported in certain cases
  • ToPDF: Problem solved, where a Microsoft Excel file using a chart could not be processed in some cases [CA1024188]
  • Switchboard: Fixed issue, where certain settings became not properly respected when saved as Action for ProcessPlan [FP29585]
  • Impose: Problem solved, where umlauts could not be used for placing text (Linux only) [CA1023764]
  • MergePDF: Fixed issue, where merging of PDFs were not successful in certain cases [FP25481; CA1023133]
  • MergePDF: Problem solved, where glyphs of became mixed if identical fonts with different encoding were used in input PDFs [FP29663]


  • Fixed issue, where repeating editing of Fixups within a ProcessPlan resulted in an unstable behavior (MacOS only) [FP29318]
  • Problem solved, where missing Fixup ressources resulted in improper behavior [FP29648]
  • Problem solved, where Coldspare or Developer licenses for Server/CLI could not be used for activation in UI [FP29337; FP39346]
  • Switchboard - Outline page geometry boxes: Problem solved, where lines were not created as spot color when used with batch processing [FP29094]
  • Deactivation: Fixed issue, where a deactivation was not successful due to some delay during online connection to activation server [FP29460]
  • New chapter "Backreference" to RegEx help added


  • Problem solved, where post-processing optimization resulted in an improper behavior [FP26918; FP26212; FP28098; CA1023961; FP29643; FP29613]
  • Fixed shared library packaging issues (Linux only) [CA1024240]
  • Certification: Fixed issue, where negative time zone could result into an unexpected behavior [CA1024206]

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