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Version: 8.0.332

Verfügbar seit: 24.06.2015 | Aktuelle Demos & Downloads


  • Several new Fixups for placing pagenumbers, barcodes, text of content based on HTML on existing PDF documents
  • Inspect functionality for in-depth analysis of objects in PDF documents (Standalone only)
  • Color conversion to multichannel using n-Channel ICC profiles
  • Support for PDF/X-5n
  • Added scope optional to execute Fixups for current file, embedded files or both [CA1022809]
  • Retina and Windows HighDPI support
  • Improvements for memory usage when processing big files or files with high amounts of objects
  • Optimized usability of RegEx in supporting Fixups

New Profiles

  • Convert to PDF/X-5n (7C Indigo TAC370 (ColorLogic))
  • Verify compliance with PDF/X-5n
  • Verify compliance with ZUGFeRD
  • New group "Place content" with several new Fixups (listed in section "New Fixups")

New Fixups

  •  Place QR-Code with specified value
  •  Place EAN 13 barcode with specified value
  •  Place specified text at the center of each page
  •  Place page number in left or right corner
  •  Place document name in gutter
  •  Place job ID in gutter
  •  Create additional colorants Green, Orange and Violet for 7C devices
  •  Remove all tagging information

  • New Checks and Properties

    •  DeviceN contains same separation name more than once
    •  Has private Illustrator information
    •  Uses indexed color space
    •  Page is an even page
    •  Page is an odd page
    •  Several new properties related to PDF/X-5n verification

  • Enhanced Profiles

    • All "GWG 2008"-based Profiles
    • New Fixup “Set black text below 12 pt to overprint” replaces “Set black text below 12 pt and black vector objects to overprint”
    • All "GWG 2012"-based Profiles
    • Minor adjustments to thresholds used in checks for resolution of color and grayscale images as well as for bitmaps
    • Convert to PDF/A-2a, -2b, -2u
    • New Custom Fixups with extended scope for embedded files for:
    • Embed missing fonts
    • Remove XMP metadata if not compliant with PDF/A-2

    • List potential font problems
    • Added check: "No 'cmap' entry in Simple TrueType font"

    • Enhanced Checks
    • Resolution of color and grayscale images is less than 150 ppi inside BleedBox
    • Resolution of color and grayscale images is between 150 and 225 ppi inside BleedBox
    • Resolution of bitmap images is less than 550 ppi inside BleedBox
    • Resolution of bitmap images is between 550 and 800 ppi inside BleedBox

    • Enhanced ProcessPlans
    • Convert spot to CMYK (for transparency flattened PDFs)
    • Optimized handling for files which already contains transparency


    • Fixups
    • Convert colors: Fixed issue, where the predefined filter for text did not worked as expected [CA1023688]
    • Map spot and process colors: Problem solved, where renaming of spot color resulted in invisible spot color in certain cases [FP28682]
    • Map spot and process colors: Problem solved, where created result could not become redistilled afterwards [FP27367; FP27494; FP28445]
    • Map spot and process colors: Problem solved, where mapping to None was not successful more more than 1 color in some cases [CA1023407; CA1022834]
    • Map colors: Fixed issue, where mapping of colors was not successful in some cases [CA1023847]
    • Increase line width: Problem solved, where line width was not increased [CA1023861]
    • Increase line width: Fixed issue, where very thick short lines were not handled properly [FP28575; FP28270]
    • Smallest distance from box: Problem solved, where wrong distances were reported [FP]
    • Font to outline: Fixed issue, where some kind of transformation matrix was not properly respected and resulted in changed visual appearance [FP28625; FP28886; FP28720]
    • Downsample/recompress images: Problem solved, where corrupt XMP metadata in images were not properly handled [FP28138]
    • Make font names unique: Problem solved, where execution results in error during postprocessing [CA1023888]
    • General optimization of file structure: Problem solved, where an improper defined clipping path was not properly handled [FP27392]

  • Checks
    • Problem solved, where setting for page scaling factors was not persistent
    • Object uses CMYK only (no spot colors): Problem solved, where clipping path objects were regarded as well [FP28857]
    • Length of name object / Longest name used: Adjusted behavior, so that only resolved hex values are counted [FP27755]

    • ProcessPlans
    • Problem solved, where some layer-based fixups were not properly executed on CLI [CA1022163]

    • Actions
    • Save as image: Fixed issue, where layers were not properly respected when set during ProcessPlans [FP26769]

    • Impose
    • Problem solved, where processing was not successful if only text was positioned, but not PDF pages

    • Server
    • Problem solved, where hotfolders were created in /volumes folder during startup when network volume was not mounted yet [FP28549]

    • General
    • Improved listing of used operating system (Unix only)

    System requirements

  • Mac:

    • MacOS X (Intel), version 10.7 or newer, 64-bit-compliant

  • Windows:

    • Windows Server 2008 R2 / 7 / Server 2012 / 8

  • Linux:

    • Distributions with at least GCC 3.4-compatible system libraries are supported. Reference platform is Debian 6 (Squeeze)
    • Solaris:
    • Solaris SPARC: Solaris 8 (Solaris-Sparc v5.8) or newer
    • Solaris x86: Solaris 10 (Solaris-Intel v5.10) or newer
    • AIX:
    • AIX 5.3 (oslevel 5300-07) or newer
    • Recommended are at least 2 GB of free storage

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