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Version: 7.6.314

Verfügbar seit: 19.03.2015 | Aktuelle Demos & Downloads


Enhanced Profiles

  • All “Convert to PDF/A…”-Profiles
  • New Fixup “Replace glyphs without Unicode to SPACE characters” [CA1023466; CA1023522]

New Checks

  • Has private Illustrator information [FP23244; FP26833]
  • Radial smooth shade without radius
  • Several new properties related to embedded files (especially for PDF/A-3)

Enhanced Checks

  • Possibility to use negation of regular expressions in those checks added, where values can be defined
  • Remove object level metadata: Option to remove XMP metadata from structure elements added

New Fixups

  • Replace glyphs without Unicode to SPACE characters

Enhanced Fixups

  • New function to switch between normal and table view in certain Fixups [FP27603]
  • Set relationship entry for embedded files: “Apply to” added for more flexibility


  • ToPDF: Added support for OpenOffice using 64Bit JavaVM


  • UncompressImg: Extended scope, works now also for images-based Checks used in Fixups [FP27168]
  • Improve reporting of additionally created files from ProcessPlans


  • XML-Reports: Page label is listed in page information


  • Deactivation of licenses using Desktop and CLI
  • Introduced a validity period for activation with generated license file
  • License files used in CLI-only environments needs to be activated before deployment
  • Improved reporting if a Fixup is not successful for all objects (especially on CLI Fix and FixFailure will become reported now)
  • Most recent version of Adobe PDF Library integrated (v10.1.0PlusP3n)



  • Verify compliance with PDF/X-4p: Problem solved, where the trailing space for RGB was not properly regarded [CA1023556]


  • Fix glyph width information: Fixed issue, where positioning of glyphs changed in certain cases [FP25990; FP26244; FP27795; CA1023570]
  • Fix glyph width information: Problem solved, where glyphs are distorted in some cases [FP24435]
  • Flatten transparency:
  • Problem solved, where text was not properly formatted after processing [FP24371]
  • Problem solved, where text vanished in certain cases [FP25667; FP27233; FP27270; FP27639]
  • Problem solved, where glyphs were displaced [FP26089]
  • Make XMP metadata compliant: Problem solved, where multiple creator entries were not respected
  • Make XMP metadata compliant with PDF/X-4: Fixed issue, where unusual DocInfo entry was not properly removed [FP27145]
  • Convert SMask to image mask: Problem solved, where processing resulted in an unexpected result [CA1023528]
  • Convert colors using DeviceLink profiles: Problem solved, where colorspaces in DefaultRGB or DefaultCMYK were not properly handle in some cases [CA1023656]
  • Remove objects outside of page area: Fixed issue, where certain cases of text placement was not properly respected [FP27658]
  • Make font names unique: Problem solved, where processing resulted in an improper behavior during postprocessing [FP20693; CA1022294]
  • Set MIME type entry for embedded files: Fixed issue, where entry was not properly set in certain cases
  • Set page label: Adjusted handling to enable modification of complete page ranges [FP27217]
  • Embed missing fonts: Problem solved, where font was not embedded due to missing Subtype-entry [FP27498]
  • Convert TrueType to CFF: Problem solved, where conversion was not successful in certain cases [FP26772]
  • Problem solved, where Smooth Shades were not properly handled in some cases [CA1022421]
  • Problem solved, where invalid UTF-8 font names were not corrected [CA1023559]


  • Number of effectively non-empty plates: Fixed issue, where selected units for aperture was not properly respected [CA1023646]
  • Effective Ink coverage:
  • Fixed issue, where result was not properly determined if aperture was identical to sample size [CA1023392]
  • Optimized handling to avoid unnecessary internal rendering [CA1023410]
  • If custom area is defined, it will be corrected to stay inside of CropBox if original dimension exceeds this box [CA1023392]
  • Fixed issue, where certain PDF structures resulted in false hits [FP27559; FP27939]
  • Fixed issue, where some kinds of Smooth Shades were mistakenly flagged as invalid [CA1023332]


  • ReDistill: Fixed issue, where processing special PDFs files causes an error [FP27494; FP27635]
  • Impose: Problem solved, where umlaut characters used in PlaceText resulted in an unexpected font [CA1023435]
  • ToPDF: Fixed issue, where the print area of XSLX-Excel-documents were not properly respected [FP27328]
  • ToPDF: Problem solved, where Unicode file names of TIFF files resulted in an unexpected behavior [CA1023605]
  • Save as image: Fixed issue, where overprint was not respected in some cases [CA1023059; FP27495]


  • Problem solved, where reports created by sequence steps did not contained annotations [FP27963]
  • Problem solved, where removing of steps resulted in an improper behavior in certain cases [FP27757]


  • Reports: Problem solved, where custom PDF reports were not properly created in certain cases [FP27718; FP27979]
  • Variables dialog: Problem solved, where quotation marks became replaced by operating system (MacOS only) [FP27547]
  • Compare: Problem solved, where custom settings could not be used for reports [FP26947]


  • Checkpoint: Problem solved, where preview did not work for PDF with Japaneses characters in filename [FP26938]
  • Reports: Fixed issue, where overview reports were not properly created [FP27966]
  • Fixed issue, where not convertible non-PDF files were moved into “Processed”- instead of “Error”-folder [FP26835]


  • Fixed problem, where special characters in name of Output Intent avoided a proper profile export [FP28111]
  • Desktop: Fixed issue, where text was not properly displayed (MacOS Retina only)


  • Improved handling of hotfolders when user “nobody” is used (Linux only)
  • Problem solved, where no template based PDF reports were created if ProcessPlans has been used [FP27087]


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