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Version: 7.5.303

Verfügbar seit: 26.09.2014 | Aktuelle Demos & Downloads


New Fixups

  • Remove bookmarks: Removes all bookmarks in a PDF [FP26479]
  • Set page labels (and their styles): Set page labels based on defined checks [FP25697]
  • Remove page label: Removes all page labels in a PDF [FP25697]

New Checks

  • Effective ink coverage in custom area, can be used in order to check whether a certain area on the printed sheet is empty [CA1023021]
  • Several new properties to find page labels and their styles [FP25697]
  • Page is last page: Determines if a page is the last in a PDF [CA1023021]
  • Page has objects using transparency [CA1022314]

Enhanced Profiles

  • All PDF/A-1 and PDF/X-1 and -3 based Profiles, Profiles for Online Publishing and Digital Printing:
  • Flatten Transparency: Internal optimization has become deprecated and has been removed from the user interface

Enhanced Fixups

  • All “Flatten transparency” Fixups:
  • Internal optimization has been deprecated and has been removed from the user interface

Enhanced Checks

  • Effective ink coverage: Improved calculation of trigger values. Area coverage will only be reported as trigger value if “Evaluate all pixels” is activated [FP]


  • ToPDF: Additional file formats supported for MS Word (.dot; .dotx; .dotm; .txt; .xml), MS Excel (.xslm; .xlt; .xltx; .xltm) and MS Powerpoint (.ppa; .ppam)
  • ToPDF: Font substitutions, which took place in MS Word can be reported on CLI and in SDK [CA1022584; CA1023233]
  • ToPDF: Support for multipage-TIFF added [CA1022701]
  • Impose: Improved positioning of text [FP25672; FP25112]


  • Timeout parameter to abort processing after a defined time frame works now also for office conversion processes [FP26251; FP26513; FP22133]
  • Program folder contains a new init-script that shows how to start a pdfToolbox server at system start (Linux only) [FP26507]

Distributed Processing

  • Improved reporting for errors on CLI [FP]

Most recent version of Adobe PDF Library integrated (v10.1.0PlusP3c)

All components on MacOS are x64 now



  • Verify compliance with PDF/VT-1: Adjusted analysis of DPart structure [CA1023271]


  • Set document language to language in tagging structure: Problem solved, where Figure Tag description was removed [CA1023202]
  • Convert color using DeviceLink profile: Problem solved, where conversion was not applied properly [CA1022684]
  • Subset fonts: Fixed issue, where glyphs were removed in some cases [FP26505]
  • Adjust DotGain: Fixed issue, where processing resulted in improper result [FP20297; FP22585; FP23230; FP23606; CA1023240]
  • Flatten transparency: Problem solved, where annotations were removed during processing [FP24614; CA1022661]
  • Font to outline: Problem solved, where characters were not properly handled in certain cases [FP25828]
  • Font to outline: Problem solved, where glyphs vanished in some cases [FP25783]
  • Font to outline: Fixed issue, where internal structure was not properly created [FP24394]
  • Discard hidden layer content and flatten visible layers: Fixed issue, where invisible layers were not properly removed [FP22502; CA1023254]
  • Remove layer: Problem solved, where content remained in the document [FP20692; FP20710; FP21689]
  • Fix font encoding: Fixed issue, where text was improperly positioned in some cases [FP26069]
  • Remove objects outside page area: Problem solved, where objects remained outside the defined page area [FP24602; CA1022829]
  • Set transparency blend mode: Fixed issue, where the “apply to” filter within the Fixup settings was not properly respected [FP21385; FP19895]


  • Glyph width is inconsistent: Problem solved, where widths were not properly calculated in some cases [FP26600]
  • MD5 checksum of ICC profiles: Corrected naming of reported results


  • ToPDF: Problem solved, where certain PNG images were rotated
  • Split Layers: Fixes issue, where created files were not properly output on command line when using “singlepages” option (CLI only) [CA1023264]
  • Create PostScript: Problem solved, where objects were moved in some cases [FP26175]
  • Create PostScript: Problem solved, where text became converted to images [FP25888; FP25672]
  • Save as image: Problem solved, where the Output Intent was not properly respected [CA1023108]
  • Extract text: Fixed issue, where extracting text caused an error with some files [CA1023097]


  • Visualizer report: Fixed issues, where report was not properly scaled for PDFs with large dimensions [FP23315]
  • Font inventory report: Fixed issue, where glyphs and unicode values were not listed [FP24267; FP24680]


  • Various improvements for usability and stability
  • Fixed problem, where creating a Check out of editing a Fixup resulted in an improper behavior [CA1023222]


  • Problem solved, where Japanese language was not properly handled [FP25603]


  • Improved handling for font files without extension (Unix only) [CA1023053]
  • Problem solved, where optimization of the ContentStream resulted in vanished objects in certain cases [FP26051]
  • Problem solved, where processing using Solaris 10 resulted in unstable behavior [CA1023097]


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