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Version: 7.3.280

Verfügbar seit: 24.03.2014 | Aktuelle Demos & Downloads



Added function to outline page geometry boxes


Added possibility to use cachefolder for distributed processing

Added function to empty fontcache and profilecache when cachefolder-mechanism is used (CLI only)


Flatten transparency: Added option to define kind of image compression used [FP23306]

New and enhanced Profiles

Verify compliance with PDF/VT-2

All PDF/A-1 and PDF/X-1 and -3 based Profiles, Profiles for Online Publising and Digital Printing:

Flatten transparency: Internal optimization deactivated

Flatten transparency: Color images created by the flattener are not always using JPEG

All GWG2012-Profiles:

Minor adjustments for "black object"-checks to match requirements of the latest specification errata document

All "Convert to PDF/A-2-"- and "Convert to PDF/A-3..."-Profiles

Added new fixup "Insert missing F and UF entries for embedded files"

New and enhanced ProcessPlans

Check for non-CMYK color, create a report, convert to CMYK (ISO Coated v2) and flatten transparency

New and enhanced Fixups

All "Flatten transparency" fixups:

Internal optimization deactivated

Color images created by the flattener are not always using JPEG

Convert to grayscale: Adjusted settings to preserve objects from conversion, which are using only black already [FP23065]

Set layer name: Added fixup to set layer name based on a check

All "Downsample bitmap|color|grayscale images" fixups:

Recompression will not take place if images are not downsampled

New and enhanced Checks

New Properties to find transparent objects on xobject- or page-level

New Property to find if a JBIG2 compression is marked as lossy or lossless


Action Overlay: Added option to parameter "placebelow" to define which document is used for number of pages in resulting document [FP24201]



Convert to PDF/X-4: Problem solved, where multiple metadats namespaces were not properly handled in certain cases [FP24371]


Problem solved, where glyph problems occured during PDF/X-4 conversion [CA1022608]

Font to outline: Problem solved, where glyph widhts were not properly respected in certain cases [FP24485]

Font to outline: Problem solved, where glyphs were distorted in some cases [FP24011; FP24207; FP24318]

Add missing SPACE glyph: Problem solved, where processing resulted in improper result [FP24479; FP24528]

Convert colors: Problem solved, where objects seemed to be changed in position afer processing [FP23659]

Flatten transparency: Problem solved, where processing on files with removed Output Intent resulted in improper behaviour [FP23556, FP24316]

Flatten transparency: Problem solved, where resulting images were not created in requested resolution when Raster/Vector balance is set to "0" [CA1022603]

Remove Output Intent: Problem solved, where removing resulted in an error in certain cases [FP24284]

Generate bleed from page content: Problem solved, where created bleed was not properly scaled and positioned [FP22575; FP23525]

Unsharp masking of images: Problem solved, where images smaller than defined threshold resulted in improper behaviour [FP24549]

Convert SoftMask to ImageMask: Problem solved, where images were not visible after processing


ToPDF: Problem solved, where EPS files were not converted to PDF (Linux x64 only) {FP24287]

ToPDF: Added possibility to use LibreOffice on more Linux distributions


Template-based PDF-Reports: Problem solved, where reports were not created using Linux [FP23117]

Compare reports: Problem solved, where images were not scaled correct (Desktop only) [FP24235]


Implode profiles: Problem solved, where OutputIntent was not properly added again from exploded profiles [FP23674]

Enumerate profiles: Added support for variables used in ProcessPlans [CA1022677]


Problem solved, where PowerPoint files could not be converted when using MS Office 2013

Improved usage of system ressources on x64-based installations [FP23489]

Distributed processing: Problem solved, where umlauts in filename resulted in improper behaviour in some cases (Linux only) [FP24372]

Problem solved, where a special combination of custom fixups resulted in instable processing [FP24262]

Fixes issue, where time zones with different offset than a full hour were not properly handled in the XMP metadata

Standard14 fonts: Adjusted recognition, so that an existing FontDescriptor is tolerated

Most recent version of Adobe PDF Library integrated (v10.1.0PlusP2k)


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