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Version: 7.2.261

Verfügbar seit: 23.01.2014 | Aktuelle Demos & Downloads

Die neue Version beinhaltet:


  • ProcessPlans: Improved performance [CA1021808]
  • Outline page geometry boxes: Several new options added
  • Generate bleed from page content: Option added to create images in DeviceCMYK
    New Checks
  • Transparency group has transparent objects
  • Transparency group on page level has transparent objects
  • Customizable PDF-Reports: Can also be created using pdfToolbox Desktop
  • Customizable PDF-Reports: Localization added
  • ToPDF: PostScript to PDF conversion now also x64 when using Linux x64 [FP23753]
  • ToPDF: New optional warning if font substitution takes place in PDFs created from MS Word documents [CA1022584]
  • ToPDF: New parameter to create PDFs for MS Excel documents according to the Excel behavior [CA1022382, FP23677, FP21000]
  • Action Overlay: Support for more file formats
  • ProcessPlan: Support for variables used in impose actions [FP]


  • Convert Colors: Problem solved, where inconsistent encoding entries in images resulted in improper result[FP23626]
  • Downsample/Recompress images: Problem solved, where downsampling was not applied for some kinds of SoftMasks [FP23527]
  • Scale pages: Problem solved, where objects defined as pattern were not handled properly in some cases [FP23617, FP23672]
  • Fix glyph width info: Problem solved, where glyphs were not properly handled [FP21681, FP22548, FP22125]
  • Fixed problem, where special usage of resource dicts in PDF ended up in unexpected result [FP24057]
  • ToPDF: Optimized conversion handling for OEM integration [CA1022639]
  • ToPDF: Problem solved, where file permissions form original file (read-only) were also applied to the result PDF [CA1022305]
  • General: Fixed problem, where longer processing time could result in improper behavior in OEM integration [CA1022632]
  • Cachefolder: Fixed handling of global temp directory (Linux only) [FP23117]
  • Reports: Problem solved, where Inventory reports were not created as expected [FP23676]
    Switch configurators:
  • Profiles: Improved validation of Switch flows [FP23440]
  • Actions: SplitPDF: Added missing tokens
  • Actions: MergePDF: Improved handling for folders with ”.” in name [FP23103]


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