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Version: 7.1.258

Verfügbar seit: 16.12.2013 | Aktuelle Demos & Downloads

Die neue Version beinhaltet:


  • ConvertColors: Updated engine for color conversion incl. support for ICC v4 profiles integrated [CA1022482]
  • CreateEPS: New options for color workingspaces added [FP]
  • New option for defining a max. used amount of memory during processing (Linux only) [FP23099]
  • ToPDF: Added parameter to set searchpath for fonts to be used during PostScript conversion [FP23128]


  • Embed missing fonts: Problem fixed where fonts were not properly embedded during conversion to PDF/X-4 [FP23494]
  • PDF/A: Problem solved, where Unicode information was not properly handled in some cases [CA1022448]
  • PDF/A: Problem solved, where text information vanished in certain cases [CA1022466]
  • Adjust DotGain: Problem solved, where SmoothShades were not properly handled [FP22587]
  • Flatten annotations and form fields: Problem solved, where position of signatures were not kept [CA1022502]
  • Convert page into image: Optimized handling of colorspaces to ensure correct color values in result [FP23195]
  • Subset fonts: Problem solved, where glyphs were not handled properly in certain cases [FP23228]
  • Rotate pages: Problem solved, where patterns were not rotated [CA1022457]
  • Remove additional encoding entries in cmap of symbolic TrueType: Problem solved, where text was not properly handled [FP23369]
  • Remove Differences array from TrueType fonts: Problem solved, where processing resulted in improper file in certain cases [FP23494]
  • Enhanced stability during analysis of partly corrupt files [FP23531]
  • Is set to overprint: Improved recognition of SmoothShades
  • CreateEPS: Harmonized workingspace for RGB: set to “sRGB IEC61966-2.1” also in Desktop
  • CreateEPS: Problem solved, where generated EPS was not well formed (x64 on Windows and Linux only)
  • ToPDF: Enhanced handling for outsized TIFF-images [CA1022596]
  • ToPDF: Added handling for JPEG images, where resolution is only available in Adobe Photoshop private area [FP23323]
  • ToPDF: Added support for images using progressive JPEG compression [FP21658; FP23515]
  • MergePDF: Problem solved, where processing was not successful [FP22579]
  • SaveaAsImage: Problem solved, where resulting image was rendered in wrong size in certain cases
  • Compare: Problem solved, where generated files did not use correct naming syntax [CA1022570]
  • HTML-Template based reports: Problem solved, where reports were not created on Linux [FP23117]
  • XML: Problem solved, where Lab color values were not properly reported [CA1022438]
  • Problem solved, where setting as variable check was removed when severity was changed [FP23133]
  • Problem solved, where references in ProcessPlans were not properly adjusted when moved
  • Problem solved, where importing a DeviceLink profile resulted in a false warning in some cases [FP23559]
  • ProcessPlans: Identical variables used in different sequence steps will now only cause a single dialog during runtime
    Acrobat PlugIn
  • Problem solved, where verification for PDF/X-4 resulted in false hits [FP23652]
  • Convert page into image: Problem solved, where page was not converted [FP23034]
  • Problem solved, where embedding of fonts failed in certain cases [FP23182]
  • Enhanced processing stability [FP23592]
  • Problem in ServerUI fixed, where processed files remained visible [FP23519
  • Problem solved where creation of PDF/A files failed during fallback processing [CA1022502]
    Distributed processing
  • SOAP: HTTP Get handler enabled for retrieving status information [CA1022535]
  • SOAP: WDSL documentation added for developers wanting to use the SOAP interface


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