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Version: 6.3.225

Verfügbar seit: 17.05.2013 | Aktuelle Demos & Downloads

Die neue Version beinhaltet:


  • New properties
    • Effective ink coverage for registration color per plate [FP21919]


  • Profiles
    • Harmonized handling and recognition of values defined as RegEx [FP21956]
    • PDF/X-Wizard: Problem solved, where omitting ICC profiles did not worked properly [FP21820]
  • Fixups
    • Remove Layers: Problem solved, where Layers were only removed from first page of the PDF [FP22091]
    • Flatten transparency: Problem solved, where additional empty pages where added on certain PDFs when optimization was used [FP22019]
  • Checks
    • Improved analysis for Registration color, which has been clipped away [FP21919]
    • Problem solved, where check for font sizes reported negative values [FP21434; FP21907]
    • Effective ink coverage for separated plates: Problem solved, where given measurement units were not properly respected [CA1022006]
  • Desktop/PlugIn
    • Problem solved, where user preferences were assigned with insufficient access rights in some cases (MacOS only)
    • Switchboard: Problem solved, where Batch processing only handled 1 file [MacOS 10.7 only) [FP22041]
  • Server/CLI
    • Improved handling of licenses if more than 1 license (with different limitations) are on the respective system [CA1021784]
    • Distributed processing: Problem solved, where processing of folders were not properly handled [FP21868]
  • Reports
    • Added destination information for hyperlinks in annotations into XML Reports [CA1022007]
    • Added information of UserUnits (if existing) into CompactHTML Reports and Result dialog


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