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Version: 6.3.223

Verfügbar seit: 03.04.2013 | Aktuelle Demos & Downloads

Neue Version beinhaltet:


  • Switchboard
    • Create Bleed: New function for creating bleed by mirroring of content added
    • Sharpen images: New function to increase contrast of images
  • Profiles
    • New profile for optimized conversion of Office documents to CMYK (based on recommendations of FOGRA/PSD)
  • Fixups
    • New Fixup to create embedded thumbnails of pages
    • New Fixup: Disambiguate APPROX values in JPEG2000 images
    • Folder used in fixups for config files can now directly opened
  • Actions
    • SplitInHalf: New parameter to make content outside of TrimBox invisible [CA1021627; FP21490; FP21736]
  • Switch
    • Added support for reports created by ProcessPlans [FP20924]
    • Added support for creation of bleed to Booklet, Step&Repeat, Fillpage, Nup [FP21258]
  • Reports
    • Extended Visualizer-reports to create separations in respective color (CLI only)


  • Desktop
    • Explore Layers: Problem solved, where new default view was not properly saved [FP20126; FP20954; FP20354]
    • Improved provision for OutputIntents when displaying PDFs [CA1017453; CA1017807]
    • Problem solved, where general graphic state property could not be selected from list [FP21693]
    • Improved recognition of already existing Fixups when importing profiles [CA1017022]
    • Problem solved, where usage of variables resulted in error for certain profiles
  • Profiles
    • "List potential font problems”: Check "Text cannot be mapped to Unicode"added
    • "GWG 2012”-Profiles: Check "Alternate color space does not use DeviceCMYK"replaced with "Alternate color space does not use DeviceCMYK or DeviceGray"
    • "GWG 2012"-Profiles: Adjusted destination profiles for "Convert alternate of spot colors..."-fixups depending on printing target
    • PDF/X-4p: Problem solved, where OutputIntent was embedded although not needed
  • Fixups
    • Map spot and process colors: Problem solved, where import of spot colors via PDF does not work as expected [CA1021672]
    • Rotate pages: Problem solved, where some content was inadvertedly affected [FP21073]
    • Crop pages to bounding box: Problem solved, where the Fixup did not work as expected in some cases [FP21426]
    • Flatten Transparency: Problem solved, where text using Type 3 font was changed [FP16953]
    • Remove objects outside bleedbox: Problem solved, where vector shape were changed [FP20877; FP20947; FP21208]
    • Remove ICC source profiles if identical to OutputIntent profile: Problem solved, where profiles were not removed [FP7385; FP21171]
    • Knockout white vector and/or text objects: Problem solved where execution of fixup was not properly reported [CA1021912]
    • Set page scaling factor: Decimal values are now allowed [FP21365]
    • Unsharp masking of images: Problem solved for images using indexed colorspace [CA1021845]
    • Problem solved, where a false coded inline image caused an improper result [CA1021751]
  • ProcessPlans
    • Problem soved, where JobOptions were not respected [FP21573]
    • "Certify"is now also available for ProcessPlans
    • Minor adjustments in availability and handling of reports
  • Actions
    • Create PS: Problem solved, where creation failed in some cases [FP16693]
    • SaveAsImage: Problem solved, where resolution was not respected when colorspace CMYK used [FP21556; FP21750]
    • Create EPS / PS: Problem in conjunction with some legacy systems solved [FP21814]
    • Office conversion: Problem solved, where table of content was not properly converted (OpenOffice only) [FP21213]
    • Impose: Added support for empty strings used in variables
    • Booklet: Problem solved, where given –voffset and –pageheight were not properly respected [CA1021883]
    • SaveAsImage: Added support for exporting pages into uncompressed multichannel TIFFs [CA1021761]
  • Server
    • Improved recognition of changes in profiles in "Edit Job"-dialogue
    • Enhanced handling of PDFs when additional parameter –certify is used
    • Distributed processing: Problem solved, where XSLT-files for reports were not forwarded to satellite
    • Problem solved, where process plans containing a single impose action with sheetconfig.pdf resulted in unexpected result
  • CLI
    • Improved handling of temporary working directories to avoid problems with simultaneous processes
    • Problem solved, where listing of variables did not work with process plans [CA1021914]
    • SaveAsImage: Problem solved, where created dimension differed from requested one [FP21318]
    • SaveAsImg: Added new parameter for smoothing to avoid favoring of thin lines [FP21815]
    • Reports will automatically be moved to the folder defined in -f/–outputfolder, if not otherwise defined in –report
    • Problem solved with assertion during saveasimg in special cases (Linux only) [FP21446]
    • Changed reporting of standard-fixups (Convert to PDF/A, PDF/X, PDF/E): If conversion is not successful, it will show up as FixFailure
    • Problem solved, where UTF16 encoding was not properly respected (SunOS only) [FP21451]
    • ConvertColors: Improved reporting when conversion was not successful
  • Reports
    • Improved reporting of MD5-Hash-values for ICC Profiles used by objects or Output Intents
    • Improved reporting of spot color names as trigger values [FP21005]
    • Problem solved, where Layer report had unnecessary layer entry [CA1021902]
    • Added optional parameter to list ink coverage in % and sqcm in XML reports (CLI only)
    • Acrobat Plug In
    • Summary report: Problems solved, where purpose text was not wrapped [CA1020742]
    • Problem solved, where processing failed on certain PDFs [CA1021943; FP21536]
    • Sanity: Improved performance and stability for office files [FP17838]


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