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pdfToolbox Desktop


Version: 6.2.212

Verfügbar seit: 10.01.2013 | Aktuelle Demos & Downloads

Neue Funktionen


  • New Fixup: Add white background [FP20580]
  • Use of accesskey is now mandatory
  • General server settings added to preferences
  • Profiles can be edited directly from job settings dialogue
  • Splithalf: Add new function to make content outside of defined slot invisble [CA1021627]
  • Enabled usage of Symlinks for MacOS and Unix-platforms [CA1013140]
  • MacOS: Installers are delievered in DMG format
  • Windows: callas software is a verified publisher
  • Ink coverage in percent and area can now be listed for all pages in XML-reports


  • Problem solved, where wrong error code was given after successful processing [FP20344]
  • Convert to PDF/X-1a: Fixed issue, where conversion resulted in missing objects [3f8h/Heilbronner Ztg.]
  • Problem solved, where overprint not detected for SmoothShades [FP20907]
  • Enabled handling of reports from ProcessPlans in Switch [FP20924] CaBT0008171
  • Problem solved, where registry entry of OutputIntent was not properly embedded in some cases [FP19927]
  • DeviceLink: Problem solved, where conversion resulted in unexpected result [CA1021777]
  • DeviceLink: Problem solved, where conversion results in error in shading dictionary [FP21150]
  • Actions
  • ReDistill: Fixed issue, where processing resulted in unexpected result [FP7305]
  • Acrobat Plug In
  • Problem solved, where fixup "Generate bleed" did not work as expected [FP21054]
  • Server
  • Problem solved, where different types of licenses on a system resulted in limited functionality [CA1021784]
  • Problem solved, where Office conversion did not work after update [FP20922]
  • Problem solved, where usage of additional parameter -uncompressimg had improper results [CA1021717]
  • Problem solved, where use of additional parameter -uncompressimg reported 4c for a black and white image [FP21005]
  • SaveAsImage: Problem solved, where simulating overprint did not work as expected [FP20989]
  • Problem solved, where wrong reason code for encrypted PDFs was given [CA1021581]


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