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Version: 6.2.208

Verfügbar seit: 21.11.2012 | Aktuelle Demos & Downloads

Neue Funktionen

New fixups

  • Generate bleed by adding images of content at edges and corners

  • Predefined: Decalibrate ICCbased CMYK by converting them to DeviceCMYK


  • Step and Repeat, Fillpage, N-Up and Booklet: Bleed creation without cutmarks

  • Fillpage adds empty slots to generate cutmarks on all edges


  • Improved dialogue for dynamic variables during runtime

  • Checks and Fixups containing variables are now marked in the edit dialogue for profiles
  • Arrange: Fillpage adds empty slots to generate cutmarks on all edges

Acrobat Plug In

  • Support for Acrobat 11


  • Added reports to all severities in ServerUI


  • Enumeratelayers: Language can now be defined by –language

  • SplitPDF: Optimized handling to increase performance of processing [CA1021368; CA1021543]


  • Resolution of images in PDF reports can be defined by addtional CLI parameter

  • PDF reports get suffix "_report" if no explicit output filename is specified
  • Results from optional "When it doed not fire, report as.." are now also listed in XML-Reports [FP20836]



  • Increase line width: Problem solved where processing resulted in improper changes of filled vector objects [FP20660; FP20443]

  • Convert to PDF/X-4: Fixed issue where PDF could not be converted due to failure in XMP metadata correction [CA 1020132]
  • Convert to PDF/X-4p: Fixed issue where PDF version was changed to 1.3 [FP20582]
    Downsample/Recompress: Problem solved where Color Key Masking resulted in inproper converted image [FP20136]
  • Downsample/Recompress: Problem solved where inline images where not properly handled [FP20230]
  • Convert fonts to outlines: Problem solved where objects were not properly converted [CA1021622]
  • Convert colors: Problem solved where some objects in DeviceN were not processed correctly [CA1021543]
  • Convert colors: Fixed issue where conversion to grayscale resulted in visual differences


  • Plates per page: Problem solved where registration color resulted in an increased number [CA1021666]

  • Line width: Problem solved where check reported problems although they were already fixed within the same profile [CA1020413]


  • Save as image: Problem solved where combination of -rect and -resolution resulted in unexpected results [FP19001]

  • Save as image: Changed default rendering intent to "Relative Colorimetric" [FP20283]
  • Save as image: Problem solved where colors differ between normal PNG and transparent PNG [FP20684]


  • Added support for quotes in labels and default values of variables

  • Switchboard: Problem solved where converting to PDF/X-4 resulted in invalid XMP Metadata [FP20371]


  • Fewer empty lines in CLI-logfiles (Problem was on Windows only)

    Problem solved where processing took much longer in Server than using the CLI [FP20853; FP20596]
  • Problem solved where processing seems to freeze [FP19824]


  • Fixed issue where a corrupt PostScript function in PDF resulted in missing report after processing [CA1021562]

  • PDF Mask reports: Problem solved where Layers where listed twice [CA1021564]
    Improved reporting of used plates [CA1021460]


  • Problem solved where PDF file becomes much larger after impositioning [CA1021652]


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