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Version: 6.1.197/198

Verfügbar seit: 13.09.2012 | Aktuelle Demos & Downloads

Änderungen für 6.1.198:



Problem solved where plates were not properly determined. [CA1021460]

Neue Funktionen 6.1.197:

New profiles

Prepress: Added 7 profiles for validation and conversion accordingly to the "Ghent Workgroup PDF Specification 2012 CMYK"

Analyze pages for effectively used plates (based on rendered pages)

New properties

Effective ink coverage for separated plates (based on rendered pages)


Effective ink coverage: Enhanced for average inside sample size [FP20121]


Search field in all lists of Profiles, Fixups and Checks

Ability to create, duplicate or edit profiles, checks and fixups via direct links in processplans, profiles or fixups

New Switchbard-function in group colors: "Map a process color into a spot color"


New option to delete originals after processing


Compare: Added function to create only those pages in reports that have differences

Split PDF: Extended parameters to define an end page [CA1020779]

Visualizer: Added function to render individual separations

Visualizer: Added function to create only those pages that have problems



Increase line width: Problem solved where line width was not changed in some cases [CA1020817]

Convert colors: Enhanced handling of different encondings in policy [FP16716]

Map spot and process colors: Problem solved where conversion from DeviceN black into CMYK resulted in 4c black [FP16715]

Scale pages: Problem solved where combination with certain fixups in one profile resuted in an error [FP18312], [FP18352]


Effective ink coverage: Problem solved where improper results were determined [CA1021152]


Redistill: Problem solved where some vector objects changed their appearance [FP16868]

Redistill: Problem solved where image was not properly handled [FP16942]

Redistill: Problem solved where smooth shades resulted in improper result [FP17215]

Passe partout: Problem solved where objects with certain blend mode vanished [FP18829]

Passe partout: Problem solved where boxes where improperly handled [CA1016305]


Improved layout of filenames in compare reports [FP16489], [CA1020687]

Fixed issue where plates used in document were not properly reported in XML report [CA1021516], [CA1021501]

Problem solved where reports for images and colors were created malformed [FP20176]

Problem solved where fixups are missing in the summary page of the PDF-Layer report [CA1021259]


Problem solved where defined color value of cropmark were not respected [FP17079]


Support for empty variables [FP18708]

Problem solved where conversion of large TIFF into PDF were not handled properly [FP18141]


Problem solved where text reports were not moved into correct output destination [FP19873]

Acrobat Plug In

Problem solved where removal of document structure compression failed [FP18305]

Problem solved where ICC profiles were not searched in system folder

Most recent version of Adobe PDF Library 9.1 integrated (v9.1.0PlusP4s)


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