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pdfToolbox Desktop


Version: 5.5.165

Verfügbar seit: 22.03.2012 | Aktuelle Demos & Downloads

pdfToolbox 5.5.165 für Desktop und Server-Version auf Mac und Windows. Die Server-Versionen für Windows x64 und die CLI-Version werden in Kürze folgen.

Folgende Probleme wurden gefixt:


  • Fixups
  • Subset fonts: Problem solved where glyphs are malformed or wrong replaced in some cases [FP16954]
  • Online publishing (optimize for size): Problem solved where processing results in error on some PDF [FP18155, FP18352]
  • Downsample/recompress grayscale images: Problem solved where inline images cannot be recompressed to JPEG [FP18285]
  • Downsample/recompress grayscale images: Problems solved, where used softmarks may result in error [FP18098]
  • Rotate pages: Problems solved where form fields were not properly rotated [CA1020931]
  • Embed Output Intent PSO Uncoated ISO12647 (ECI): Changed to ICC profile with correct hash-value [FP16951]
  • Checks
  • Max. amount of ink for image: Problem solved where values were rounded inproperly [FP6953]
  • Actions
  • Action: Save as image:
  • Improved rendering for very large TIFF-images with better performance [CA1020593]
  • Problem solved where Parameter “smoothing=all” was sometimes not respected [FP17144]
  • Problem solved where resulting PDF were inverted [FP17293, FP18378]
  • Problem solved where resulting CMYK-JPEGs became inverted
  • Changed handling of simulationprofile in accordance with the chosen colorspace [CA1021196]
  • Action: Visualizer:
  • Problem solved where OutputIntent and Colorspace were not respected [CA1021149]
  • Problem solved where thickness of lines was not properly detected [FP17999]
  • Desktop
  • Improved installation (Windows)
  • Several minor improvements of OutputPreview, Visualizer and Visualizer reports
  • Embedded OutputIntent can now always be selected in preview
  • Problem solved where file could not be saved after processing [FP16747, FP18239, CA1021106, FP18324]
  • Problem solved where processing ends with unknown error on some files [CA1019754]


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