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Version: 14.2.612

Verfügbar seit: 11.05.2023 | Aktuelle Demos & Downloads



  • User interface for Process plans, Actions etc.: Improvements regarding display of content and usability [FP56043; FP65165]
  • Arbitrary JavaScript controlled Check/Fixup: Separate tabs for script and resources
  • Test mode: Shortcuts for displaying page geometry boxes added [FP71939]
  • Imposition: New import function for config files and PDF sheetconfig templates
  • Process plan: Improved automatic scrolling when (multiple) objects are selected and moved [FP66937]
  • Process plan: Auto-complete of the "app" object is also available when editing JavaScript in VS Code as external editor

Enhanced predefined Profiles

  • PDF/A-4... validation: Adjustments made to match veraPDF requirements:
    • Binary comment in the file header is missing or does not comply PDF/A requirements
    • ToUnicode CMaps using incorrect values
    • Additional action (AA) entries
    • Detection of certain encryption settings in a PDF [CA1032376]

Enhanced Fixups

  • Create and apply shapes: New option to enlarge page size if needed [CA1031419]
  • Create and apply shapes: New option to suppress separations from rendering [FP65812]
  • Map spot and process colors: New option "Convert to alternate color" [FP64780]
  • Map spot and process colors: New option for "Adjust spot colors" to map spot color tint values proportionally [FP71149]
  • Map colors: DeviceGray images can be mapped to a spot color [FP71858]
  • Map colors: Improved processing speed for documents with high number of pages [CA1029678]

Enhanced Properties

  • Font not valid: "Embedded CID-Font not embedded as CID" added [CA1024021]
  • Sifter-based properties: Enhanced recognition for object detection [FP69419]
  • Actions
    • SaveAsImage: Support for pagebox / custom rectangle for image format PDF [FP23454; FP68014]


  • Support for Amazon Linux 2023 LTS


  • Custom PDF Report: New parameter "listpages" in manifest.xml to suppress ink coverage information on page level
  • Quick Check: Extended information for images properties on page- and document-level [FP71205]


  • Page selectors now support an end page in multipage expressions [CA1031848]
  • Most recent version of Adobe PDF Library integrated (v18.0.4PlusP1u)
  • Internal HTML converter updated to callas pdfChip (v2.5.082)



  • Report dialog: Issues fixed, where not all step types of a Process plan were reported or Process plans included in Process plans were reported incorrectly
  • Report dialog: Issue fixed, where Variable values were not displayed properly
  • Plug-in: Problem solved, where flatten transparency was not successful (Windows only) [FP71814]
  • Plug-in: Issue fixed, where the Action "Resample to JPEG2000" could not be used
  • Explore PDF: Issue fixed, where font size for content stream display was too small
  • Manage Libraries: Issue fixed, where Variable keys were not shown with their complete length [FP55085]
  • Problem solved, where an ICC profile using JPEG compression for its data stream was not handled properly and no syntax issues were reported


  • Adjust dot gain: Problem solved, where values of indexed color spaces were changed mistakenly changed [FP71374]
  • Bring to front: Issue fixed, where content was not handled properly when the document used a certain, unproportionally scaled transformation matrix [CA1032359]
  • Convert colors: Problem solved, where certain inherited color space definitions were not handled properly [FP71924]
  • Create and apply shapes:
    • Issue with certain custom box definitions fixed
    • Issue fixed, where a shape based on a vector path was not properly created if "Reduce to outer borders" was activated [CA1031498}
    • Problem solved, where an existing page scaling factor (UserUnit) was not taken into account [FP72361]
    • Issue fixed, where a defined image resolution affected the shape generation although "from vector paths" was selected [CA1032215]
    • Problem solved, where large PDF files were not processed successfully when a high rendering resolution was requested [CA1032250]
    • Issue fixed, where shape was not properly created if a page rotation key was present [FP69186]

  • Create bookmarks from headings: Issue fixed, where empty bookmarks were created [FP70994]
  • Flatten transparency: Problem solved, where processing resulted in occasional failures in rare cases [CA1031821]
  • Generate bleed from page content: Problem solved, where certain settings of the page selector resulted in unexpected output [FP71782]
  • Generate bleed for irregular shapes: Issue fixed, where unexpected visual result from vector path was created in certain cases [FP57630]
  • Map spot and process colors: Issue fixed, where not all spot color occurrences were processed [FP62294]
  • Resolve ICCbased default color spaces into object color spaces: Issue fixed, where processing was not successful in certain case [FP69606]
  • Remove invisible objects: Problem solved where visible objects were affected in certain cases [FP69016]
  • Remove page objects completely outside page area: Problem solved, where pattern objects were not handled properly in some cases [FP57374; FP62316; FP71155]
  • Set keywords entry: Issue fixed, where entries were not properly harmonized with those existing in XMP metadata [FP52071; CA1031127; CA1032136]
  • Subset fonts: Problem solved, where diacritical points of glyphs were not maintained in certain cases [FP68942]
  • Subset fonts: Problem solved, where a Type 1 font glyph with ID 0 was removed in some cases [FP68941]
  • Trim clipped vector paths: Problem solved, where Fixup was not executed in certain cases when option "Form XObjects" was activated [CA1032366]


  • Device independent via color space in group entry: Problem solved, where objects were not properly detected
  • Effective ink coverage: Issue fixed, where ink coverage outside page area was reported, although no visible content present there [CA1032257]
  • Sifter-based properties: Problem solved, where a certain combination of multiple Checks in 1 Profile resulted in incorrect hits [FP72075]
  • Sifter-based properties: Issue fixed, where PDFs with certain empty content stream commands could not be analyzed properly [FP70870; CA1032398]
  • Smallest distance from TrimBox|BleedBox: Issue fixed, where using a comma as decimal delimiter resulted in a broken Check configuration [FP59385]
  • Will display when document is opened: Issue fixed, where visibility was not correctly determined in some cases [CA1032254]


  • Imposition: Issue fixed, where a negative shingling value was not taken into account [FP72685]
  • JavaScript-based imposition: Problem solved, where no UserUnit entry was added when maximum size of 14400 pt was exceeded [CA1032331]
  • Save as image: Problem solved, where certain, large PDF files could not be rendered to JPEG in higher resolutions [FP70219; FP70739]
  • SplitPDF: Fixed return codes for password protected PDFs [CA1032161]
  • To PDF: Problem solved, where certain layer sizes and compression in a TIFF resulted in an improper behavior [FP72316]


  • Quick Check: Missing input tag with file details added to StdOut


  • HTML-template based Reports: Minor issue with step icons fixed
  • HTML-template based Reports: Issue fixed, where overview page did not show total amount of Fixups
  • HTML-template based Reports: Issue fixed, where "show="0"" parameter was not respected [FP72090]
  • Layer reports: Problem fixed, where report creation was not successful when Sifter check had to be reported [CA1032371; FP71984; FP72680]
  • Optimize PDF: Problem solved, were a complete optimization took inadequate long [CA1032264]
  • Problem solved, where names of sequence steps, which were defined by Variables were not regarded in reports [FP68341]
  • Quick Check: Issue fixed, where certain DeviceN constructs with spot colors and "None" were not properly listed [CA1032291]
  • Quick Check: Problem solved, where a certain kind of recursive structure in the content stream was not properly handled [FP72812]


  • Protected Profiles: Problem solved, where protected Profiles could not be executed [CA1032232]
  • Issue fixed, where activation requests were falsely indicated as failed [FP35231; FP65154]
  • Process plans: Problem solved, where an incorrect return code was reported (3 or 8 = error), although this was not the result of the last step [FP71756]
  • Problem solved, where a certain font data structure could result in an improper behavior [CA1032231; FP71999]
  • Problem solved, where certain formatting of inline images resulted in a changed visual appearance [FP71647]


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