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Version: 14.1.606

Verfügbar seit: 24.03.2023 | Aktuelle Demos & Downloads



  • New function to bulk-export Profiles as separate kfpx files or into a zipped archive file (e.g. for distribution via GitHub)
  • Protected Profiles: Several minor improvements regarding handling and usage

New Fixups

  • Create link for page objects (identified by a Check) [FP65713]
  • Create link at page area [FP65713]

Enhanced Fixups

  • Convert page content into image: Possibility to limit rasterization based on Processing Steps added [CA1032125]
  • Create and apply shapes: Support for beveled corners [CA1031870]

New Properties

  • Glyph uses overlapping path objects [CA1031932; CA1032003; FP27205]
  • Text is un-proportionally scaled [FP70746]
  • Text is fake italic using skewing [FP70746]

Enhanced Properties

  • Sifter-based Checks: Reviewed and optimized analysis, e.g. for cropped objects to increase processing speed [FP65044; FP65294]


  • JavaScript-based imposition: SHEET_DEF_TRIMBOX is now available as possible parameter to be able to define a TrimBox [FP68772]
  • ToPDF: New topdf_parameter option "WholeSpreadsheetLayout" on CLI to enforce the whole spreadsheet in its original format [CA1031794]

Quick Fix

  • Search and replace text: New parameter giving external fonts precedence to the ones that are embedded
  • Search and replace text for VDP: New parameter giving external fonts precedence to the ones that are embedded


  • Process plans: Duration of previous steps are now available in JS-Variables and JSON reports
  • Most recent version of Adobe PDF Library integrated (v18.0.4PlusP1n)
  • Most recent version of Adobe PDF Converter integrated (PostScript to PDF conversion; v1.1PlusP3r)
  • Internal HTML converter updated to callas pdfChip (v2.5.080)



  • Windows installer: Problem solved, where Plug-in was installed in older versions than Acrobat DC [FP70538]
  • QuickFix UI: Issue fixed, where QuickFix type sorting did not take localization into account [FP70790]
  • Results dialog: Issue fixed, where result list did not scroll to the last step [FP65526]


  • Flatten transparency:
    • Problem solved, where text vanished in certain cases (Windows only) [FP69113]
    • Problem solved. where a bitmap image became clipped [FP69113]
    • Issue fixed, where text used as a clipping path resulted in vanishing objects [CA1031993]
    • Problem solved, where some glyphs were not properly maintained during processing [FP65562; FP71571]

  • Font to outline:
    • Problem solved, where processing specific TrueType fonts could result into distorted glyphs [FP50175; FP55477; FP68146; FP69208; FP69505; FP70142]
    • Problem solved, where glyphs from certain Type 3 fonts were not properly converted [CA1028912; FP58310]
    • Issue fixed, where processing resulted in displaced diacritical marks for some composite glyphs [FP69208]

  • Embed missing fonts: Problem solved, where an incorrect ToUnicode-CMap could result into false glyph assignments [CA1031998]
  • Create and apply shape: Problem solved, where processing was not successful when a certain resolution for some PDFs was used [CA1031291]
  • Convert colors: Problem solved, where DeviceN objects with multiple "None" colorants and Black were not properly handled when converted to RGB [FP61770; FP70262; FP70606]
  • Downsample/recompress images: Issue fixed, where DeviceN CMYK images were not compressed as JPEG as requested [FP60717]
  • Map colors: Issues fixed, where especially the conversion to Gray did not always create the expected results


  • Smallest distance from Trimbox: Problem solved, where strokes were not properly measured in some cases [FP61479]
  • Effective ink coverage in custom area: Issue fixed, where analysis was not properly done when "Sample size" was the same as "Width" [FP70808]
  • Find barcode: Problem solved, where processing was not successful in certain cases [FP70793]
  • Find barcode: Issue fixed, where a barcode was not found when the "Barcode value" property was negated [FP70793]
  • Sifter-based Checks: Problem fixed, where objects were not properly detected although reaching into a custom shape in certain cases [FP71006; FP71228]


  • To PDF: Problem solved, where a SoftMaskImage in a PostScript file was not properly regarded during conversion to PDF [CA1031459]
  • Save as image: Corrected naming of quality setting [FP70635]
  • Save as image: Problem solved, where a defined pagebox for rasterization was ignored on some PDFs when converted to TIFF with certain resolution [FP70739]
  • JavaScript-based imposition: Problem solved, where variables were not passed through to imposition engine on CLI [FP70532]

Process plans

  • Compare: Issue fixed, where in a Process Plan a compare report was created even if there were no differences [FP68727]
  • Improved import handling for Process plans which differ only by their layouts
  • Problem solved, where the overwrite option for reports was not properly regarded [FP70444]

Quick Fix

  • Search and replace for VDP: Problem solved, where processed PDF contained syntax issues in certain case [FP70873]
  • Set page geometry boxes: Issue fixed, where result could not be processed properly with specific PDF [FP69545]


  • List Variables: Issue fixed, where Variables in objects of nested Process plans were not listed [CA1031571]


  • JavaScript Variables: Issue fixed, where the position of a found barcode was not available in the JS result object [FP65713]
  • JavaScript Variables: Issue fixed, where a JavaScript controlled Check with at least one global Variable resulted into an empty Ask-at-runtime dialog [CA1031962]

License Server

  • Problem solved, where checking for the License Server after each Process plan step could result into a terminated process if License Server could not be reached [FP67389; FP71141]

System requirements

  • Mac: MacOS X (Intel or ARM / M1), version 10.13 or newer, 64-bit-compliant


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