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Version: 13.1.586

Verfügbar seit: 13.04.2022 | Aktuelle Demos & Downloads



  • Editor for resource files: New test button for immediate execution and possibility to save current state while editing [FP67501]
  • Ask-at-runtime dialog: Sidecar files as used in pdfToolbox Server can now be imported as well [FP67377]

New Profiles

  • Added 34 new Profiles for validation and conversion accordingly to the Ghent Workgroup “GWG 2022 Specification”
    • Digital Print
    • Large Format Printing (LFP)
    • Newspaper and Magazine Ads
    • Packaging Flexo / Gravure / Offset
    • SheetCMYK / SheetSpot
    • WebCMYK / WebSpot

New Fixups

  • Trim clipped vector paths: Reduces filled and stroked vector objects to the dimension of a defined box [CA1030021; FP59332; FP60226]

Extended Fixups

  • Place content: Support for transparency parameters [FP67863]

Enhanced predefined Fixups

  • Add link to URL: Improved RegEx for recognition of web addresses [CA1031072]

New Checks

  • Equivalent but not identical spot color names - on Document and Page level
  • Total amount of process color ink for fill / Total amount of process color ink for stroke

Enhanced Checks

  • Text on page: Positions of found text will now be reported (e.g. in trigger values or JavaScript Variables) [FP65897]

License Server

  • Support configuration file with defined IPs for the automatic use of License Servers added
  • Support for some non-PDF processing actions added (like --listvariables) [FP67818]
  • Improved handling for lost connections of the client to the License Server (now processing continues and will properly terminate as soon as License Server is available again) [FP67389]


PDF Standards

  • Conversion to PDF/A-...: Problem solved, where a PDF without any XMP metadata could not be properly converted to PDF/A in certain cases [FP66490]
  • Conversion to PDF/A-2/-3/-4: XFA resource entries will now be removed by default
  • Conversion to PDF/X-4: Issue fixed, where missing document title caused reporting in a FixFailure, although PDF was PDF/X compliant afterwards [FP48942: FP63354]
  • Validation for PDF/UA-1: Issue fixed, where the type of an annotation was not properly regarded in certain cases [FP67862]


  • Several usability features added, like list of open files in "Window" menu, possibility to copy some contents in result dialog, improved shortcut handling across open windows, filter for referenced and not referenced objects for Checks and Fixups
  • Visualizer: Issue fixed, where total ink coverage was not shown anymore in certain views [FP67456; FP68408]
  • Acrobat Plug-in: Issue fixed, where Plug-in component was also loaded in Acrobat Reader (only Acrobat Pro is supported; Windows only) [FP67374]
  • JavaScript and text editor: Issue fixed, where settings were not saved [FP62841]
  • Switchboard - Decorate: Problem solved, where adding empty pages resulted in an error (non-english UI only) [FP67514]


  • Add missing SPACE glyphs: Problem solved, where corrupt PostScript code in font resulted in incorrect UniCode representation for text [FP67980]
  • Adjust or remove annotations: Issue fixed, where annotation remained inside page if executed together with "Scale pages" Fixup [FP67553]
  • Arbitrary JavaScript controlled Fixup: Issue fixed, where predefined Variable values (like "font_family") could not be used as parameter values in JavaScript
  • Bring to front: Problems solved, where overprint settings and scaling of handled content was not properly maintained in certain cases [FP66890]
  • Convert colors: Problem solved, where 1-Bit DeviceGray images were not properly converted to CMYK [FP60358]
  • Convert colors: Problem solved, where smooth shade became duplicated if Fixup "Map spot and process colors" was executed within same Profile in certain cases [FP65384]
  • Downsample/recompress images: Problem solved, where recompression of inline images using 8 bits per component resulted into a scrambled appearance [FP67448]
  • Downsample/recompress images: Problem solved, where images used as pattern were not downsampled [FP67305]
  • Downsample/recompress images: Issue fixed, where downsampling resulted into an improper result in rare cases [FP65244]
  • Fix glyph width information: Problem solved, where using a "nbspace" without a "space" glyph in the font caused problems when file is flattened [FP67070]
  • Font processing: Problem solved, where the length of a UTF-8 compliant font name with a unique suffix caused issues in later processing [FP65098]
  • Font processing: Problem solved where "Make font names unique" together with "Subset fonts" failed for certain Type 1 font with issues [FP67650]
  • Font to outline: Problem solved, where processing was not successful in some rare cases [FP63990]
  • Generate bleed at page edges: Problem solved, where a CustomBox defined outside the page area resulted into an aborted processing [CA1031319]
  • Generate bleed at page edges: Issue fixed, where corners where no longer created with certain settings [FP67397]
  • Remove invisible image data: Problems solved, where content was visual changed in some cases [FP63243; FP64044; FP66821]
  • Remove objects: Issue fixed, where not all specified objects were removed during first attempt [FP65537]
  • Resolve ICCbased default color spaces into object color spaces: Problem solved, were processing failed in rare cases [FP67775]
  • Set transparency blend color space: Problem solved, where soft masks were properly excluded [CA1031288; FP50367]


  • Added boolean operators to several Properties, which were not configurable before [FP68324]
  • Font is not valid: Issue fixed, where a font with an invalid array was not properly detected [CA1021489]
  • Font is not valid (strict): Issued fixed, where an incorrect version number in a font was not reported [CA1031294]
  • Include other Check: Problem solved, where a hit was created, although the included Checks did not fire [FP64716]
  • Problem solved, where generic setting "Ignore objects outside ..." was no more regarded in certain cases [FP67735]
  • Problem solved, where a barcode was found randomly when different rasterization settings were used in separate Checks [FP68217]
  • Report PDF syntax issues: Issue fixed, where page description errors were not reported in certain cases [FP66631]
  • Text on page: Issue fixed, where specific text on page was not properly found [CA1029820]


  • Compare: Issue fixed, where Compare.log was not listing all values correctly [FP67446]
  • ExtractContent: Issue fixed, where defined --pagerange was no longer respected [FP67801]
  • Impose: Problem solved, where processing failed in some rare cases [FP58059]
  • Impose: Tagging structure will be completely removed during processing [FP66353; FP68185]
  • JavaScript-based Impose: Issue fixed, where a defined clipping mode was not working as expected [FP68463]
  • ToPDF: Problem solved, where an embedded CFF font in a PostScript file caused an error in some cases [CA1028844]
  • ToPDF: Problem solved, where a corrupt font cache could cause a very high memory consumption when processing files [FP66235]
  • ToPDF: Problem solved, where certain CMYK JPEG images became inverted [FP49215; FP61916; FP67874]

Process plans

  • Rename PDF: Problem solved, where created filenames were not consistent between CLI and Desktop [FP64920]


  • Problem solved, where Variables used in JavaScript-based Checks were not properly respected if such a Check was referenced inside a Sifter Check [CA1031307]
  • Problem solved, where overwriting the input file with the resulting PDF could result into an error [CA1031328]
  • Issue fixed, where a defined --maxmemory could result into issues with font embedding in certain cases [FP67989]
  • Improved performance for certain Processing Steps related Checks based on "Print Surface"
  • Problems solved, where an inherited rotate entry was not properly handled in certain cases [FP66160; FP68060]
  • Issue fixed, where Black when used in a softmask (which do not render directly) was reported as an existing plate [CA1031269]
  • General review of internal logic for Checks (e.g. "Fire if any condition is met" and "Invert Check result" etc.)


  • Problem solved, where results from a previous Fixup or Check step were not contained in app.doc.result [FP68018]

Distributed processing

  • Issue fixed, where defining a pagerange was not properly handled [FP67515]

License Server

  • Issue fixed, where no fallback to local licenses took place if IP addresses were not properly configured in the UI [FP67156]


  • Quick Check: Issue fixed, where negative values of BBox positions had no leading zero [CA1031432; FP65789]
  • Quick Check: Problem solved, where a certain kind of inline image was not properly handled [CA1031265]
  • JSON: Problem solved, where hits for document properties directly requested in Profile settings were not reported [FP67658]
  • JSON: Fixed issue, where trigger values did not have a unique ID and therefore the context could be unclear
  • HTML-based template reports: Issue fixed, where some reports with additional views resulted in mixed pages for overview report [FP67546]
  • XSLT: Issue fixed, where creation without a defined output method resulted into an error [FP67662]


  • Issue fixed, where a wrong return code was issued for invalid PDF, which resulted into false file handling in Server in some cases [FP67913]

Most recent version of Adobe PDF Converter integrated (PostScript to PDF conversion; v1.1PlusP3k)


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