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Version: 13.0.580

Verfügbar seit: 07.01.2022 | Aktuelle Demos & Downloads



  • Editor for JavaScript-based runlists: Functionality to insert e.g. app.doc Variables added [FP66075]

Extended Fixups

  • Convert colors using n-channel profile: New option to include softmasks [FP66248]
  • Convert colors using DeviceLink: New option to include softmasks [FP66248]
  • Convert colors using n-channel DeviceLink profiles: New option to include softmasks [FP66248]


  • Extract dieline: Support for page selection added [CA1031166]
  • Split PDF: Added possibility to define multi packages to split expressions (e.g. "2x3,2x2") [FP55574]


  • Value of CLI parameter --jobid is now availabe as app.env.jobID object inside of JavaScript Variables [FP66816]
  • Ask-at-runtime: Custom templates can now also be defined for Process plans


  • QuickCheck: Reporting for "Plates" added [CA1030678]



  • Process plans: Problem solved, where a defined report template could be lost after re-saving in certain cases [FP66987]
  • Imposition: Issue fixed, where modified JavaScript-based runlists were not properly saved [FP66712; FP66936]
  • Standalone: Issue fixed, where the page size shown in the footer was not correct in some cases [FP66769; FP66769; CA1031143]


  • Convert fonts to outlines: Issue fixed, where Properties from the document, colors or page description area were not allowed in apply to filter Checks [FP48039]
  • Resolve ICCbased default color space into object color space: Issue fixed, where certain default color spaces were not resolved [FP67169]
  • Remove invisible image data: Problem solved, where images inside page area could be affected in certain cases [FP64807; CA1031066]
  • Map colors: Problem solved, where RGB image data could be modified when mapping certain colorant combinations into into spot color [CA1026277; CA1031180]
  • Convert colors: Problem solved, where R=G=B areas in transparent RGB image became darker in special cases [FP65480]
  • Set MediaBox to origin: Issue fixed, where origin was not corrected in certain cases, when page box was swapped into negative area already [CA1030783]
  • Downsample/recompress images: Problem solved, where pure recompression without downsampling could result into improperly handled images in certain cases [FP66830]
  • Create an invisible text copy for all text: Issue fixed, where marked font was highlighted as a thin line in some PDF viewers (e.g. Chrome browser) [CA1030381]


  • Report PDF syntax errors: Improved recognition for FormXObject using a Dict instead of a Stream (which could into RIP errors) [FP66839]
  • Image is not valid: Improved recognition for invalid /DecodeParams entries in streams [FP66753]


  • Impose: Problem solved, where processing with a JavaScript-based runlist could result into an error [FP67000]
  • Impose: Problem solved where defined clip mode not respected [FP67122]
  • Impose: Fixed issue, where a rotation of 180 degrees were not properly regarded when using a JavaScript-based runlist [FP67128]
  • MergePDF: Issue fixed, where an AcroForm entries from merged PDFs were not properly maintained [CA1028474; CA1030338; CA1031087]


  • Font handling: Problem solved, where some unusual referencing of resource dicts was not properly maintained and resulted in a visual difference [CA1031098]
  • File processing: Problem solved, where missing resources for Marked Content could result into visual differences certain cases [CA1030984]


  • HTML-template based Reports: Problem solved, where the report could not be made fully localizable using a CustomDict [CA1031151]
  • HTML-template based Reports: Issue fixed, where creating visualizer images via the manifest.xml was not successful anymore [FP66935]
  • HTML-template based Reports: Problem solved, where combination with Layer report did not work properly [FP66756]
  • XML: Issue fixed, where created report contained incomplete strings for certain Asian languages (e.g. Thai) [FP66790]
  • XML: Issue fixed, where creating a report resulted into an error if no trigger values existed due to inverted Check results [FP67026]


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