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Version: 12.3.565

Verfügbar seit: 30.06.2021 | Aktuelle Demos & Downloads


New Fixups

  • Resolve ICCbased default color spaces into object color spaces


  • Save as image: Support for RGBA (RGB with transparency) for TIFF
  • Save as image: Support for GrayA (Gray with transparency) for PNG and TIFF [CA1030406]


PDF Standards

  • PDF/A-1 conversion: Adjust or remove annotations: Setting for transparent objects extended to flatten those objects directly into page content [CA1028938; CA1030263]

Predefined Process plans

  • Check and fix bleed: Minor adjustment to cover smooth shade objects [FP64367]


  • Downsample/recompress images: Problem solved, where processing was hanging in some special cases [FP64608]
  • Downsample/recompress images: Issue fixed, where file size increased if executed together with "Remove invisible image data" [CA1030417]
  • Generate bleed:
    • Problems solved, where bleed was not properly rendered for pages with UserUnits [CA1030575]
    • Problem solved, where objects on invisible layers were not ignored [CA1030382]
    • Issue fixed, where defined spot color was not excluded in certain cases for "mirror page objects" [CA1030462]
      Problem solved, where bleed as mirrored page objects were not properly created for pages with UserUnits when "except spot" was used [CA1030575]

  • Set page scaling factor: Problem solved, where an already existing page scaling factor (UserUnit) was taken into account [CA1030600; FP64657]
  • Embed Output Intent with specified parameters: Issue fixed, where the ICC profile could not be selected from the file system via a Variable in the Desktop version [FP64093]
  • Adjust dot gain: Issue fixed, where the .crv file could not be selected from the file system via a Variable in the Desktop version [CA1030395]
  • Map colors / Convert colors: Problem solved, where vector objects were converted in special cases, although not in scope [CA1030353; CA1030416; FP64549]
  • Scale pages: Adjusted handling of page scaling factors (UserUnits), which will now be set to 1 if the resulting size does not require this entry [FP63218]
  • Scale pages / Scale page content only: Added "Apply to" filter (e.g. for page ranges) and made multiple configurable [FP34704; FP46026; FP48227; FP53742; FP61585]
  • Spotify: Problem solved, where using the "Browse" button in the ask-at-runtime dialog for the spot color library resulted in an error
  • Create bookmarks from headings: Issue, fixed, where bookmark hierarchy was wrong after processing in certain cases
  • Map spot and process colors: Problem solved, where spot color using indexed DeviceN with "None" colorants became invisible, although not in scope [FP63166]
  • Convert fonts to outlines: Problem solved, where processing resulted in an error if Type3 font was used in a certain manner [CA1030526]
  • Convert colors: Issue fixed, where transparency blend color space was tagged with ICC profile in certain cases, although not necessary [FP64476]
  • Set page geometry boxes (based on page content): Issue fixed, where TrimBox was not set correctly if UserUnits were used [FP64252]
  • Remove objects: Adjusted recognition for objects grouped by FormXObjects to ensure only objects used once are removed (e.g. if outside CropBox) [CA1029102; CA1029653]
  • Remove objects: Problem solved, where combined fill and stroke vector objects were not properly handled [CA1028805]


  • Names of (process) plates / spot color plates: Issue fixed, where settings in lists were not properly handled [FP63968]
  • PDF/UA validation: Issue fixed, where a special, invalid PDF tagging structure could result in an unstable behavior [FP63578]
  • Object is invisible: Issue fixed, where an object was falsely flagged as invisible [FP51352; FP55212]
  • Ignore objects outside ...: Issue solved, where clipped parts of objects were taken into account [FP64182]
  • Effective ink coverage for separated plates: Adjusted behavior of operators: "less than / less than or equal to" will ignore 0%, while "highest value is less than / highest value is less than or equal" will consider 0%
  • Find barcodes: Problem solved, where a barcode could not be found in certain cases [CA1030536]

Process plans

  • Optimized execution of a generic post check as the last step only in cases when a report etc. is requested


  • Place grommets: Issue solved, where an existing page scaling factor (user unit) was not taken into account [FP64130]
  • Impose: Support for setting a slot as an isolated transparency group setting during dynamic imposition [FP64882]
  • Save as image: Problem solved, where rendering to MultiChannel using the MediaBox resulted in a failure in some cases [CA1023759]
  • Save as image: Problem solved, where rendering was not successful in a certain size was chosen [FP35113; FP60074; CA1030412]
  • QuickFix: Problem solved, where setting the page geometry boxes with 2 settings was not successful [FP64213; FP64503]
  • QuickCheck: Issue solved, where stopping processing after the defined timeout took rather long [CA1029997]
  • ToPDF: Issue fixed, where certain structures in a TIFF file could result in extremely long processing time and an exhausting cache folder [CA1030656]


  • PDF reports: Issue fixed, where highlighting did not use the correct colors for highlighting [FP60552; CA1030164]


  • Problem solved, where Checks could not be edited or created in the Japanese user interface [FP64730]
  • Ask-at-runtime: Import for Variables now supports variables.json created by log Profile execution [CA1029289]


  • Problem solved, where installation of the Plug-in was not successful in some cases (Windows only) [FP64178]
  • Issue fixed, where an attempt was made to load the Plug-in in the Acrobat sandbox mode


  • Problem solved, where the license request was not properly generated on certain machines (Windows only)
  • JavaScript Variables: Added "details" as available value to app.doc.result.checks.hits.triggers [CA1030453]
  • Font processing: Problem solved, where Type fonts were not properly handled in some cases [FP64478; FP64613]


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