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Version: 12.2.561

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New Profiles

  • Library: PDF Standards
    • Convert to PDF/X-4 and PDF/A-2 (for Coated GRACoL 2006, Coated GRACoL 2013, ISO Coated v2, Japan Color 2001 (Coated), PSO Coated v3, US Web Coated (SWOP) v2)
    • Convert to PDF/X-6 and PDF/A-4 (for Coated GRACoL 2006, Coated GRACoL 2013, ISO Coated v2, Japan Color 2001 (Coated), PSO Coated v3, US Web Coated (SWOP) v2)

Enhanced Profiles

  • Library: PDF Standards
    • Fix problems in PDF tagging structure: Fixup "Remove re-mapping of predefined tags" added


  • Plug-in: Support for 64bit Acrobat Pro on Windows (Desktop installer contain 32bit and 64 bit, separate Server installer containing either 32bit or 64bit Plug-in)
  • Process plan UI: Several improvements implemented, e.g. multi-selection, mouse gestures for scroll and zoom, easier selection of transitions for re-assignments
  • Test mode: Snap view added to show objects detected by a Check
  • Test mode: Diff view added which highlights areas with visual changes


  • Ask-at-runtime for Variables: New options to control display of Variables in UI (app.context.steps, app.context.dialog.___ )

New Fixups

  • Convert PDF internal names to UTF-8: Completely revised approach to correct invalid UTF-8 encodings (will also be used for respective font and spot color name Fixups) [CA1029930]
  • Convert colors using n-channel DeviceLink profiles [CA1030075]

Enhanced Fixups

  • Adjust or remove form fields: New option "Repair invalid form fields" to repair e.g. form fields with wrong BBox entries [FP62940]

New Properties

  • Specified XMP property uses specified value: Detect XMP metadata values for Document Metadata + Object Metadata [FP24290; FP62427; CA1029984]

Most recent version of Adobe PDF Library integrated (v18.0.3PlusP1m)

Most recent version of Adobe PDF Converter integrated (PostScript to PDF conversion; v1.1PlusP3f)


PDF Standards

  • Validation for PDF/A-4..: Some minor adjustments (e.g. regarding valid entries in XMP "pdfaid:rev")
  • Validation for PDF/X-5n: Issue fixed, where an ICC profile was marked as invalid, although compliant [CA1030278]


  • Organize pages: Several minor issues reviewed and optimized
  • Footer bar: Issue fixed, where displayed values for UserUnits were rounded to 1 digit (will list up to 6 digits now)
  • Standalone: Reviewed and improved scrolling behavior for track pads and similar devices (e.g. Apple MagicMouse) [FP56734]
  • Variables: Problem solved, where editing a locked Variable resulted in a locked situation [CA1030215]

Process Plans

  • Action "Split or reorder": Issue fixed, where the option "replace original" was not available [FP63819]
  • Issues fixed, where Variables in steps could not be created in some cases
  • Problem solved, where a "Rename step" in a Process plan triggered a wrong return code (now it will be "5") [FP63837]
  • Problem solved, where Fixups (set to active via Variables) in a Profile were executed although Profile itself was set to "Do not apply Fixups" [FP63633]
  • Problem solved, where Variables in a Compare step were not properly handled or stored [CA1030245]


  • Downsample/recompress images: Problem solved, where the "Apply to" filter was not properly respected and a wrong number of corrections were reported [FP61041; CA1029723]
  • Downsample/recompress images: Issue fixed, where softmasks were not properly handled in some cases [FP20263; FP58121]
  • Downsample/recompress images: Problem solved, where certain usage of softmask images could result in a visual change [FP61697]
  • Generate bleed at page edges: Issue fixed, where defined unit was not used for "Custom box" values [CA1030118]
  • Generate bleed at page edges: Problem solved, where output was not properly created if MediaBox was set to maximum size already [CA1030285]
  • Make document XMP Metadata compliant with PDF/X-4: Problem solved, where certain image metadata could not be corrected [FP63577]
  • Set page zoom for bookmark destinations: Issue fixed, where processing resulted into another zoom behavior in certain cases
  • Create bookmarks from headings: Problem solved, where bookmarks were created for page breaks in some cases
  • Set text render mode: Problem solved, where stroke could not be generated if text was drawn with a pattern color space
  • Fix glyph width information: Problem solved, where text was shifted caused by wrong types defined in used CID font [FP63217]


  • Image not valid: Problem solved, where certain invalid JPEG image streams were not detected [FP62943]
  • Effective ink coverage for separated plates: Issue fixed, where the combination of inverted and normal Checks resulted in an error [CA1030028]
  • Number of Output Intent entries: Issue fixed, where processing could result into an error [FP63404]
  • lace content: Issue fixed, where placed content of PDF was cropped at the TrimBox [FP62628]


  • Overlay: Corrected default behavior for --placebelow: the input file name will be used for the naming of resulting file and contained number of pages
  • Overlay: Issue fixed, where page scaling factors in PDFs were not properly respected
  • Fill page: Issue fixed, where a minimal bigger size of A4 caused problems when placing 2 pages on an A3 sheet [FP58700]

License Server

  • Issue fixed, where option --timeout_licenseserver did not count the time correctly [FP60957]
  • Issue fixed, where an invalid IP for a License Server caused in a complete failure for using other License Server [FP63028]

  • QuickCheck: Problem solved, where a certain use of a default color space was not properly reported [CA1030297]
  • QuickCheck: Added "PieceInfo" to $.aggregated to enable easier access to certain data structures [FP63167]
  • SaveAsImage: Issue fixed, where contours in images were created with rough edges for higher resolutions [FP63377]
  • SaveAsImage: ArtBox is now available as area for --pagebox
  • SaveAsImage: Syntax of --pagerange extended to support a selection of pages or operators like "-1" (similar syntax like e.g. in SplitPDF") [CA1030080]
  • SaveAsImage: New option to exclude all Processing Steps: --excludeprocessingsteps
  • Visualizer: New option for all modes to exclude all Processing Steps: --excludeprocessingsteps
  • Visualizer: Problem solved, where single channel (gray) images or PDF files could not be created
  • ToPDF: Problem solved, where certain EPS structures could result into a blank PDF [CA1028511; CA1030147]
  • CreateEPS: Support for page box and page area selection [CA1030214]
  • Impose: Problem solved, where "Page scaling factors" (UserUnits) were not properly regarded [FP63359]
  • Compare: Changed default behavior: only overlapping areas of documents will be compared [CA1029783]
  • Overlay: Issue fixed, where a UserUnit entry was not respected for overlay PDFs [FP62878]


  • XML: Issue fixed, where values for UserUnit and page geometry boxes were rounded to 1 or 3 digits (will list up to 6 digits now) [CA1030289]
  • XML: Changed default INKCOV resolution to 10ppi (can be adjusted when using the CLI) [CA1030249]
  • Compare: Issue fixed, where no compare report was created when only checks were executed [CA1030339]


  • Issue fixed, where reporting was insufficient if defined --pagerange started outside of the number of pages of the document [CA1030254]
  • Problem solved, where incorrect data types for Variables were not rejected and processing was reported as successful [CA1029991]


  • Issue fixed, where a certain invalid image stream resulted in endless analysis [FP61362]
  • Problem solved, where a RegEx back-reference in a destination string was not properly handled anymore [FP63829]


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