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Version: 12.1.556

Verfügbar seit: 29.01.2021 | Aktuelle Demos & Downloads


New predefined Profiles

  • Convert to PDF/X-1a (US Web Coated (SWOP) v2)
  • Convert to PDF/X-3 (US Web Coated (SWOP) v2)
  • Convert to PDF/X-4 (US Web Coated (SWOP) v2)
  • Convert to PDF/X-6 (US Web Coated (SWOP) v2)

New Fixup

  • Remove color space from transparency group entries

Extended Fixups

  • Map spot and process colors: New option to define a spot color tint value [CA1029943]
  • Set rendering mode for text: New options: "Line width for stroke" and "Line join for stroke"
  • Convert page content into image: New option: "Keep text as clipped images (uses original fonts)"

New Properties

  • Objects close to each other (Sifter based)
  • Number of nodes on page [CA1030013]

Extended Properties

  • Effective ink coverage: based Properties: New operators "highest/lowest value lower/greater than" [FP62651]


  • Process plan UI: Several improvements (e.g. editing Variables in Actions, auto-scroll when drawing a transition, usage for Actions etc.)
  • Process plans can now also be set to hidden in list of Profiles [FP61460]
  • Variables: Improved handling when "Esc" is pressed during editing [FP61829]


  • Impose: Page scaling factors (UserUnits) are now taken into account

Extended Actions in Process plans

  • Compare PDF: Area threshold to define minimum area with differences required to generate a hit

Internal HTML converter updated to callas pdfChip (v2.3.070)

Most recent version of Adobe PDF Converter integrated (PostScript to PDF conversion; v1.1PlusP3e)



  • Compare: Issue fixed, where custom values were not remembered [CA1022451]
  • Compare: Issue fixed, where a page scaling factor (UserUnits) was not properly taken into account in certain cases
  • Object inspector: Issue fixed, where a page scaling factor (UserUnits) was not taken into account for some object details in some cases
  • Switchboard: Extract dieline: Support Variables in Checks added [FP62200]
  • Export Profiles for previous version: Adjustments to fix some backward compatibility issues [FP62307]
  • Testmode: Issue fixed, where a Process plan in a Process plan resulted in an error warning in some cases [FP62427; FP62570]
  • Problem solved, where editing a Fixup from within a Process plan could results into an unstable behavior or mixed display of entered text [FP62866]

PDF Standards

  • Validation for PDF/A-4.. and PDF/X-6..: Some minor adjustments to clarify reporting
  • Convert to PDF/A-4e: Adjusted handling for annotations to avoid removal of 3D annotations [CA1030074]

Process Plans

  • Actions: Issue fixed, where negative values for e.g. offsets were not properly handled [FP62549]
  • Actions: Issue fixed, where no Pop-up for simulation profile was available for Image export [FP62308]
  • Actions: Problem solved, where input values of page numbering were not interpreted as expected (e.g. "First page" had to be "0", now it is "1")
  • User interface: Issue fixed, where selected zoom was not kept when the window was resized [FP62751]
  • Reports: Issue fixed, where the report type "PDF overview" could not be selected multiple times per setting
  • Actions + QuickFix: Issue fixed, where the "More details" button created an error message in non-English environments [FP62550; FP62658]


  • Downsample/recompress images: Problem solved, where using the "Upsampling" algorithm created corrupt images [FP32839; CA1030008]
  • Convert colors: Problem solved, where result contained corrupt images in certain cases [FP59623]
  • Repair invalid bookmark hierarchies: Problem solved, where bookmark destinations were changed in certain cases [CA1030041]
  • Insert pages: Problem solved, where a missing "Resource" dict resulted in issues in other processing applications [FP62852]
  • Set page geometry boxes: Issue fixed, where the generic even/odd page filter did not work properly [FP62428]
  • Condense into single spot color: Problem solved, where specified color was removed from the PDF in certain cases [FP61492]
  • Create links for text: Issue fixed, where processing could lead to a high memory consumption in certain cases
  • Create invisible text via OCR: Fixed issue, where invisible text was not properly placed on rotated pages in some cases
  • Convert colors: Problem solved, where result was not as expected when "Convert colors using DeviceLink profiles" was also included in the same Profile [CA1029280; FP60335]
  • Convert spot color names to UTF-8: Problem solved, where conversion did not work as expected in some cases [FP60511]


  • Find barcodes:
    • Issue fixed, where "PDF 417" barcodes were seldom detected
    • Problem solved, where barcodes with the symbology "RSS Expanded" were not properly detected
    • Issue fixed, where "Bar Width Reduction" measurements did not match the expected values [CA1029932]
    • Issue fixed, where wrong bounding box for "EAN 13 + 2" was reported
    • Optimized reporting if multiple barcode properties are combined in a Check to avoid unnecessary redundancy in reporting
    • ssue fixed, where a barcode check did not derived a proper result anymore [FP62402]

  • Text on page: Issue fixed, where RegEx icon was missing [FP62840]
  • Text on page: Problem solved, where some operators were not properly handled [FP62839]
  • Font processing: Problem solved, where a Type0 fonts sharing the same CID font was not properly handled [CA1029907]
  • Font processing: Problem solved, where processing certain Type3 fonts could cause font issues in the PDF [CA1029470]


  • ToPDF
    • PostScript:
      • Problem solved, where conversion with raster images resulted in random performance issue on Windows [CA1027172}
      • Problem solved, where no ToUnicode was inserted when an Identity-V CMap was used [CA1027909]
      • Issue fixed, where a Font was replaced with Courier although the font was available in rare cases [CA1028521]
      • Issue fixed, where processing was not successful with a certain PS file [CA1028445]

    • Compare PDF: Issue fixed, where a compare report wasn't created in a Process plan step
    • Overlay: Issue fixed, where handling of Variables wasn't correct


  • Problem solved, where creating a custom HTML template report from a Process plan step failed [CA1029852]
  • Quick Check: Problem solved, where certain type of inverted requests in the config file took unexpected long with complex PDFs [FP61985]
  • HTML-template based Reports: Issue fixed, where certain kind of expressions in the manifest.xml where not properly interpreted [FP62857]


  • --logexecution: Issue fixed, where Variables in a Profile could caused in an error 1000 [FP62884]
  • --logexecution: Issue fixed, where Process.log listed unnecessary errors for Variables of different types [FP58289]


  • Problem solved, where a PDF with invalid marked content definition could not be processed anymore after layer were added [CA1029914]

  • Compare: Corrected return/error code when used as Process plan step [FP62851]
  • QuickCheck: Issue fixed, where the return/error code was not correct if input file does not exist [FP62825]
  • Problem solved, where MacOS version info was not correct reported for MacOS BigSur [FP62551]
  • Problem solved, where a PDF file couldn't be converted to PDF/A-1b without APDFL optimization [CA1030022]


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