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Version: 2020.2

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New Features

For detailed information and usage instructions on the new features and enhancements introduced in Metrix 2020.2, see EFI Metrix 2020.2 What’s New and the EFI Metrix 2020.2 User Guide.

  • Digital Cutting Machine Support
    Metrix 2020.2 adds support for Digital Cutting Machines with multiple digital cutting tools for rectangular and irregular shape products.
    • Metrix determines the aggregate length of cut, kiss cut, crease, and perforation lines using the cost information in its calculations when planning layouts.
    • Digital cutter output files for Zünd and Esko Kongsberg (iCut).
    • Automated placement of cutter alignment marks.

  • Irregular Shapes and Multiple Contour Lines
    The Die-cut Using Dieline in Content File product type is renamed Irregular Shape Using Contour Line in Content File to differentiate between products cut with a physical die from products cut using a digital cutting machine.
    The term Dieline is renamed Contour Line, which are lines in the content file that are spot colors. There can be multiple types of contour lines in a content file, which can be associated with different Cutter Operations such as cutting, creasing, and perforating.
  • Cutting Complexity
    Cutting Complexity is a new product property Metrix uses to calculate cutting cost by allowing you to determine how difficult a product is to cut. The Cutting Complexity values range from 1 (100% Speed) to 10 (10% Speed), with 1 being the simplest and 10 being the most complex.
  • Exporting reports with black-and-white layout diagrams
    Metrix lets you print layout diagrams in black and white by selecting Layout Diagrams – No Color in the Export Report dialog. You must de-select Layout Diagrams – Color Component Backgrounds, Layout Diagrams – Shade Page Bleeds, and Layout Diagrams – Show Previews.
  • Remove Instance from Layout
    The Delete option that appeared in the contextual menu when you right-clicked on an instance in the Layout View is renamed to Remove from Layout.
  • Cutting Machines and Standards
    Cutting machine information is removed from Standards.

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