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Version: 2.2.067

Verfügbar seit: 21.08.2020 | Aktuelle Demos & Downloads


  • Page size of a PDF created from a plain SVG file will now be derived from the height and width attributes of the SVG
  • Page size of a PDF created from a plain SVG file will use the "viewport" entry if no height and width attributes exist in the SVG [CA1029038]


  • Issue fixed, where swapping foreground/background of barcodes resulted in lines indicating the matrix of the QR code [CA1028218]
  • Problem solved, where unnecessary transformation matrix combinations avoided a successful conversion to PDF/A-1b afterwards [CA1028488]
  • Problem solved, where the area of a link annotation for text was unnecessary large [CA1028997]
  • Issue fixed, where parallel processing with a higher number than allowed by the license type was not properly handled in certain cases [FP60623; FP60642]
  • Improved handling for Code-128 barcodes to support the extension for Latin-1 glyphs [CA1029284]


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